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The U.S. Independent Workforce Increased by 34% Since 2020

Younger workers and women made up a large share of this increase Read More

68% of U.S. Employees Prefer Remote Work Over In-Person Work

Companies that don't offer remote work options will fall behind, survey respondents say Read More

57% of Small Businesses Could Face Permanent Closure From Coronavirus Delta Surge

Survey shows most businesses just ‘barely hanging on’ after previous COVID-19 shutdowns Read More

Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

The average bride pays $750 for wedding flowers. In this guide, we'll break down the component costs from the bridal bouquet to the table... Read More

64% of Americans Updated Their Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many of these changes revolved around improving consumers' work-from-home experience Read More

One-Third of Employers and Employees Agree Health Care is the Workplace Benefit That Needs the Most Improvement

Patient quality of care has not improved for many, despite health care out-of-pocket costs rising in the US Read More

47% of Americans Shop Online More Often Than Before the Pandemic

Some consumers are beginning to shop in-store now that the economy is reopening Read More

U.S. Employees Are Distracted Every 31 Minutes on Average

Productivity, mental health suffer because of these disturbances Read More

90% of Men Trust in Their Health, But Lack Health Knowledge, Regular Doctor Visits

Women play a large role in getting men to see their doctors for health issues and concerns Read More