Best Cheap Health Insurance in Ohio 2019

Find the Cheapest Health Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Residents of Ohio can find affordable health insurance on the state exchange or through Medicaid, depending on income, although the best health plan will depend on your budget and expected costs. We compared all the policies in the Ohio marketplace and found that, in the majority of counties, either the CareSource Low Premium Silver or Ambetter Balanced Care 5 was the cheapest Silver tier health plan offered. However, these insurers aren't available in every county in the state, so the most affordable health coverage may differ depending on where you live.

Cheapest Health Insurance Coverage by Metal Tier

Health insurance plans are divided into metal tiers, which correspond to the benefits and out-of-pocket expenses you can expect from a policy. We analyzed available health insurance policies in Ohio across each tier and identified the lowest-cost option to help you find the best cheap health plan for a given level of coverage. The policies below aren't available in every county, as no insurer offers plans statewide through the Ohio marketplace, but we recommend using these to determine the premiums you can expect.

Metal tierCheapest planDeductibleOut-of-pocket maximumMonthly cost for 40-Year-Old
CatastrophicMarket HMO Young Adult Essentials - Mercy$7,350$7,350$211.53
BronzeCareSource Bronze$7,250$7,350$244.07
Expanded BronzeMolina Marketplace Bronze Plan$6,400$7,350$252.76
SilverAmbetter Balanced Care 5$7,350$7,350$296.88
GoldMolina Marketplace Gold Plan$3,800$7,350$375.55

The cost of medical coverage is largely based on your chosen level of coverage as well as your age, with older individuals facing significantly higher premiums. As you can see below, a 60-year-old in Ohio would pay 112% higher rates for health insurance than a 40-year-old, which is consistent no matter the metal tier of coverage you choose. So, for instance, a 40-year-old's cost for a Gold health plan in Ohio would be $578 cheaper, on average, than a 60-year-old's rates. But the difference drops to just $394 for an Expanded Bronze plan.

Average Monthly Cost of Health Insurance Plans by Metal Tier in Ohio

Finding the Best Health Insurance Coverage in Ohio

The health insurance policies available will vary depending on where you live in Ohio, but in every county you'll be able to choose from multiple metal tiers of coverage. The best cheap health plan will be based, in part, on your income and expected medical expenses, since these impact the rates you'll pay and the coverage you'll need. Higher-coverage metal tiers are more expensive in terms of premiums, but their lower cost sharing makes them ideal for families that expect to have large or consistent health care expenses. On the other hand, lower-coverage metal tier health plans have cheaper rates, but their high out-of-pocket expenses mean they're only ideal if you have emergency savings and don't expect to need costly medical care.

Gold Plans: Best for Families With High or Consistent Medical Expenses

Gold health insurance plans are often the best option for families with higher expected medical costs. Gold policies have the highest monthly premiums—but can make up for this with the lowest out-of-pocket costs. So, you'd have to pay significantly less yourself before your health insurance provides coverage. This is a great benefit if you have ongoing prescriptions, a chronic condition, or simply couldn't manage a large, unexpected expense and would prefer higher, but predictable, premiums.

Silver Plans: Best for Low-Income Families or Average Medical Costs

Ohio has expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, meaning households with an income up to 138% of the federal poverty level can qualify for Medicaid. Low-income families that don't qualify will likely get the best rates with a Silver plan. Silver health insurance policies are the only ones that qualify for cost-sharing reduction subsidies if your household income falls below certain thresholds. Silver health plans are also a good middle ground, as they combine more affordable medical insurance rates than Gold plans, along with out-of-pocket expenses that are lower than what you'd face with a Bronze plan.

Bronze/Catastrophic Plans: Best for Young Families With Savings

If you're under the age of 30 or meet certain exemptions, you can qualify for a Catastrophic health insurance plan. These offer the lowest monthly premiums and highest cost sharing. We wouldn't recommend Catastrophic or Bronze health plans—which are available to everyone in Ohio—unless you're confident in your ability to cover the out-of-pocket expenses if you need health care. Your health insurance won't provide coverage until you meet your out-of-pocket deductibles and copays.

So, for instance, the CareSource Bronze premium can be as little as $244 per month for a 40-year-old, which is much cheaper than the $376 for the Molina Marketplace Gold Plan. But we'd recommend carefully considering whether you could cover its $7,250 deductible in case of an emergency before purchasing this policy.

