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Vermont, nicknamed the Green Mountain State, is the 2nd least populous state in the United States. Pancake lovers and readers with a sweet tooth rejoice! Vermont is the nation’s leading producer of maple syrup, producing close to 1 million gallons a year – that’s 43% of the total produced in the whole US. Maple is produced in cold climates from the sap of maple trees, something this state has plenty of. Forests make up 78% of Vermont’s total area – that is 4.5 million acres.

ValuePenguin studied home insurance quotes across Vermont in order to create a resource for those looking to buy a home in the state. Our researchers analyzed rates for a benchmark home, and found that the state’s homeowners as a whole paid average home insurance premiums of $962 per year for this sample property. We saw a relatively low variance between cities in the state, with the most expensive and least expensive cities varying by as little as 15%. Out of the 32 cities included in this study, we profiled the top five cheapest and most expensive cities and towns. Read more below, or get started on finding homeowners insurance using our quote tool above.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Companies in Vermont

We looked at rates and quotes for an example house in the Green Mountain State at several national homeowners insurance companies. The property we used as our benchmark measured about 2,000 square feet in size, and had a market value of $200,000. Based on this data, we found that Nationwide and State Farm were the best home insurance companies with the cheapest rates. Here are the average annual rates across each company:

In Vermont, a ValuePenguin study found Nationwide had the best homeowners insurance rates for a sample policy and owner.

Find the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Rates in Vermont: by City

The cheapest cities for home insurance in the state of Vermont are all located within no more than 29 miles of one another. They are all situated on the western front of the state, along the coast of Lake Champlain. The typical home insurance rate in these cities is $906 per year – 6%, lower than the state mean.


CityAverage Annual RatesDecrease vs State Average








Essex Junction$911-5%




St. Johnsbury$934-3%
This image maps where in Vermont we found the lowest homeowners insurance rates for our sample property

Burlington, VT

Burlington is Vermont’s largest city - approximately a third of the state’s entire population lives in Burlington. While Vermont is known for its maple syrup, the city of Burlington is most associated with a different type of sweet. The ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s was founded in Burlington, getting its start in a renovated gas station. If the city’s history with ice cream and maple syrup isn’t a sweet enough deal, perhaps its low home insurance rates will be the icing on the cake. Burlington has the lowest home insurance rates in Vermont. Residents in our benchmark property typically see home insurance prices around $882 a year.

Shelburne, VT

Shelburne, a town and suburb of Burlington, is located on the coast of Lake Champlain. The town is home to the Vermont Teddy Bear company which is one of the largest producers of teddy bears on the internet. Shelburne has a population of roughly 7,000 – with the median age of its residents being 41. Shelburne is located just 7 miles from Burlington, our first place finisher, so it should come as no surprise that the town also sees some of Vermont’s lowest home insurance premiums. Shelburne residents pay on average just $6 more per year than those living in Burlington. The town’s mean homeowners insurance rate for our sample home is $74 a month, or $888 annually – these premiums are 8% lower than the rest of the state. It ties with Winooski for the 2nd best rates for homeowners insurance in Vermont.

Winooski, VT

Winooski, which in the words of the Abenaki means “where the wild onions grow”. The town got its start when the American Woolen Company bought out the Winooski Falls Mill District at the turn of the 20th century – the purchase brought economic growth to the failing area which eventually led to Winooski being incorporated as a city in 1922. During the late 70’s the city researched and planned the construction of a dome that would incase the city as a measure to reduce heating costs. The plan, however, fell through. Today, Winooski is a bustling town to 6,500 people. It also ties with Shelburne for Vermont’s 2nd lowest home insurance rates at an average of $888 annually.

Essex Junction, VT

Next on our list of cities with the best homeowners insurance rates in Vermont is Essex Junction. With a population of roughly 20,000, it is Vermont’s largest town. The town’s economy has been largely influenced by the IMB Corporation, which built an 820,000 square foot facility in Essex. Additionally, the town hosts the Champlain Valley Expo which in the past included performers such as Keith Urban, Bill Cosby, and Justin Bieber. Essex Junction’s average home insurance rates are approximately 5% lower than the state mean, making it the 3rd cheapest city on our list for homeowners. For our sample property, home insurance rates averaged $911 per year.

Vergennes, VT

Known locally as the “Little City on the Falls”, Vergennes is the least populous of Vermont’s nine cities. The city, located in Addison County, has a population of 2,600. Any individual brought in for questioning by the Vergennes Police Department may be treated to a breathtaking Italian aria. The reason? The city’s police department shares a building with an opera house! As far as home insurance rates go, Vergennes is among the state’s cheapest. Homeowners insurance premiums in the city averaged $932.

