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Find the Cheapest Health Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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If you're looking for the best health insurance plan in the state of Florida, you can find many affordable options on the Florida health insurance marketplace. Where available, Celtic Insurance/Ambetter typically offers the cheapest health plans—though Blue Cross Blue Shield offered the best rates in the majority of the Florida and has offerings in every county. A plan that shoppers can begin looking at is the BlueOptions Silver 1410, a Silver plan that has the lowest premiums in nearly a third Florida counties. Another health plan that can be cheaper, but is limited in availability to a smaller set of counties, is the Ambetter Balanced Care 5.

Cheapest Health Insurance by Metal Tier

We compared the health insurance plans available on the Florida marketplace and identified the cheapest policy in each metal tier to help you find the best option for your chosen level of coverage. The insurers and health plans you can choose from will vary depending on the county you live in, and not all of those listed below are available in every county. We recommend using these as a starting point when assessing the benefits and out-of-pocket costs you can expect from a health plan, as compared to monthly premiums.

Metal TierCheapest PlanDeductibleOut-of-Pocket MaximumMonthly Cost for a 40-Year Old
CatastrophicHealth First GYM ACCESS Catastrophic HMO 1746$7,350$7,350$189
BronzeIND Bronze HMO 1340$7,350$7,350$278
Expanded BronzeIND Bronze Standardized HMO$6,650$7,350$288
SilverAmbetter Balanced Care 5$7,350$7,350$405
GoldAmbetter Secure Care 3 with 3 Free PCP Visits$1,000$6,350$435
PlatinumIND Platinum HMO BC 5841$800$2,500$552

Aside from the level of coverage you choose, one of the most significant factors in determining health insurance rates is the age of each person insured. As you can see below, a 21-year-old will receive 22% cheaper prices for health insurance in Florida, on average, than a 40-year-old for the same metal tier plan. Whereas a 60-year-old would pay 112% higher monthly premiums.

Average Monthly Cost of Health Insurance Plans by Metal Tier in Florida

Finding The Best Health Insurance Plans in Florida

Remember, premiums are not the only cost component when it comes to your health care. Out-of-pocket costs in the form of deductibles, copays and coinsurance are just as important to compare when you shop. The best cheap health insurance plan for you and your family will depend on your income level and expected health care needs. Households with higher expected medical costs should opt for plans with higher cost-sharing benefits, while those who expect to be relatively healthy or to need little to no routine care should look toward cheaper plans.

Average Consumers Should Start by Browsing Silver Plans

Unless you're extremely healthy or know you'll have medical expenses, we advise that you begin your shopping process by looking at the Silver metal tiered health insurance plans. These are the plans that the exchange offerings are generally benchmarked off of, and they occupy a good middle ground between premiums you are guaranteed to pay and cost-sharing responsibilities that you will incur if you have any medical expenses.

The Silver plans are also the only plans on the Florida exchange that make you eligible for cost-sharing reductions that further reduce your copays, coinsurance and deductibles if you have a household income under 250% of the federal poverty level. In such a case, these plans can actually offer more benefits than higher-priced Gold and Platinum plans but at a much lower premium.

Younger and Healthier Households can Look To Bronze and Catastrophic Plans

Bronze and Catastrophic plans will have the lowest premiums available but come at the cost of extremely high deductibles. Many of the plans in this metal tier will have their cost sharing near the maximum limits, meaning that you will first need to meet thousands of dollars of fees before the health plans benefits really start kicking in. These types of health insurance policies really only make sense if you want coverage for extremely costly emergencies and have little to no need for routine care. Catastrophic plans are only available for those individuals under the age of 30.

Short-Term Health Insurance in Florida

Florida follows the same regulations set by federal guidelines for short-term health insurance. This allows for the plans to provide coverage for up to 12 months and be renewable for up to 36 months. Furthermore, short-term plans do not need to cover the essential benefits that all marketplace Obamacare plans must cover. This includes services like maternity, hospitalization, mental health and prescription drugs.

You may want to consider purchasing short-term health insurance if you lose employer-sponsored coverage or miss open enrollment for an ACA marketplace policy. However, it is important to note that short-term plans will require medical underwriting and typically do not provide coverage for preexisting conditions.

Find the Cheapest Health Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Best Cheap Health Insurance Companies in Florida

There are currently six health insurance providers offering plans on the Florida marketplace. This is down from 10 providers that were available just two years ago, with UnitedHealthcare, Coventry, Humana and Aetna leaving the market.

Health Insurance CompanyNumber of Counties Served
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida67
Celtic Insurance Co.22
Florida Health Care Plan Inc.4
Health First Commercial Plans Inc.5
Health Options Inc.45
Molina Healthcare of Florida Inc8

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the only health insurance company available in every county in Florida, and in some counties like Calhoun, it will be the only insurer available.

Cheapest Health Insurance Plan By County

As we mentioned above, Silver plans are where we advise the average consumer to begin their shopping process. To help you, we've listed the cheapest Silver health plan for each Florida county, as well as sample prices for different sized families. These premium estimates are unsubsidized and for a single individual. Depending on your income, you will likely see even lower prices once you account for the tax credits.

