Who Has The Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in South Dakota?

To show how much renters insurance quotes in South Dakota can vary by location, we collected and reviewed costs for our study's sample rental unit across 32 cities and towns. Based on where the sample property (appx. 1,000 square feet of living space and $100,000 in liability coverage) was located, the difference between the costliest to the cheapest renters insurance in South Dakota was 29%. Tenants' actual quotes will diff from the illustrative rates shown below based on their own circumstances. Read more below, or enter your zip code above to begin searching for renters insurance quotes.

Cheapest Renters Insurance in South Dakota

To find the cheapest renters insurance offered in South Dakota, we collected quotes from State Farm, Farmers, and Allstate for a sample rental property with 1,000 square-feet. Nationwide and Amica did not provide online quotes for its residents. In our study, for our sample renters policy, State Farm offered the most affordable average annual rate of $109, which is about 22% lower than the average rate for South Dakota. Below are the average annual rates for major companies in the state, ranked from least expensive to most expensive:

RankCheapest Renters Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rates
1 State Farm $109
2 Allstate 149
3 Farmers 159
Average 139

The above rates were for a profiled property. To determine the best renters insurance company for yourself, we recommend that you search for quotes from multiple companies and compare them. 

Best Renters Insurance Rates in South Dakota: by City

Four of the five places with the best renters insurance quotes in South Dakota are located near the western border of the state, on the outskirts of the Black Hills National Forest. The exception is Dell Rapids, which is just outside Sioux Falls, near the eastern border of South Dakota. The place with the most affordable renters insurance rates is Belle Fourche, where premiums were 3.09% lower than the state average. Average annual rates have been rounded to the nearest dollar, so while the five cities and towns appear to tie, there are still differences.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate*% Difference vs State Average
1 Belle Fourche $136 -3.09%
2 Hot Springs 136 -3.09%
3 Sturgis 136 -3.09%
4 Spearfish 136 -2.96%
5 Dell Rapids 136 -2.67%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Belle Fourche, SD

The city with the cheapest renters insurance in South Dakota is Belle Fourche. The county seat of Butte County has about 5,600 residents and is French for “Beautiful Fort.” It is a gateway to the Black Hills to the north and the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey officially designated a point 20 miles north of Belle Fourche as the geographic center of the United States in 1959. Renters insurance premiums in Belle Fourche are 3.09% lower than the state average. 

Hot Springs, SD

Hot Springs has more than 3,700 residents and is another gateway town to the Black Hills just north of the city, although there are nearby attractions that bring many visitors. The city has more than 35 sandstone buildings and hosts the annual Miss South Dakota pageant. The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, a museum and active archeological dig, also attracts many visitors. Hot Springs has some of the best renters insurance rates in South Dakota, with premiums 3.09% lower than the state average.

Sturgis, SD

With a population of more than 6,600 residents, Sturgis has grown steadily since it was founded in 1878. The western South Dakota city is well known for one of the largest annual motorcycle events in the world, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The rally is celebrating its 76th year in 2016 and attracts as many as 600,000 attendees each year. Sturgis also is nearby Ellsworth Air Force Base and its 50 Minuteman missile silos. Placing with the third lowest renters insurance rates, Sturgis's sample rental unit cost 3.09% lower to insure for our renters versus the state average. 

Spearfish, SD

Before the Black Hills Gold Rush in the late 19th century, the area now known as Spearfish was inhabited by Native Americans. Once the prospect of gold was affiliated with the area, the city of Spearfish was founded. Today, it has more than 11,000 residents and is home to Black Hills State University. Our study found Spearfish to have the fourth least expensive renters insurance rates here for the sample unit. Costs are 2.96% lower compared to the state average for the same unit.

Dell Rapids, SD

Dell Rapids is a city of more than 3,600 residents in eastern South Dakota. It’s in Minnehaha County and known as "the little city with the big attractions." It is less than 20 miles from Sioux Falls and has a historic downtown. Renters insurance quotes in Dell Rapids are 2.67% lower than the state average, based on our analysis of quotes in SD. As a result, Dell Rapids placed fifth in our study of low cost renters insurance in South Dakota.

