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Fake Product Reviews a Concern for 67% of Online Shoppers

Online shoppers rely heavily on reviews, but fraudulent ones leave shoppers feeling duped Read More

51% of Americans Texting More Over the Past Year, Outpacing Other Communication Methods

Consumers are more comfortable using their phones to communicate directly with brands and colleagues Read More

Only 36% of Americans Drive Every Day, A Steep Drop from Earlier in COVID-19 Pandemic

This is far fewer than the number of drivers who expected to be back on the road by the end of 2021, survey finds Read More

67% of Women are Investing Beyond Retirement Accounts

Although their savings are substantial, many feel that their investment knowledge isn't Read More

82% of Americans Worry That Supply Chain Disruptions Will Ruin Their Life Plans

Consumers expect to change the way they shop to minimize the impact of these issues on their lives Read More

48% of Americans Bought Cryptocurrency in the First Half of 2021

However, this new investment product raises some concerns from would-be investors Read More

69% of Businesses Have Permanently Closed Office Spaces During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Others have decided to shut down some of their offices or downsize their space instead Read More

36% of Americans Plan to Cancel Streaming Subscription Services in the Next 12 Months

Consumers watched more streaming services — and bought more subscriptions as a result — during the pandemic Read More

One-Third of Americans Workers Admit to Lying on Their Resumes

Many are fired or lose their job offer once they're caught, according to new survey findings Read More