CountyCheapest Silver PlanSingle Adult, Age 40Couple, Age 40Couple, Age 40, and Child
AlachuamyBlue Silver 1604$463$926$1,204
BakerBlueSelect Silver 1443$491$981$1,275
BayBlueSelect Silver 1443$424$848$1,101
BradfordBlueCare Silver 1477$521$1,041$1,353
BrevardIND Silver HMO BC 7741$425$850$1,105
BrowardAmbetter Balanced Care 5$418$836$1,087
CalhounBlueOptions Silver 1410$669$1,338$1,739
CharlotteAmbetter Balanced Care 5$406$812$1,055
CitrusAmbetter Balanced Care 5$413$826$1,073
ClayAmbetter Balanced Care 5$451$903$1,173
CollierBlueCare Silver 1477$484$968$1,258
ColumbiaBlueCare Silver 1477$546$1,093$1,420
De SotoBlueCare Silver 1477$557$1,114$1,448
DixieBlueCare Silver 1477$554$1,107$1,438
DuvalAmbetter Balanced Care 5$447$895$1,163
EscambiaBlueSelect Silver 1443$475$951$1,235
FlaglerIND Silver HMO BC 7741$456$911$1,184
FranklinBlueOptions Silver 1410$708$1,416$1,840
GadsdenBlueOptions Silver 1410$778$1,556$2,022
GilchristBlueCare Silver 1477$548$1,095$1,423
GladesBlueOptions Silver 1410$779$1,558$2,024
GulfBlueSelect Silver 1443$420$840$1,091
HamiltonBlueOptions Silver 1410$712$1,425$1,851
HardeeBlueOptions Silver 1410$839$1,679$2,181
HendryBlueCare Silver 1477$528$1,057$1,373
HernandoAmbetter Balanced Care 5$437$874$1,136
HighlandsBlueSelect Silver 1443$487$974$1,265
HillsboroughAmbetter Balanced Care 5$428$855$1,111
HolmesBlueOptions Silver 1410$686$1,371$1,781
Indian RiverBlueSelect Silver 1443$436$873$1,134
JacksonBlueOptions Silver 1410$688$1,376$1,788
JeffersonBlueOptions Silver 1410$777$1,554$2,020
LafayetteBlueOptions Silver 1410$698$1,395$1,813
LakeBlueSelect Silver 1443$449$898$1,167
LeeBlueCare Silver 1766S$600$1,201$1,560
LeonBlueOptions Silver 1410$692$1,385$1,799
LevyBlueCare Silver 1477$512$1,023$1,329
LibertyBlueOptions Silver 1410$722$1,444$1,876
MadisonBlueOptions Silver 1410$678$1,356$1,761
ManateeAmbetter Balanced Care 5$407$815$1,059
MarionAmbetter Balanced Care 5$405$810$1,052
MartinBlueSelect Silver 1443$456$911$1,184
Miami-DadeAmbetter Balanced Care 5$435$869$1,129
MonroeBlueOptions Silver 1410$932$1,864$2,422
NassauBlueCare Silver 1477$624$1,247$1,621
OkaloosaBlueSelect Silver 1443$464$929$1,207
OkeechobeeBlueCare Silver 1477$641$1,282$1,666
OrangemyBlue Silver 1604$469$937$1,217
OsceolamyBlue Silver 1604$459$918$1,193
Palm BeachAmbetter Balanced Care 5$415$829$1,078
PascoAmbetter Balanced Care 5$442$885$1,149
PinellasAmbetter Balanced Care 5$438$876$1,138
PolkAmbetter Balanced Care 5$431$862$1,120
PutnamBlueOptions Silver 1410$710$1,419$1,844
Saint JohnsBlueSelect Silver 1443$452$905$1,175
Saint LucieAmbetter Balanced Care 5$462$924$1,201
Santa RosaBlueSelect Silver 1443$491$981$1,275
SarasotaBlueSelect Silver 1443$459$919$1,194
SeminoleAmbetter Balanced Care 5$452$904$1,174
SumterBlueSelect Silver 1443$433$865$1,124
SuwanneeBlueCare Silver 1477$530$1,059$1,376
TaylorBlueOptions Silver 1410$667$1,333$1,732
UnionBlueOptions Silver 1410$749$1,497$1,945
VolusiaAmbetter Balanced Care 5$423$847$1,100
WakullaBlueOptions Silver 1410$796$1,592$2,069
WaltonBlueSelect Silver 1443$481$963$1,251
WashingtonBlueOptions Silver 1410$682$1,364$1,772

Average Cost of Health Insurance by Family Size in Florida

The total cost of a health insurance policy will take into account the age of each person insured. For instance, the average premium for a Silver health plan in Florida is $598 for a 40-year-old, while children age 14 and younger cost $358 for coverage. So a family of four would have $358 cheaper premiums in total than a family of five, on average, assuming two adults are on the policy. But they would pay $716 more per month for health insurance than a couple with no children.

Family SizeAverage Monthly Cost of Health Plan
Single Adult$598
Adult Couple$1,197
Family of three (Adult couple and a child)$1,555
Family of four (Adult couple and two children)$1,913
Family of five (Adult couple and three children)$2,272
Adults are assumed to be 40 years old. Sample rates are based on the average cost for a Silver plan in Florida.

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