Who Has The Cheapest Renters Insurance Quotes in Oklahoma?

To see who has the cheapest and most expensive renters insurance rates in Oklahoma, we evaluated quotes for a sample property (a rental property with roughly 1,000 square feet of living space and $100,000 in liability coverage). The results showed that the most expensive renters insurance rates were 33% higher than the cheapest. Since we used one sample property, the rates have comparative value, but are not indicative of what all tenants can expect to pay for their renters insurance. Read more below, or enter your zip code to begin getting quotes from a list of renters insurance companies.

Cheapest Renters Insurance in Oklahoma

To find the cheapest renters insurance in Oklahoma, we studied quotes for a sample renters policy for a 1,000 square-foot residence from five main insurance providers. Our study revealed that Amica had the most affordable average annual rate at $285, which is 60% or $421 cheaper than the average Liberty Mutual renters insurance quote in Oklahoma. Here are the annual rates for the five main companies, ranked from cheapest to most expensive:

RankCheapest Renters Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rates
1 Amica $285
2 State Farm 298
3 Allstate 454
4 Farmers 470
5 Liberty Mutual 706
Average 442

These rates were for a sample property. We recommend that you obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies and compare to find the best offer for yourself.

Best Renters Insurance Rates in Oklahoma: by City

All top five best places for renters insurance in Oklahoma are located in the eastern half of the state. Broken Arrow and Glenpool are both suburbs of Tulsa but the others are smaller cities separated from larger metropolitan areas. McAlester has the best renters insurance premiums in the state, with quotes 3.7% cheaper than the state average.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate% Difference vs State Average
1 McAlester $427 -3.7%
2 Poteau 427 -3.5%
3 Sallisaw 427 -3.5%
4 Broken Arrow 428 -3.4%
5 Glenpool 428 -3.4%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

McAlester, OK

The place with the best renters insurance in Oklahoma is McAlester, a city with nearly 18,000 residents. The city is named after J. J. McAlester, who became the Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma and was immortalized as a character in the 1968 novel True Grit. McAlester also is home to the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP), which includes more than 2,800 buildings and 8.84 million square feet of storage. Renters insurance premiums in Grants are 3.7% lower than the state average. 

Poteau, OK

Poteau was named after the nearby Poteau River and today, has a population of more than 8,500 residents. Cavanal Hill, which got its name from the French word meaning "cave," is nearby and boasted as the world's highest hill at 1,999 feet above the surrounding terrain. Poteau also has some of the best renters insurance rates in Oklahoma, with premiums 3.5% lower than the state average.

Sallisaw, OK

Sallisaw has a population of roughly 8,800 residents and got its name from the French word salaison meaning "salt meat" or "salt provisions." The economy grew along with cotton farming in the 19th century and continued into the 20th century with the oil and gas industry. Renters insurance premiums in Sallisaw are 3.5% lower than the state average. 

Broken Arrow, OK

Today, Broken Arrow is the largest suburb of Tulsa and has more than 100,000 residents. Years ago, the city’s economy was mainly agriculturally based but it has since diversified. It is now has the third largest concentration of manufacturers in the state. The city continues to steadily grow and has won numerous awards for being a favorable place to live. Renters insurance rates are 3.4% lower than the state average. 

Glenpool, OK

Glenpool was named after Ida E. Glenn, a Creek Indian who discovered oil on his property in 1905. Frank Chelsey and Robert Galbreath drilled the farmland and built the first oil wells in the area. Today, it has a population of fewer than 11,000 residents and calls itself, “The town that made Tulsa famous” because of the extent Glenpool positively impacted the city. Renters insurance quotes in Glenpool also are 3.4% lower than the state average. 

Most Expensive Renters Insurance in Oklahoma

The five places in Oklahoma with the most expensive renters insurance are scattered throughout the state and include cities of various sizes. The place with the most expensive renters insurance in Oklahoma was Mannford, where premiums were 27.7% higher than the state average.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate% Difference vs State Average
1 Mannford $566 27.7%
2 Hugo 528 19.2%
3 Seminole 495 11.7%
4 Oklahoma City 487 10.0%
5 Guymon 482 8.8%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Mannford, OK

About 20 miles from Tulsa, Mannford is a city with more than 3,000 residents next to Keystone Lake. The lake has become a tourist and recreation site source of revenue for the town in recent years where visitors can enjoy world class fishing, swimming, boating, skiing, camping and hiking. Unfortunately for residents, it also had the highest renters insurance quotes in the state. Premiums for renters insurance are 27.7% higher in Mannford than the state average.