Short-Term Health Insurance in Ohio

Ohio residents have the option of purchasing short-term health insurance plans. Coverage can last up to 12 months, which is similar to federal guidelines. However, Ohio does not allow policyholders to renew short-term health insurance after the initial coverage period has ended.

You may want to consider a short-term health policy if you miss the open enrollment period or if you lose employer-sponsored health care. It is important to note that short-term plans do not cover the same essential benefits as private health insurance policies.

Find the Cheapest Health Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Best Cheap Health Insurance Companies in Ohio

There are currently eight health insurance companies on the Ohio state exchange; however, none of these insurers offers coverage in every county. So the best insurer and policy available will differ based on your location.

Health Insurers in Ohio Marketplace

  • AultCare Insurance Company
  • Buckeye Community Health Plan
  • CareSource
  • Medical Health Insuring Corp. of Ohio
  • Molina Healthcare of Ohio Inc.
  • Oscar Insurance Corporation of Ohio
  • Paramount Insurance Company
  • Summa Insurance Company Inc.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to choose from up to five insurers, though in many counties only one health insurance company is available. For instance, if you live in Columbus, which is in Franklin County, you'd only be able to compare health plans from CareSource, Medical Health Insuring Corp. and Molina.

Cheapest Health Insurance Plan by County

To help you get started in your search for the best health insurance plan, we compared all Silver policies in Ohio and identified the cheapest plan offered in each county. The CareSource Low Premium Silver health plan had the most affordable rates in over half of Ohio counties. However, Ambetter/Buckeye Community Health Plan, Medical Health Insuring Corp. and Molina also frequently offered the cheapest plans, depending on your location.

Below, you can see the health plan with the best price for Silver coverage where you live, as well as sample rates for an individual, couple and family of three.

