Best and Cheapest Home Insurance Rates in West Virginia

Best and Cheapest Home Insurance Rates in West Virginia

When choosing a home insurer, you should try to find the ideal mix of cheap rates, dependable customer service and coverage options that suit your needs. We analyzed thousands of home insurance quotes across West Virginia to find the right options for homeowners in a variety of situations.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in West Virginia

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The average cost of homeowners insurance in West Virginia is $1,416 per year.

This is more expensive than the national cost of coverage in the U.S., which we've computed to be $1,083 per year.

We found that the best homeowners insurance for most people in West Virginia costs $598 per year. However, we don't recommend that West Virginia buy their policy based only on the cheapest price — service and coverage options are just as important. Here are our top choices for home insurance in West Virginia.

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Cheapest options for homeowners insurance in West Virginia

The cheapest homeowners insurance for most property owners in West Virginia is Erie, which sells coverage for about $600 per year. On the other hand, Liberty Mutual is the most expensive provider.

A bar graph showing the average costs of homeowners insurance in West Virginia
A bar graph showing the average costs of homeowners insurance in West Virginia

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in West Virginia

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Average Annual Cost
Erie logo
Nationwide logo
State Farm logo
State Farm$1,023
Westfield logo
USAA logo
Allstate Home Insurance logo
Liberty Mutual logo
Liberty Mutual$2,314

Best homeowners insurance for most people: Nationwide

Nationwide's affordable prices and range of policy features will attract many of West Virginia's homeowners.
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The best homeowners insurance for most of West Virginia's property owners is Nationwide. Typically, policies from Nationwide cover perils that are commonly protected against by other providers, such as fire, theft and falling objects. Upgraded forms of Nationwide's homeowners insurance are also available to people looking for more protection.

The average price of homeowners insurance from Nationwide is about $985 per year in West Virginia, while coverage typically costs about $1,400 in the state.

Nationwide offers a number of ways to personalize its homeowners insurance policies: You can purchase extended replacement cost coverage that could reimburse you for up to 20% more than your policy's limit after a loss. You can also add coverage to your roof that will replace it with stronger materials if it's destroyed by a covered peril.

The customer service at Nationwide comes highly rated, too. According to the complaint index, which is maintained by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Nationwide is responsible for far fewer complaints than suggested by its size. Notably, only four complaints for Nationwide came from West Virginia in 2018.

Best homeowners insurance for complete coverage: Erie Insurance

Erie's homeowners insurance policies come with replacement cost coverage and well-regarded customer service.
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Erie is the best homeowners insurance company if you want max coverage. A standard Erie Insurance policy includes replacement cost coverage. If your home is destroyed by a covered peril, Erie could pay the full cost of repairing damages instead of factoring your property's depreciation into your reimbursement.

Additionally, you can upgrade your homeowners insurance from Erie by adding protection against water backup and sump pump overflow. You can also purchase $25,000 of identity theft recovery services, which includes a personal case manager who can help resolve your case.

Coverage from Erie costs about $600 per year on average, making it the most affordable homeowners insurance in West Virginia.

Unlike other providers, Erie doesn't allow you to request a homeowners insurance quote online. Instead, you must contact an agent before you can purchase a policy. Additionally, you can't start a claim without going through a representative. Even so, Erie consistently receives a low number of complaints regarding its claims service.

Best homeowners insurance for mobile homes: State Farm

State Farm offers great coverage if you're an owner of a manufactured home.
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The best homeowners insurance for mobile and manufactured homes in West Virginia comes from State Farm. If you own a mobile or manufactured home, you can get protection against the same perils covered by State Farm's conventional homeowners insurance policies, including hail, theft and even damage that happens while your home is in transit.

State Farm comes with well-regarded customer service. The company receives about 80% fewer complaints than its market share suggests, and only three complaints for the insurer were reported from West Virginia in 2018. State Farm allows you to access and pay bills online, or you can visit an office if you'd rather work through an agent.

While you have to contact an agent to get a quote for State Farm's mobile home insurance, its homeowners insurance is among the cheapest in West Virginia at $1,023 per year—nearly 30% more affordable than the average cost of coverage in the state.

