Who Has the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Quotes In Wyoming?

Wyoming is a state in the western mountain region of the United States. The state’s capital, Cheyenne, is also its most populous city – approximately 11% of Wyoming’s entire population lives in the capital. The “Cowboy State”, as it is known, is one of the biggest mineral producers in the country. It is the nation’s top supplier of coal, with an estimated reserve of 69 billion tons. It comes with no surprise, therefore, that this represents a major competent of Wyoming’s economy.

The home insurance premiums in Wyoming vary significantly from city to city. For a sample home, we have observed prices to differ by as much 116%, between certain cities. We have produced this study to help Wyoming homeowners better understand the costs of insuring their property in the “Equality State”. Our analysis found that the average annual cost of a homeowners insurance policy in Wyoming is $1,600. Read more below, or enter your zip code in our quote tool to begin searching for homeowners insurance.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies in Wyoming

We conducted a study to find the cheapest homeowners insurance in Wyoming by collecting quotes from Amica, State Farm, and Farmers. Liberty Mutual did not provide quotes. We gathered the quotes from 35 towns and cities across the state and found the average for each insurance company in our study. We found that among them, Amica had the cheapest annual premium on average of $1,327. Below is a table listing the mean annual premiums of the insurance companies from the cheapest to the most expensive:

A ValuePenguin study of a sample homeowner and house found Amica had the best homeowners insurance rates in Wyoming.

Find the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Your Area

RankCheapest Homeowners Insurance CompaniesAverage Annual Rates
1 Amica $1,327
2 State Farm  1,443
3 Farmers  1,833
Average  1,534

These quotes were for a profiled property. To find the best quotes for yourself, we recommend getting quotes from multiple insuranceproviders and comparing them.

Best Homeowners Insurance Rates in Wyoming: by City

If you own a home, similar to that we used in the study, and live in one of the most affordable cities for homeowners insurance in Wyoming, it is likely your annual premiums are roughly $1,042 – that is 35% better than the rest of the state. All the cities and towns on our list are found in the western portions of the state – close to the Utah and Idaho borders.

Rank Cities Average Premium vs State Average
1 Lyman $1,016 -36%
2 Green River $1,037 -35%
3 Rock Springs $1,043 -35%
4 Evanston $1,046 -35%
5 Kemmerer $1,068 -33%

Lyman, WY

The cheapest homeowners insurance prices in Wyoming can be found in the town of Lyman, located in Uinta County. Our analysis revealed that the average price of home insurance in the town, for our model property, is $1,016. According to the most recent census, Lyman has a population of roughly 2,000 residents. If any of those residents, or visitors, like to gaze up at the stars they are in luck. Lyman is home to the Mountain Skies Observatory – one of the largest such observatories in the region.

Green River, WY

We managed to obtain the second cheapest home insurance rates in the city of Green River, the county seat of Sweetwater County. Average annual homeowners insurance premiums in Green River, for the benchmark house we examined, were in the neighborhood of $1,037. One of the most notable individuals to hail from the city was Curt Gowdy – a famous American sportscaster. This Green River native has been recognized and awarded many honors for his coverage of sports on both a local and national level – he was the first sportscaster to be awarded the Peabody Award. 

Rock Springs, WY

The typical home insurance price in Rocky Springs, for the sample property we looked at, is 35% more affordable than the Wyoming statewide average. The cost a 1-year home insurance policy in the city is $1,043. Rocky Springs is the fifth largest city in Wyoming, by population, with 24,000 residents. Throughout the year, the city hosts a number of different festivals and fairs. Wyoming’s Big Show, the International Festival, and the Wyoming Chocolate Festival, to name a few, bring many visitors to the Rocky Springs from all around the state.

Evanston, WY

Evanston, a city in southwestern Wyoming, traces its beginnings to the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad. By the end of 1868, the railroad’s tracks reached Evanston. Businesses, such as saloons, began opening around the station, and eventually the small community grew in a city. Between 1870 and 1880, the population of Evanston grew by some 1,548%, as a result of the railroad. Today, Evanston has some of the best home insurance prices in the state. For our 2,000 square foot model home, the average cost of homeowners insurance in Evanston is $1,046 per year.

Kemmerer, WY

Kemmerer, Lincoln County, is the site of the 5th cheapest home insurance rates in Wyoming. The property we surveyed was quoted annual home insurance premiums of $1,063 – which is 33% better than the Wyoming average. Kemmerer was the location of the second ever J.C. Penney store. Despite being second, the store has been dubbed the “mother store” – and with good reason. James Cash Penney, the founder of the chain, lived and established his business right here in Kemmerer.

Most Expensive Homeowners Insurance in Wyoming

The cities in Wyoming, where the home insurance prices are highest, are all located along the eastern portions of the state. The average cost of insuring our sample home in these cities and towns is 44% above the Wyoming average, coming in at $2,302 per year. We have previously observed a number of different factors influencing premiums. These can vary from the costs of labor in a particular area, to crime rates and response times of local fire departments. It is difficult to foresee exactly why a certain city may have higher prices than another – at the end of the day, only the insurers know the entire truth behind that.