CountyCheapest Silver planSingle adult, age 40Couple, age 40Couple, age 40, and child
AdamsCareSource Low Premium Silver$409$819$1,064
AllenAmbetter Balanced Care 5$347$695$902
AshlandCareSource Low Premium Silver$326$652$847
AshtabulaCareSource Low Premium Silver$319$638$829
AthensMolina Marketplace Silver Plan$500$1000$1,299
AuglaizeMarket HMO 2000/30 - Mercy$514$1,028$1,335
BelmontCareSource Low Premium Silver$519$1,037$1,348
BrownCareSource Low Premium Silver$409$819$1,064
ButlerAmbetter Balanced Care 5$327$654$849
CarrollAmbetter Balanced Care 5$297$594$771
ChampaignAmbetter Balanced Care 5$383$766$996
ClarkCareSource Low Premium Silver$360$720$935
ClermontMolina Marketplace Silver Plan$377$754$979
ClintonCareSource Low Premium Silver$409$819$1,064
ColumbianaAmbetter Balanced Care 5$303$607$789
CoshoctonMolina Marketplace Silver Plan$500$1,000$1,299
CrawfordMarket HMO 3500 - OhioHealth$450$900$1,170
CuyahogaAmbetter Balanced Care 5$307$614$798
DarkeAmbetter Balanced Care 5$383$766$996
DefianceCareSource Low Premium Silver$331$662$860
DelawareCareSource Low Premium Silver$385$769$1,000
ErieParamount Silver 6$675$1,350$1,754
FairfieldCareSource Low Premium Silver$385$769$1,000
FayetteCareSource Low Premium Silver$385$769$1,000
FranklinCareSource Low Premium Silver$385$769$1,000
FultonCareSource Low Premium Silver$331$662$860
GalliaCareSource Low Premium Silver$579$1,158$1,505
GeaugaAmbetter Balanced Care 5$307$614$798
GreeneCareSource Low Premium Silver$360$720$935
GuernseyCareSource Low Premium Silver$519$1,037$1,348
HamiltonAmbetter Balanced Care 5$327$654$849
HancockMolina Marketplace Silver Plan$423$846$1,099
HardinMarket HMO 3500 - OhioHealth$552$1,103$1,434
HarrisonAmbetter Balanced Care 5$385$769$999
HenryCareSource Low Premium Silver$331$662$860
HighlandCareSource Low Premium Silver$409$819$1,064
HockingMarket HMO 3500 - OhioHealth$518$1,037$1,347
HolmesMolina Marketplace Silver Plan$461$923$1,199
HuronAmbetter Balanced Care 10$374$749$973
JacksonCareSource Low Premium Silver$579$1,158$1,505
JeffersonCareSource Low Premium Silver$519$1,037$1,348
KnoxMarket HMO 3500 - OhioHealth$423$846$1,099
LakeAmbetter Balanced Care 5$307$614$798
LawrenceCareSource Low Premium Silver$579$1,158$1,505
LickingCareSource Low Premium Silver$385$769$1,000
LoganAmbetter Balanced Care 5$417$834$1,083
LorainAmbetter Balanced Care 5$307$614$798
LucasCareSource Low Premium Silver$331$662$860
MadisonCareSource Low Premium Silver$385$769$1,000
MahoningAmbetter Balanced Care 5$303$607$789
MarionMarket HMO 3500 - OhioHealth$444$888$1,154
MedinaCareSource Low Premium Silver$326$652$847
MeigsCareSource Low Premium Silver$415$831$1,080
MercerMarket HMO 2000/30 - Mercy$514$1,028$1,335
MiamiCareSource Low Premium Silver$360$720$935
MonroeCareSource Low Premium Silver$519$1,037$1,348
MontgomeryCareSource Low Premium Silver$360$720$935
MorganCareSource Low Premium Silver$519$1,037$1,348
MorrowCareSource Low Premium Silver$402$804$1,044
MuskingumCareSource Low Premium Silver$519$1,037$1,348
NobleCareSource Low Premium Silver$519$1,037$1,348
OttawaParamount Silver 6$675$1,350$1,754
PauldingCareSource Low Premium Silver$519$1,037$1,348
PerryCareSource Low Premium Silver$519$1,037$1,348
PickawayCareSource Low Premium Silver$385$769$1,000
PikeCareSource Low Premium Silver$579$1,158$1,505
PortageCareSource Low Premium Silver$326$652$847
PrebleCareSource Low Premium Silver$360$720$935
PutnamMarket HMO 2000/30 - Mercy$514$1,028$1,335
RichlandMarket HMO 3500 - OhioHealth$450$900$1,170
RossMolina Marketplace Silver Plan$415$831$1,079
SanduskyCareSource Low Premium Silver$445$889$1,156
SciotoMolina Marketplace Silver Plan$415$831$1,079
SenecaAmbetter Balanced Care 10$374$749$973
ShelbyAmbetter Balanced Care 5$383$766$996
StarkAmbetter Balanced Care 5$297$594$771
SummitCareSource Low Premium Silver$326$652$847
TrumbullAmbetter Balanced Care 5$303$607$789
TuscarawasAultCare Silver 6850 Select No Pediatric Dental$442$884$1,148
UnionCareSource Low Premium Silver$385$769$1,000
Van WertAmbetter Balanced Care 5$347$695$902
VintonCareSource Low Premium Silver$579$1,158$1,505
WarrenAmbetter Balanced Care 5$327$654$849
WashingtonCareSource Low Premium Silver$415$831$1,080
WayneCareSource Low Premium Silver$350$699$909
WilliamsParamount Silver 6$603$1,206$1,567
WoodCareSource Low Premium Silver$331$662$860
WyandotParamount Silver 6$675$1,350$1,754

Average Cost of Health Insurance by Family Size in Ohio

The cost of health insurance is based on each person covered, and the number of people on the policy will directly impact your premiums. Children ages 14 and younger are typically covered at a flat rate, meaning the cost of coverage won't increase until they're older.

So, a couple in Ohio would pay double the monthly rate for the same Silver health plan that a single person would, or $874 on average assuming both people were 40 years old. However, adding a child under the age of 15 would only increase the monthly health insurance rate by an average of $262, meaning a family of three would pay $1,135 for a health plan.

Family sizeAverage monthly cost of health plan
Single adult$437
Adult couple$874
Family of three (adult couple and a child)$1,135
Family of four (adult couple and two children)$1,397
Family of five (adult couple and three children)$1,659
Adults are assumed to be 40 years old. Sample rates are based on the average cost for a Silver plan in Ohio.

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