Best homeowners insurance for military families: USAA

Eligible homeowners could get the best coverage in West Virginia from USAA.
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USAA is the best homeowners insurance companies for eligible families, which include active or retired military service members and their families. The coverage afforded by USAA is designed to meet the needs unique to members of the military.

Homeowners insurance from USAA comes with replacement cost coverage, a feature usually available only as an upgrade. With USAA, you also receive coverage for your uniform if it's lost or damaged while you're on reserve or active duty.

The average annual cost of USAA's homeowners insurance is $1,608, which is slightly more expensive than the typical cost of protection in West Virginia. Despite its price, we still recommend USAA for the quality of its coverage. Its complaint index is among the best in this survey, and it received full marks for customer service from the firm J.D. Power.

West Virginia insurance rates: city-by-city breakdowns

We compiled the following table by calculating the average cost of homeowners insurance in all of the cities in West Virginia inhabited by more than 10,000 people. Each city is accompanied by comparison to the state's overall average, too.

The most expensive cities in West Virginia for homeowners insurance are Huntington and Beckley. Conversely, the cheapest places to get homeowners insurance in the Mountain State are Martinsburg and Morgantown.

Average cost
% from statewide average
Teays Valley$1,342-5%
South Charleston$1,311-7%
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The best-reviewed homeowners insurance companies in West Virginia

To find which homeowners insurance company has the best customer service, we compared each provider's complaint index, a metric reported by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) that compares the number of complaints an insurer is responsible for with its market size.

The NAIC uses the number 1.0 to represent a company's expected number of complaints. So, for example, a provider that has a 0.50 complaint index is responsible for about half the number of complaints than expected.

We also checked the scores awarded by J.D. Power as documented on its customer satisfaction survey, as well as the financial credit ratings supplied by A.M. Best.

NAIC Value
J.D. Power
A.M. Best
State Farm0.204/5A++
Liberty Mutual0.532/5A
Westfield0.12Not RatedA

Most common homeowners insurance perils in West Virginia: floods and coal mines

In some parts of the state, West Virginians who own homes can experience losses from flooding and movements of the earth caused by coal mines. Both of these perils aren't usually covered by standard forms of homeowners insurance.

Some providers do offer coal mine subsidence insurance policies. You can also purchase flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program if your home is at risk, as well as from private sellers. We recommend comparing providers by the protections they offer against the perils that are most likely to affect your home, as well as by price.

Do you need flood insurance?

Even though West Virginia doesn't have a coastline, it's still close enough to rivers that some residents could own property that's at risk of flooding. You'll only be obligated to purchase flood insurance if your lender requires it. Overall, the state of West Virginia ranks 21st in the percentage of flood insurance premiums per owner-occupied home.

It could be a good idea to purchase flood insurance even if your home sits on land that only has a low risk of flooding. About one quarter of flood insurance claims originate from low-to-moderate risk areas. If you live in one of these areas, you may qualify for FEMA's Preferred Risk Policy, which costs a fraction of the average price of flood insurance.

What is coal mine subsidence insurance?

Some of West Virginia's homeowners may be at risk of having their homes destroyed by a nearby mine or seam. If a home is built too close to a coal mine, it could cave in if the ground is unstable and shifts. Many providers offer a special coal mine subsidence endorsement, as homeowners insurance policies do not cover events caused by movements of the earth.

Fortunately, we found that coverage for this peril isn't too expensive. Coal mine subsidence insurance may cost about $35 to insure a typical home in West Virginia—though it may be higher if your property is at greater risk of damage. As with any form of insurance, you should compare prices and coverage before settling on a provider.

How did we pick the best homeowners insurance companies in West Virginia?

We compared the price, policy features and customer service of West Virginia's largest homeowners insurance providers. To obtain rate information, we requested quotes for a property worth $119,800 that was built in 1972. These numbers correspond to the median worth and year built of owner-occupied homes in West Virginia.

Our quotes came from seven providers:

  • State Farm
  • Erie
  • Nationwide
  • Allstate
  • Liberty Mutual
  • USAA
  • Westfield

ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only—your own quotes may be different.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.