Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews

Petplan Pet Insurance Reviews

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  • Petplan provides comprehensive, lifelong coverage for chronic conditions, hereditary or congenital disease and their associated diagnostic and treatment as long as you renew your policy. Other policies may exclude visits to the vet, or set aside prescription medication as a separate policy rider, but Petplan covers these benefits
  • Straightforward, with no gimmicks, or separate deductibles or limits to meet
  • Covers behavioral and alternative therapies, which most other pet insurance plans exclude


  • If you haven't had a vet visit in the year preceding your pet insurance plan, you'll have to get a veterinary examination within the first thirty days so that a baseline for pre-existing conditions can be established. In general, your pet must have an annual wellness check-up.
  • Non-emergency specialist and referral reimbursements are paid out at 80%, regardless of your plan's overall co-pay level.
  • Do you travel much with your pet? Any illnesses that your dog or cat catches overseas that it normally would not have caught in the U.S. or Canada are excluded.
Consider this if you qualify for PetPlan's significant discounts and take your pet to the vet at least annually.
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Petplan pet insurance policy and discounts

Petplan has three tiers of veterinary insurance plans for companion animals, with varying levels of benefits and limits. You'll also get three options each of deductibles and co-pay rates to suit your budget. We like this plan for its comprehensive and straightforward coverage, and lack of gimmicks and clawbacks.

Plan Name
Annual Limits

With Petplan's Silver insurance package, you'll get benefits of up to $250 for any kennel or cattery fees as a result of your hospitalization, advertising fees and reward for missing pets, and loss due to theft or straying. The Gold Pet Insurance plan grants you the benefits of the Silver level, along with up to $1,000 for death (from injury, illness or euthanasia), and vacation cancellation due to a covered pet's life-threatening illness.

Examples of the veterinary expenses you'll get protection for under the core Petplan insurance policy are veterinary exam fees, diagnostic treatments, surgery, prescription medication, imaging (MRI, CAT scans, ultrasounds, etc.), cancer treatments, non-routine dental treatments, rehabilitation, alternative therapies and referral and specialist treatments.

On pre-existing conditions, Petplan distinguishes between two types: curable and non-curable. Curable conditions are eligible for coverage after a waiting exclusionary period of a minimum of three months or more.

You'll get a 30-day money-back guarantee. Accident and injury benefits will be available 24 hours after your policy is effective, and illness benefits begin after a 14-day waiting period.

Petplan discounts and promotions

Discount Type
Discount Amount
Online Enrollment5%
Micro-chipped Pet10%
Medical Services Animals (ex: seeing-eye dogs)10%
Enrollment of Multiple Pets10% discount after the first one
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Note: In general, Petplan caps their total discounts at 15%.

More info

Founded in 2006 by Natasha and Chris Ashton, Petplan is a pet insurance company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Petplan policies are issued by AGCS Marine Insurance Company, a member of the Allianz Group (rated A+ by A.M. Best in 2012). This pet insurance company has a non-profit arm called the Petplan Fund, which funds various research, welfare and education projects benefiting companion animals. The charitable arm supports homeless pets and humane veterinary research into hereditary, congenital and other chronic conditions that affect pets and a portion of each policy's sale and renewal is donated to shelters, rescues and humane societies across the country.

Information, discounts and reviews current as of May 2013

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