Who Has The Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Quotes In Connecticut?

Connecticut is the second smallest state but one of the most densely populated. It was named after the Connecticut River, which splits the state in two, and was one of the original thirteen colonies. Today, the state continues to have maritime traditions and is a hub for financial services. To see who has the cheapest and most expensive homeowners insurance rates, we evaluated quotes for a sample property (a home with 2,000 square feet of living space and one full and one half bathroom). The results showed the locations with the most expensive homeowners insurance rates were more than 3x higher than the cheapest. Since we used one sample property, the rates have comparative value, but are not indicative of what all tenants can expect to pay for their homeowners insurance. Read more below, or enter your zip code above to find homeowners insurance quotes.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance In Connecticut

We conducted a study of homeowners insurance rates in Connecticut to show which insurance companies generally had the cheapest rates across 70 municipalities and census-designated places. Based on our data, Amica ranked with the best home insurance rates in Connecticut. The average annual rate collected for our sample property by Amica was 71% or $1,723 cheaper than what Liberty Mutual generally quoted for the same property. We've graphed below the average rates quoted by each carrier for the sample property across all the cities included in the study. Your actual home rates will depend on your past claims history and other particulars of your dwelling.

Graph shows the cheapest homeowners insurance companies in the state of Connecticut

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*The annual premiums quoted are rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount. 

Most Expensive Insurance Company

The insurance carrier with the higher average annual rates quoted was Liberty Mutual. As the above graph shows, quotes by the company for the unit we studied were $2,428 - more than 3x the cost of Amica's. While that difference, as well as the difference between Liberty Mutual's and the rates of other carriers, seems extreme, this wide range is consistent with the findings of identical studies conducted for other states. This is why it is in consumers' best interests to obtain at least quotes from three different carriers if they're looking to save on their rates for homeowners insruance.

Best Homeowners Insurance In Connecticut: by City

We provided some details of the five places with the cheapest homeowners insurance in Connecticut, according to our study. Three of the places are located adjacent to each other in the southwest handle of the state. The other two are suburbs of Connecticut’s capital, Hartford. 

New Canaan, CT

New Canaan has the best homeowners insurance rates in Connecticut. It is about 10 miles northeast of Greenwich and one of the wealthiest towns in the country. Many of its roughly 20,000 residents commute daily to New York City and it also is home to historic places such as the Waveny Mansion in Waveny Park. Homeowners insurance rates are 40.5% lower than the state average.

Simsbury, CT

The town of Simsbury has more than 23,500 residents and is only 12 miles northeast of Hartford, the state’s capital. The suburb was incorporated in 1670 and was inhabited long before that by indigenous people. Today, it has some of the most affordable homeowners insurance rates in Connecticut. Quotes for the town in our study were 40.3% lower than the state average.

Wilton, CT

Another town in Connecticut where many residents commute to New York City and elsewhere, Wilton also is home to offices of global corporations, such as Deloitte & Touche. More than 18,000 people live in Wilton and enjoy its history and neighborhoods. Homeowners insurance premiums in Wilton are some of the cheapest in the state, too. Quotes for our sample home in Wilton were 39.3% lower than the Connecticut average.

Weston, CT

Weston is a town adjacent to Wilton and is similar to it. It has about 11,000 residents and is serviced by two major roadways (Route 57 and Route 53) that run through it. Like residents in other nearby towns, a significant portion of its residents commute to work in New York City. Home insurance rates in Weston are some of the least expensive in Connecticut. Our study found rates were 37.6% lower in Weston compared to the state average.

Windham, CT

Just 33 miles east of Hartford, the town of Windham has more than 25,000 residents and contains a number of villages within it. It’s home to a number of historic places and embraces historic traditions via street fairs and museums. It also has some of the lowest homeowners insurance rates in Connecticut. Premiums in Windham were 37.2% lower than the state average.

Cost of Homeowners Insurance: by City

Below is the average annual homeowners insurance rates for each municipality and census-designated place included in our study. We were able to gather quotes for 70 places in Connecticut.

In Connecticut, a ValuePenguin study showed the average cost of homeowners insurance premiums for a sample policy was $1,242.

RankCityAverage Annual Rate
1 New Canaan $739
2 Simsbury 742
3 Wilton 755
4 Weston 775
5 Windham 780
6 Easton 788
7 Trumbull 793
8 Shelton 814
9 Greenwich 827
10 Ansonia 869
11 Norwalk 870
12 Woodbridge 894
13 Hamden 908
14 Westport 958
15 Stamford 959
16 North Haven 973
17 Milford 975
18 Darien 1,000
19 Mystic 1,031
20 Essex 1,032
21 Lyme 1,041
22 Bridgeport 1,054
23 Madison 1,055
24 New Haven 1,057
25 Groton 1,060
26 New London 1,087
27 Danbury 1,112
28 Guilford 1,115
29 Woodstock 1,127
30 East Hartford 1,130
31 Putnam 1,134
32 West Hartford 1,150
33 Cheshire 1,153
34 Newington 1,154
35 Plainville 1,155
36 Lakeville 1,156
37 Torrington 1,158
38 Meriden 1,160
39 Woodbury 1,167
40 Middletown 1,168
41 Glastonbury 1,168
42 West Haven 1,171
43 New Britain 1,172
44 Wethersfield 1,172
45 Bloomfield 1,176
46 Bristol 1,178
47 Bethel 1,183
48 Danielson 1,184
49 Vernon 1,189
50 Middlefield 1,189
51 Southington 1,190
52 Naugatuck 1,192
53 Manchester 1,192
54 Watertown 1,196
55 Thompson 1,200
56 Old Saybrook 1,202
57 Seymour 1,202
58 Monroe 1,215
59 New Milford 1,222
60 Berlin 1,226
61 Winsted 1,230
Connecticut Average 1,242
62 East Haven 1,245
63 Hartford 1,258
64 Waterbury 1,284
65 Avon 1,327
66 Branford 1,343
67 Redding 1,358
68 Ridgefield 1,377
69 Stratford 1,399
70 Fairfield 2,435

Study Methodology

The data for this study was collected across 4 different major insurers within the state – State Farm, Amica, Liberty Mutual and Nationwide. Quotes were collected for the same sample home and homeowner in each of the cities and towns in Connecticut. The property was a two-story, single-family home built 15 years ago. The residence had 2,000 square feet, one full bathroom and one half bath, and an attached garage. The homeowner in the study was a 41-year-old, non-smoking, male. He does not own any dogs, or exotic pets, and does not own a trampoline or swimming pool. The insured also did not file any loss claims in the past.

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