Who Has the Best Cheapest Home Insurance in North Dakota?

Who Has the Best Cheapest Home Insurance in North Dakota?

The best home insurance providers combine affordable rates with wide arrays of coverage options and reliable customer service. To help you find the best coverage for you, we gathered hundreds of quotes from across North Dakota.

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in North Dakota

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The average cost of homeowners insurance in North Dakota is $1,901 per year.

This is more expensive than the typical price of homeowners insurance in the United States, which we figured to be around $1,083 per year.

In North Dakota, the best rate we found on average was $889 per year. However, a company's rate information on it's own isn't enough evaluate whether it's right for you. Below, we've selected the top insurers in the state, in addition to picking the best homeowners insurance company in North Dakota.

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Cheapest options for homeowners insurance in North Dakota

The cheapest homeowners insurance company for most North Dakotans is North Star, while the most expensive is American Family Insurance.

A bar graph showing the average costs of home insurance in North Dakota
A bar graph showing the average costs of home insurance in North Dakota

Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in North Dakota

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Average Annual Cost
North Star Mutual logo
North Star$889
Farmers Union Insurance logo
Farmers Mutual Union$980
Allstate Home Insurance logo
MetLife logo
Country Financial logo
Country Financial$1,338
Nodak Mutual$1,571
Farmers logo
State Farm logo
State Farm$2,947
Auto-Owners logo
American Family logo
American Family$3,463

Best homeowners insurance for most people: Allstate

Allstate's standard and enhanced insurance packages are both great fits for many homeowners.
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Allstate is the best homeowners insurance company for most people in North Dakota, as it balances affordable prices with customizability for policyholders who want more than standard coverage. The average price of homeowners insurance from Allstate is about $1,006, which is almost half the typical price of insurance in North Dakota. Additionally, you could save money if your home is outfitted with protective devices or has a reinforced roof or windows.

The cheap price of Allstate's standard homeowners insurance policy could allow you more easily to add coverage to your basic protection. Allstate's available endorsements include:

  • Identity theft protection services worth up to $500,000
  • Water backup and sump pump failure protection
  • Increased personal property limits
  • More protection for your landscape
  • Green improvement reimbursement for replacing your property with energy-efficient alternatives

For a fee, Allstate also lets you freeze your premium if you don't want your rates to go up after a claim. This service is good once every five years. However, the cost of this add-on may outweigh the amount your premium would go up after a claim depending on the type and size of the claim you make.

You won't sacrifice customer service for price with Allstate's homeowners insurance. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the industry's standard-setting body, reports that this insurer receives almost two-thirds fewer complaints than what's expected for its size. Furthermore, no complaints originated in North Dakota in 2018.

Most affordable homeowners insurance: North Star Mutual

North Star has cheap insurance with many ways to upgrade your policy.
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The most affordable homeowners insurance company for most North Dakotans is North Star Mutual, a regional provider that charges an average of $889 per year for standard coverage. This is about 53% cheaper than the average cost of homeowners insurance in North Dakota. You can lower your premium if you qualify for North Star's discounts, including by:

  • Being at least 50 years old
  • Owning a home that's less than 14 years old
  • Bundling your protection with North Star's auto insurance
  • Living in a subdivision
  • Installing protective devices in your home
  • Renewing your homeowners insurance

North Star's homeowners insurance insures against perils that are commonly covered in the industry, like fire, weight of snow and falling objects. If you're looking for more protection than what's afforded by North Star's basic homeowners insurance, you can upgrade your policy with a few notable endorsements. While it will result in a more expensive price, you can add protection from water and sewer backups, spoiled refrigerated foods and guaranteed replacement cost coverage, among others.

Best customizable homeowners insurance: COUNTRY Financial

COUNTRY has many ways to get complete coverage for your property.
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COUNTRY Financial's homeowners insurance is a great fit for people looking to maximize their coverage. While the average price of coverage is about $1,338 per year, which is about 30% cheaper than the mean price in North Dakota, COUNTRY's strength is its many endorsements that policyholders can purchase to supplement a basic policy.

Homeowners can upgrade their policies with many forms of extra protection. Additionally, many of COUNTRY's endorsements have high limits. You could upgrade your homeowners insurance with:

  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Extended replacement cost coverage worth up to 120% of your policy's limit
  • Guaranteed replacement cost coverage
  • Up to $1 million of liability coverage
  • High limits for special property, like jewelry and guns
  • $25,000 of water backup protection
  • $25,000 of identity theft restoration services

We found that COUNTRY's customer service is rated highly compared to its competitors in this study. According to the NAIC, COUNTRY has a national complaint index of 0.13, which means that it receives much fewer complaints than its market share would suggest. Additionally, COUNTRY received no complaints from North Dakotans in 2018.