Most Expensive Renters Insurance in South Dakota

The five places with the most expensive renters insurance rates are scattered throughout South Dakota, although three of the places are in the southwest corner of the state. We found the state's most expensive renters insurance rates in Pine Ridge, where premiums are 25.24% higher than the state average. 

RankCityAverage Annual Rate*% Difference vs State Average
1 Pine Ridge $175 25.24%
2 Box Elder 156 11.22%
3 Rapid City 156 11.22%
4 Philip 148 6.05%
5 Redfield 144 2.74%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Pine Ridge, SD

The place with the most expensive renters insurance in South Dakota is Pine Ridge. The census-designated place has more than 3,300 residents and is the tribal headquarters of the Oglala Sioux Tribe on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Our analysis of renters insurance quotes indiciate that rates in Pine Ridge are 25.24% higher than the state average. 

Box Elder, SD

Box Elder has more than 7,800 residents and spans both Meade and Pennington counties. It was named after the nearby Boxelder Creek. The Ellsworth Air Force Base, which is well-known for the nearby intercontinental ballistic missile silos, is situated on the north side of the city. Our study's sample renters and tenants found their insurance rates in Box Elder to be 11.22% higher than the state average. 

Rapid City, SD

Another city at the foot of the Black Hills mountain range, Rapid City has more than 67,000 residents and is a popular stop along with way other tourist destinations. Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park are all close to Rapid City. The historic "Old West" town of Deadwood is nearby, too. Renters insurance premiums in Rapid City are 11.22% higher than the average in the state. 

Philip, SD

The central South Dakota city was named after James "Scotty" Philip, a politician who is credited for his efforts to save the American Bison from being hunted to extinction. Today, the city has about 800 residents and an economy that relies heavily on agriculture. Quotes for the study sample property were 6.05% higher in Philip versus the state mean. 

Redfield, SD

Redfield was named after J. B. Redfield, a local railroad official. Since its founding in 1883, the city’s population has hovered around 2,800 residents. There was a Redfield College that opened in the city in 1887 and operated until 1932. Based on our study results, premiums for our benchmark rental are 2.74% higher compared to the state average.

Average Cost of Renters Insurance in South Dakota: by City

Our comparative study of renters insurance premiums in South Dakota was done by gathering and analyzing quotes from three major carriers across 32 cities in the state. Our analysis showed premiums from the most expensive place were 29% higher than the cheapest place in the state. This graph below plots the average cost of the study's profiled rental unit across the SD cities and towns surveyed. 

Study Methodology

Our study examined renters insurance quotes for a 1,000-square-foot residence with at least $25,000 in personal property coverage and $100,000 in liability coverage. We then collected quotes for that sample residence from major carriers that offer a renters insurance product in the state of South Dakota. Next, rates were averaged for the sample home in each city as a benchmark to show which cities are relatively cheaper or more expensive. Rates are for informational purposes only; actual quotes will differ based on the size of tenants' apartment, location, and coverage selected.

RankCityAverage Annual Rates% Difference vs State Average
15 Aberdeen $137 -1.90%
1 Belle Fourche 136 -3.09%
30 Box Elder 156 11.22%
20 Brandon 138 -1.26%
13 Brookings 137 -2.03%
5 Dell Rapids 136 -2.67%
17 Freeman 138 -1.71%
22 Groton 139 -0.95%
18 Harrisburg 138 -1.71%
2 Hot Springs 136 -3.09%
26 Huron 139 -0.37%
6 Lennox 136 -2.67%
14 Madison 137 -2.03%
27 Miller 139 -0.37%
7 Mitchell 136 -2.67%
25 Mobridge 139 -0.75%
8 Parkston 136 -2.67%
29 Philip 148 6.05%
10 Pierre 137 -2.16%
32 Pine Ridge 175 25.24%
31 Rapid City 156 11.22%
28 Redfield 144 2.74%
21 Sioux Falls 138 -1.26%
23 Sisseton 139 -0.95%
4 Spearfish 136 -2.96%
3 Sturgis 136 -3.09%
9 Tea 136 -2.67%
19 Tripp 138 -1.71%
11 Vermillion 137 -2.16%
16 Watertown 137 -1.90%
24 Webster 139 -0.95%
12 Yankton 137 -2.16%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

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