Rank Cities Average Premium vs State Average
1 South Greeley $2,199 37%
2 Glenrock $2,217 39%
3 Ranchettes $2,254 41%
4 Lingle $2,371 48%
5 Lusk $2,471 55%

Lusk, WY

The town of Lusk has some of the highest home insurance rates in the state of Wyoming. Our research found that the average price of a home insurance policy, in Lusk, is $2,471 per year – a 55% increase over the state average. Lusk is located in one of the least populous areas in the country. It is found in Niobrara County, which is the least populous county in the state – which is saying something considering Wyoming is the least populous state in the country. As of the 2010 census, Lusk had a population of 1,600 people.

Lingle, WY

Close to 100 miles outside of Cheyenne, in Goshen County, is the town of Lingle. The small town has a population of under 500, and was established September 7th, 1918. Lingle was named after an agriculturalist, Hirman D. Lingle, who campaigned for the continued development of Goshen County. When we sampled home insurance rates in Lingle, we found the typical annual premium to be $2,371 – making the town the second most expensive place in Wyoming for homeowners insurance.

Ranchettes, WY

Ranchettes is a census-designated place, in the southeastern part of Wyoming. It has a population of roughly 6,000 residents, and is located in Laramie County. After having collected the insurance prices from all over the state, we have determined Ranchettes to have the third most expensive premiums in Wyoming, for our benchmark home. The cost of a one year homeowners insurance policy in the city is approximately $2,254, or 41% more expensive than the statewide mean.

Glenrock, WY

Glenrock, a town in Converse County, has the fourth highest home insurance prices in Wyoming. The town has a population of roughly 3,000 people, and approximately 700 families. The media age of the a Glenrock resident is 41. Every year, the residents of the town celebrate Deer Creek Days – a 3 day summer festival featuring parades, pancake breakfasts, barbeques, and games. When we collected home insurance quotes in Glenrock, for a model property, we were typically quoted prices of $2,217 – the fourth highest in Wyoming.

South Greeley, WY

South Greeley, a census-designated place (CDP) in Laramie County, is part of the Cheyenne – Wyoming’s largest city. The CDP has a population of approximately 4,000, as of the most recent census. Home insurance prices in South Greeley are among the state’s highest. The average cost of a one-year homeowners insurance policy is $2,199, according to data collected for our sample house. The median household income in South Greeley is $31,729, meaning that the price of home insurance represents roughly 7% of that sum. 

Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Wyoming: by City

The average price of homeowners insurance in Wyoming, as obtained for our benchmark property, is $1,600. We observed a strong geographical divide in the prices, with some of the homes in the eastern portions of the state being among Wyoming’s most expensive – with the western regions saw some of the most affordable rates. Our study found that, for a $200,000 house in Wyoming, home insurance represents approximately 0.8% of the total cost of owning a home, on a year-to-year basis. You can view all the cities, towns, and places included in our study in the list below. They are listed in order of average annual premium – with the cheapest being at the top, and the most expensive at the bottom.

A study by ValuePenguin found the average homeowners insurance rate for our sample policy in Wyoming was $1,600.


In order to arrive at the most accurate comparisons and price estimates, we examined home insurance prices for a same, typical, Wyoming home, in 35 different places throughout the state. The home was a 2,000 square foot, 2-story building, which was built in the year 2,000. It had a garage attachment, and a fully completed basement. The homeowner was a single male in his 40’s, with no pets. He has a clean home insurance record, with no prior claims. All the cities included in our study can be found in the list below, ordered alphabetically.

Rank Cities Average Premium vs State Average
8 Afton $1,094 -32%
19 Buffalo $1,637 2%
24 Casper $1,915 20%
29 Cheyenne $2,177 36%
6 Cody $1,071 -33%
20 Douglas $1,675 5%
4 Evanston $1,046 -35%
26 Evansville $2,061 29%
22 Gillette $1,751 9%
32 Glenrock $2,217 39%
2 Green River $1,037 -35%
27 Guernsey $2,102 31%
13 Jackson $1,235 -23%
5 Kemmerer $1,068 -33%
7 Lander $1,075 -33%
17 Laramie $1,404 -12%
34 Lingle $2,371 48%
16 Lovell $1,348 -16%
35 Lusk $2,471 55%
1 Lyman $1,016 -36%
21 Mills $1,733 8%
23 Newcastle $1,893 18%
9 Pinedale $1,113 -30%
10 Powell $1,146 -28%
33 Ranchettes $2,254 41%
14 Rawlins $1,266 -21%
11 Riverton $1,180 -26%
3 Rock Springs $1,043 -35%
15 Sheridan $1,333 -17%
31 South Greeley $2,199 37%
12 Thermopolis $1,195 -25%
25 Torrington $1,939 21%
30 Warren $2,184 37%
28 Wheatland $2,134 33%
18 Worland $1,602 0%

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