St. Johnsbury, VT

Rounding off our list of cities with the best home insurance rates is St. Johnsbury. Known to its 7,600 residents as St. Jay, the town has been a part of Vermont since 1786. During the mid-19th century one of the St. Johnsbury’s residents, Thaddeus Fairbanks, invented the platform scale. Soon after, the town became a minor manufacturing center for the product. The Fairbanks Scales company is operational to this day, employing 160 of the town’s residents. When ValuePenguin studied home insurance prices for our sample property in St. Johnsbury, we found the town to offer prices 3% below the state mean, around $934 per year.

Cities with the Most Expensive Homeowners Insurance in Vermont

The homes with the most expensive home insurance, as determined by ValuePenguin’s expert research, are mainly found in Eastern Vermont, along the New Hampshire border. The insurance rates in cities on this list have an average of $1,020, which means homeowners typically pay 6% more than the rest of the state.


CityAverage Annual PremiumIncrease vs State Average


Manchester Center$1,0347%






Bellows Falls$1,0085%


This map shows which cities in our Vermont city had the most expensive home insurance rates

Manchester, VT

Manchester is located between the Green Mountains and the Taconic Range. The town has the highest home insurance rates in Vermont. One of the contributing reasons for these higher than average costs is the Manchester Fire Department’s reliance on a tanker truck to provide water to buildings with no access to fire hydrants. Because these trucks can run out of water or fail get to a fire on time, a fire has a higher probability of causing more property damage than it would otherwise. To account for a greater probability of having to pay out damages, insurers raise their rates. Manchester’s home insurance rates are on average 7% more expensive than the Vermont mean. Residents living in our sample property can expect to see home insurance costs around $1,034 per year.

Brattleboro, VT

Brattleboro is a town located in Windham County, in the southeast of Vermont. According to the most recent census, the town has roughly 12,000 residents. Brattleboro is also Vermont’s oldest town. Home insurance prices here are the 2nd highest in all of Vermont, with average premiums of $1,028. These rates put Brattleboro 7% above the cost found in a typical Vermont town. This could be partially explained by the city’s crime rate, which is nearly double the state average. Higher crime rates mean higher likelihood of crimes such as vandalism or theft being committed. These types of losses and claims are something insurers typically raise their premiums as a response to.

Chester, VT

Chester, Vermont is a small town located in Windsor County. Locally, the town is most known for its Stone Village and Chester Factory Village Historic districts. These offer visitors a look back in time, as some of the homes in these places were constructed as far back as 1750. If one enjoys historic views, then it might be a little easier paying the state’s third highest home insurance premiums. In Chester, the property we studied saw average homeowners insurance rates of $1,023 per year.

Bellows Falls, VT

Located just a stone’s throw away from New Hampshire is the small town of Bellows Falls. The town is home to both the annual Roots on the River and No Film Film festivals. Bellows Falls got its start through entrepreneurs building mills and factories in the town, eventually leading to the addition of two railroads in the town, to support its growing industry. This boom in the local economy led to the construction of large Victorian houses, some of which still stand today and serve as tourist attractions. Bellows Falls residents see average home insurance rates in the neighborhood of $1,008 annually, making it Vermont’s 4th most expensive city for homeowners.

Springfield, VT

Just 13 minutes outside of the town of Chester is Springfield – the final city in our list of cities with highest the home insurance premiums in Vermont. This town of roughly 9,000 residents is home to a branch of both the Community College of Vermont and University of Vermont. A recent project was started by Vermont Telephone Company to construct a gigabit network for all homes within Springfield. This would give the town access to some of the fastest internet speeds in the country! Fast internet comes at a price, however, and not just the one you’ll be paying to your internet service provider. Springfield’s average home insurance rates are 5% higher than the Vermont mean, with residents in our benchmark property typically seeing premiums of around $1,007 per year.

Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Vermont: by City

All 32 cities in this study are found in the list below. They are ordered in descending order from cities with the cheapest home insurance up top, and the most expensive towards the bottom of the list. Included in the list is also the state average of $962, which can help quickly determine how a specific city’s homeowners insurance rates stack up to the rest of the state. The number on each graph represents that city’s average annual home insurance premium.

A ValuePenguin study showed the average homeowners insurance policy in Vermont for a sample residence was $964.


ValuePenguin researchers gathered quotes across 32 cities for a hypothetical $200,000 home in Vermont. This house was approximately 2,000 square feet large, contained 1.5 baths, a garage attachment, had frame construction, and was built in the year 2000. Additionally, the individual seeking to insure the home was a non-smoking single who owned no pets. The dwelling was going to be occupied by the insuring individual and used for personal, non-business, purposes.

Here are the 30+ cities included in our survey of homeowners insurance costs in the Green Mountain State. Cities are presented in alphabetical order, from


CityAverage Insurance RatesChange






Bellows Falls1,0085%




















































West Rutland9933%


White River Junction9580%






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