Who Has The Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in Wyoming?

To see who has the most expensive and cheapest renters insurance rates in Wyoming, we evaluated quotes for a sample property (a rental property with roughly 1,000 square feet of living space and $100,000 in liability coverage). The results showed the most expensive cities cost 20% higher than the cheapest. Since we used one sample property, the rates have comparative value, but are not indicative of what all tenants can expect to pay for their renters insurance. Read more below, or enter your zip code above to find renters insurance quotes.

Cheapest Renters Insurance in Wyoming 

To find the cheapest renters insurance in Wyoming, we examined average annual rates from State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, and Amica for a sample rental property of 1,000 square feet. Our sample renters policy showed that State Farm offered the cheapest annual rate at $125, which is about 38% cheaper than the average for the state. The following table lists the average annual rates for major insurance companies in Wyoming from cheapest to most expensive:

RankCheapest Renters Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rates
1 State Farm $125
2 Allstate $175
3 Amica $208
4 GEICO $243
5 Farmers $255
Average $201

The rates above were for a sample property. To determine the best insurance company for yourself, we recommend that you find quotes from multiple companies and compare them.

Best Renters Insurance Rates in Wyoming: by City

The five places with the best renters insurance rates in Wyoming are scattered throughout the state. The city with the lowest renters insurance costs in our study is Douglas, where premiums were 5.1% lower than the state average.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate*% Difference vs State Average
1 Douglas $192 -5.1%
2 Newcastle 193 -4.6%
3 Rawlins 193 -4.5%
4 Jackson 194 -3.9%
5 Cody 194 -3.8%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Douglas, WY

Taking the top spot in our list of the places with the best renters insurance in Wyoming is Douglas. The city of 6,120 was established as a stop along the Union Pacific Railroad in 1886. At its onset, it initially served the surrounding cattle ranches and cowboys, railway crews and US Army troops. It was named in honor of U.S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas. Douglas was also the best spot for cheap renters insurance in Wyoming, with rates 5.1% lower than the state average for our profiled rental unit. 

Newcastle, WY

Newcastle is a city of about 3,500 residents in northeast Wyoming. It has great walking paths and a local museum and the Wyoming Department of Corrections’ Honor Conservation Camp & Boot Camp. The city also has some of the cheapest renters insurance rates in Wyoming, with premiums for our sample renter 4.6% lower than the state average. 

Rawlins, WY

Rawlins was founded by Civil War General John A. Rawlins in 1882 and oil drove the local economy for much of its early history. Today, the Wyoming State Penitentiary is located in Rawlins. Prior to that, the Wyoming Frontier Prison served the area and state from 1901 to 1981. Rawlins ranks with the third lowest renters insurance in our Wyoming study - costs to insure our example rental are 4.5% lower than the state average. 

Jackson, WY

Jackson is a gateway town to Yellowstone National Park, which receives nearly 4 million visitors each year. It also is known for its challenging area ski slopes and wildlife in the Jackson Hole valley, where the town is located. Cattle ranching is still a large economic driver for the town, in addition to tourism. At 3.9% lower than the state average, Jackson has the fourth most affordable renters insurance in Wyoming.

Cody, WY

The city of 9,500 residents was founded in 1896 and named after William Frederick Cody, also known as Buffalo Bill. The Shoshone River flows through a deep canyon in Cody and there are several bridges across it. Like Jackson, Cody is a gateway and near an entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Renters insurance quotes in Cody are 3.8% lower than the state average, rounding out the top five least expensive renters insurance rates in WY.