Hugo, OK

Hugo was first explored by the French in 1718 and later named in honor of French novelist Victor Hugo. The area was originally serviced by the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway line and today, by the Stan Stamper Municipal Airport. The city of 5,300 residents was also was the birthplace of B. J. Thomas, the singer known for the #1 hit "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head.” Renters insurance rates in Hugo are 19.2% higher than the state average. 

Seminole, OK

The city came under U.S. jurisdiction in 1817 and belonged to Native Americans prior to then. Seminole State College was established there in 1931 amidst an oil boom and today, Seminole has roughly 7,000 residents. Renters insurance premiums in Seminole are 11.7% higher than the average in the state. 

Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma’s largest city and state capital has some of the most expensive renters insurance in the state. It has a population of more than 620,000 residents, making it the 27th largest city in the U.S. Prior to World War II, it had an economy driven largely by major stock yards that attracted people and businesses from Omaha and Chicago. Since then, the local economy has relatively diversified. Two Fortune 500 energy companies (Chesapeake Energy Corporation and Devon Energy Corporation) are headquartered there, along with a number of other companies. Quotes for the study sample property were 10% higher than the state average. 

Guymon, OK

The area now known as Guymon was purchased by Edward T. Guymon in the 1890s and was known as Sanford at the time. Rock Island Railroad officials later renamed the city to avoid confusion with Stratford, Texas. It has almost 12,000 residents and hosts the Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo. The rodeo is one of the most significant in the country - it’s the 5th largest outdoor rodeo and the 10th largest rodeo in term sof prize money in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). In 2006, the rodeo had over 900 contestants win more than $385,000 in prize money. Premiums are 8.8% higher than the state average.

Average Cost of Renters Insurance in Oklahoma: by City

Our comparative study of renters insurance premiums in Oklahoma was done by gathering and analyzing quotes from five major carriers across 55 cities in the state. Our analysis showed premiums from the most expensive place were 33% higher than the cheapest place in the state. That difference between the cheapest and the most expensive premiums is far from dramatic in comparison to other states. For example, the most expensive city in Delaware is only 7% more expensive that the cheapest, while the difference in the state of Texas is 74%. 

Study Methodology

Our study examined renters insurance quotes for a 1,000-square-foot residence with at least $25,000 in personal property coverage and $100,000 in liability coverage. We then collected quotes for that sample residence from five of the major carriers that offer a renters insurance product in the state of Oklahoma. We averaged rates for the sample home in each city as a benchmark to show which cities are relatively cheaper or more expensive. Those comparative values are not indicative of what tenants can expect to pay for an annual renters insurance premium.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate% Difference vs State Average
9 Ada $429 -3.1%
20 Altus 432 -2.4%
45 Alva 449 1.4%
37 Antlers 436 -1.6%
17 Ardmore 432 -2.5%
11 Bartlesville 430 -3.0%
40 Bixby 442 -0.2%
33 Blackwell 435 -1.7%
46 Boise City 449 1.4%
4 Broken Arrow 428 -3.4%
12 Chickasha 430 -3.0%
13 Claremore 430 -3.0%
34 Clinton 435 -1.7%
41 Collinsville 442 -0.2%
21 Cordell 432 -2.4%
42 Coweta 444 0.1%
24 Duncan 432 -2.4%
10 Durant 429 -3.1%
39 Edmond 438 -1.1%
25 El Reno 432 -2.4%
35 Elk City 435 -1.7%
36 Enid 435 -1.7%
22 Frederick 432 -2.4%
5 Glenpool 428 -3.4%
26 Grove 432 -2.4%
51 Guymon 482 8.8%
54 Hugo 528 19.2%
6 Jenks 428 -3.4%
47 Kingfisher 449 1.4%
23 Lawton 432 -2.4%
55 Mannford 566 27.7%
1 Mcalester 427 -3.7%
14 Miami 430 -3.0%
27 Muskogee 432 -2.4%
48 Newkirk 449 1.4%
28 Norman 432 -2.4%
52 Oklahoma City 487 10.0%
7 Owasso 428 -3.4%
38 Pauls Valley 436 -1.5%
15 Ponca City 430 -3.0%
2 Poteau 427 -3.5%
29 Purcell 432 -2.4%
3 Sallisaw 427 -3.5%
8 Sand Springs 428 -3.4%
30 Sapulpa 434 -2.1%
53 Seminole 495 11.7%
18 Shawnee 432 -2.5%
43 Skiatook 444 0.1%
44 Stigler 448 1.1%
32 Stillwater 435 -1.8%
19 Sulphur 432 -2.5%
16 Tahlequah 430 -3.0%
49 Tulsa 472 6.6%
31 Wagoner 434 -2.0%
50 Woodward 476 7.5%

*The Average Annual Rate is rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.

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