Best local insurer: Farmers Union Mutual

Farmers Union is built for homeowners who wish to participate in their state's policymaking.
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Farmers Union Mutual is a good match for North Dakotans looking for homeowners insurance from a local provider that reflects the concerns and needs of your community. This provider's ranks are comprised of local members actively engaged in advocating for various agricultural laws at the local and federal levels.

Homeowners insurance from Farmers Union costs about $980 per year on average. You're required to pay a membership fee in addition to your premium to be eligible for Farmers Union's benefits. We found that prices from this company tend to be slightly more expensive in the western part of North Dakota, but coverage remains affordable throughout the state.

Notably, a typical policy from Farmers Union Mutual comes with replacement cost coverage for your home and its contents. You can also add sewer and water backup protection and coverage for spoiled food. Farmers Mutual also allows you to add coverage to the liability portion of your homeowners insurance. You can add specific protections for slander and libel or assign coverage to another residence, business or farm.

North Dakota insurance rates: City-by-city breakdowns

Using the data used for determining the best homeowners insurance companies in the state, we computed the average cost of insurance in each of North Dakota's most populated cities. Below, we've displayed the typical cost of homeowners insurance in cities with over 1,000 people.

We found that the most expensive cities in North Dakota for homeowners insurance are Beulah and Bismarck. The cheapest city for coverage is West Fargo, but Fargo also has an average cost that's almost 10% cheaper than the state's mean.

Average cost
% from statewide average
Grand Forks$1,698-11%
West Fargo$1,632-14%
Devils Lake$1,731-9%
Watford City$1,859-2%
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Homeowners insurance with the best-reviewed customer service

We checked data from the NAIC's complaint index to determine which homeowners insurance company in this survey has the best customer service.

The complaint index is calculated by dividing a company's share of complaints in the U.S. by its market share.

The best-reviewed homeowners insurance company in North Dakota is COUNTRY, which has a 0.13 complaint index. Nodak Mutual and Farmers Union Mutual also had exceptional complaint indices. However, both companies have market shares of only about 0.02%, meaning a national measure like the one used by the NAIC is less useful than it is with bigger insurers.

We also checked J.D. Power scores and financial strength ratings for each company we surveyed. J.D. Power evaluates consumer responses to insurance providers, while A.M. Best analyzes the credit of insurers to inform consumers about their ability to pay claims.

NAIC value
J.D. Power
A.M. Best
State Farm0.204/5A++
American Family0.693/5A
Farmers Union Mutual Ins. (ND)0.00N/AN/A
Nodak Mutual0.00N/AN/A
Auto-Owners Insurance Co.0.214/5A++
North Star0.39N/AA+

Most common homeowners insurance perils in North Dakota: Tornadoes and snow

North Dakota's adjacency to Canada and its place on the Great Plains can subject the state to a range of potentially destructive natural phenomena. During its winter months, and even in the spring and fall, North Dakota can get blizzards. In the summer, its homeowners can be in danger from tornadoes.

No matter your home's location, it's important to understand the coverage your homeowners insurance provides your property. Being prepared for the types of natural disasters that are most likely to affect your home can help you decide, in part, which provider is right for you.

Does homeowners insurance cover tornado damage?

Most homeowners insurance policies include wind damage on their lists of covered perils. While your homeowners insurance should provide some financial protection from even a tornado's intense winds, you won't necessarily be protected from a total loss with standard homeowners insurance.

If you live in a part of North Dakota that's prone to tornadoes, you should find a homeowners insurance company that offers replacement cost coverage and consider upgrading your coverage.

By default, your homeowners insurance will usually only compensate you for the depreciated value of your property after a loss. By contrast, replacement cost coverage doesn't deduct any reimbursements for your home's depreciated worth.

Additionally, if you add extended or guaranteed modifications to your replacement cost coverage, you could ensure that your home's rebuilt even if the loss exceeds your policy's initial limit.

Does homeowners insurance cover snow damage?

Snow damage is typically covered by your homeowners insurance. Usually, policies protect against damage to your home that's caused by the weight of falling objects. If snow accumulates on your roof and causes your ceiling to collapse, your homeowners insurance would cover this loss.

Your homeowners insurance may also cover losses if your property is damaged from water produced by melted snow. Leaky homes are protected by most homeowners insurance policies as long as you're not responsible for the water getting into your home. For instance, if you forgot to close a window that allowed melted snow to seep in, you would have to replace your damaged property yourself.


To complete this analysis of the state's best homeowners insurance, we gathered quotes from 10 of North Dakota's largest insurers. We checked rates in each of the state's ZIP codes using a sample home built in 1978, the median year in which North Dakota's homes were built. For each quote, we insured the property for $194,700 to reflect the median value of owner-occupied homes in the state.

The data in our survey comes from:

  • State Farm
  • American Family Insurance
  • Farmers Union Mutual
  • Nodak Mutual
  • Auto-Owners Insurance Co.
  • Farmers
  • North Star
  • Metropolitan
  • Allstate
ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.