Most Expensive Renters Insurance in Wyoming

On the other hand, the five places with the most expensive renters insurance rates in Wyoming are primarily located in the southeast quardrant of the state, with the exception of Afton. Taking the top spot with the most expenesive rates was Evansville, where premiums are 14.1% higher than the state average.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate*% Difference vs State Average
1 Evansville $231 14.1%
2 Lusk 218 8.0%
3 Glenrock 214 5.8%
4 Afton 212 5.1%
5 Ranchettes 211 4.4%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Evansville, WY

Evansville is a town of 2,500 residents that was named after W.T. Evans, a local blacksmith. It is east of Casper, the second largest city in Wyoming, and part of its statistical area. Evansville also is nearby the Casper–Natrona County International Airport, which has expanded service in recent years. Premiums for renters insurance are 14.1% higher in Evansville than the state average. 

Lusk, WY

With a population of roughly 1,600 residents, Lusk also is in the least populous county in the nation’s least populous state. In the late 19th century, the Black Hills Gold Rush brought miners through the area, as well as a notorious stagecoach route before it was replaced by a railway. Renters insurance rates in Lusk are 8% costlier than the state average. 

Glenrock, WY

Glenrock is in central Wyoming at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, near the Deer Creek Tributary System. It was originally a mail station along the Oregon Trail and is still home to a robust wildlife and outdoor recreation. Renters insurance premiums in Glenrock are roughly 5.8% higher for our sample renters than the average in the statewide study we conducted. 

Afton, WY

The small town of fewer than 2,000 residents is home to the world’s largest arch made of elk antlers, which spans 75 feet. It also hosts the annual Afton Summer Craze, which includes the largest firework show in the Star Valley. Quotes for the study's sample property in Wyoming were 5.1% higher in Afton than the state average. 

Ranchettes, WY

Ranchettes is a census-designated place of Laramie County in the southeast corner of Wyoming. It has about 5,800 residents and is adjacent to Cheyenne and part of its Metropolitan Statistical Area. It’s also only about 100 miles north of Denver. Premiums for our profiled rental and renters are 4.4% higher than the state average. 

Average Cost of Renters Insurance in Wyoming: by City

Our comparative study of renters insurance premiums in Wyoming was done by gathering and analyzing quotes from five major carriers across 36 cities in the state. Our analysis showed premiums from the most expensive place were 20% higher than the cheapest place in the state. 

Study Methodology

Our study examined renters insurance quotes in Wyoming for a 1,000-square-foot residence with at least $25,000 in personal property coverage and $100,000 in liability coverage. We then collected quotes for that sample residence from five of the major carriers that offer a renters insurance product in the state of Wyoming. We averaged rates for the sample home in each city as a benchmark to show which cities are relatively cheaper or more expensive. Those comparative values are not indicative of what tenants can expect to pay for an annual renters insurance premium.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate*% Difference vs State Average
33 Afton $212 5.1%
22 Bar Nunn 201 -0.5%
15 Buffalo 198 -1.9%
24 Casper 203 0.3%
23 Cheyenne 202 0.2%
5 Cody 194 -3.8%
1 Douglas 192 -5.1%
12 Evanston 195 -3.3%
36 Evansville 231 14.1%
25 Gillette 203 0.7%
34 Glenrock 214 5.8%
6 Green River 194 -3.8%
14 Guernsey 196 -2.8%
4 Jackson 194 -3.9%
7 Kemmerer 194 -3.8%
8 Lander 194 -3.8%
9 Laramie 194 -3.8%
29 Lingle 210 3.8%
16 Lovell 199 -1.4%
35 Lusk 218 8.0%
13 Lyman 195 -3.3%
30 Mills 210 3.9%
2 Newcastle 193 -4.6%
10 Pinedale 194 -3.8%
11 Powell 194 -3.8%
32 Ranchettes 211 4.4%
3 Rawlins 193 -4.5%
28 Riverton 208 3.0%
17 Rock Springs 199 -1.3%
31 Sheridan 210 4.0%
26 South Greeley 206 2.1%
20 Thermopolis 200 -0.9%
19 Torrington 200 -1.0%
27 Warren 206 2.1%
21 Wheatland 200 -0.8%
18 Worland 199 -1.3%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

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