Loggerhead Insurance Review: Replacement for Florida Progressive Customers

Loggerhead could be a good choice for Florida homeowners who can't find coverage elsewhere. However, it lacks a proven track record of reliable customer service.

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Loggerhead Reciprocal Interinsurance Exchange is a home insurance company in Florida. It offers most of the coverage options you'd find at a major insurance company, along with a handful of discounts.

Progressive has partnered with Loggerhead to offer home insurance to Floridians affected by Progressive's recent policy cancellations.

However, Progressive customers don't have to get insurance from Loggerhead. If Progressive sent you a nonrenewal notice, you should shop for quotes from multiple companies. That's the only way to ensure you're getting reliable customer service and the coverage you need at an affordable price.

Good for
  • Lots of coverage options
  • Financially stable
Bad for
  • Can't compare quotes online
  • Newer company with few customer reviews

Alternatives to Loggerhead Insurance

What is Loggerhead Insurance?

Bottom line: Loggerhead Insurance may be worth checking out if you're a Florida homeowner having a hard time finding coverage elsewhere. It's also a good option for Progressive customers losing their coverage.

But, as a newer insurance company, it has yet to establish a reputation for reliable customer service. You won't have the peace of mind that comes with choosing a larger company with a history of satisfied customers.

Loggerhead is a home insurance company founded in 2022 based in Tampa, Florida.

Loggerhead sells its policies through independent insurance agents throughout Florida. That means you'll need to contact a local agent to get a quote from Loggerhead. Independent agents sell insurance from multiple companies. So you'll be able to compare quotes from other companies at the same time.

Although it's a newer company, Loggerhead is financially stable. It earned an A or "Excellent" score from Demotech. That means it should be able to pay out claims, even if Florida experiences a big disaster.

Loggerhead is a reciprocal insurance exchange, meaning its customers own it. Unlike other insurance exchanges, Loggerhead says its customers won't have to pay higher rates if the company isn't performing well. However, you could get a payout if the company is doing well financially.

Loggerhead home insurance coverage

Loggerhead offers three tiers of home insurance coverage: essential, enhanced and elite.

  1. Essential coverage includes the standard home insurance coverage you would find at a major insurance company.
  2. Enhanced coverage offers higher limits than essential coverage, along with a few coverage upgrades like replacement cost coverage for your belongings.
  3. Elite coverage also offers higher limits and extra coverage. Most importantly, it's the only package that includes full replacement cost for your roof. Homeowners with elite coverage should have the lowest out-of-pocket expense if they need a new roof after a windstorm.


Essential coverage

Essential coverage from Loggerhead comes with:

  • Dwelling coverage, which pays for damage to the structure of your home.

  • Personal property coverage, which pays to replace your belongings if a covered event, like a fire, damages them.

    This coverage is based on the current condition of your things, including wear and tear. This is also called actual cash value. That means you won't get enough money to replace your stuff with new things.

  • Personal liability coverage, which protects you if you hurt someone or damage their property by accident.

  • Other structures coverage, which pays for damage to structures on your property, like a detached garage, shed or fence.

  • Loss of use coverage, which pays for the costs of living away from home if your house is damaged and unsafe.

    This can include a hotel or rental home, moving expenses and the cost of meals if your rental doesn't have a kitchen.


Enhanced coverage

Enhanced coverage includes all of the protection you get with the essential coverage package, along with:

  • Replacement cost coverage for your belongings pays to replace damaged things with new items.
  • Water backup coverage pays for water damage caused by a backed-up pipe or sewer or a broken sump pump.
  • Animal liability coverage pays for damage or injuries caused by your pet.
  • Refrigerated property coverage pays to replace spoiled food in your fridge or freezer after a power outage.
  • Ordinance and law coverage pays to update your home based on current building codes after damage.

Enhanced coverage also comes with higher limits for personal property, personal liability and loss of use.


Elite coverage

Loggerhead's Elite package comes with the coverage included in the essential and enhanced packages. It offers higher coverage limits than the other packages, along with a few extra types of coverage.

  • Full roof replacement cost will pay the total cost to replace your roof (minus your deductible) after a covered event, like a fire.

    In comparison, many home insurance companies factor wear and tear into your roof payout. If you have an older roof, you could pay a lot of money for a new one if you don't have replacement cost coverage.

  • Pool and trampoline liability coverage helps cover medical expenses or the cost of a lawsuit if a guest is hurt while using your pool or trampoline.

  • Identity theft coverage pays to help restore your identity if it's stolen. This can include reimbursing you for credit card fraud, expert help and more.

Homeowners with elite coverage also benefit from a reduced deductible if they have a major loss. However, Loggerhead doesn't give examples of what a large loss entails or how much your deductible will be.

Loggerhead customers can also add firearm use protection to their home insurance policy.

This coverage is called Loggerhead Shield. It pays for injuries, property damage and legal fees if your gun is discharged by accident, used in self-defense or used while lost or stolen.

However, personal liability coverage typically includes gun liability. Gun owners should check with their insurance company to see whether they're already protected.

Loggerhead home insurance discounts

Loggerhead offers Florida homeowners several ways to save on their home insurance rates, like discounts for seniors and newly built homes.

  • Newer construction and renovations: Save money if your home is less than 10 years old or you replaced your roof within the last 10 years.
  • Protected community: Get a discount if gates or a security system protect your neighborhood.
  • Seniors and retirees discount: Florida homeowners over the age of 55 save 10% on Loggerhead home insurance.
  • Smart home discount: Earn a discount if you install a fire or burglar alarm, leak detection, an automatic water shutoff valve or another protective device.
  • Accredited builder discount: Get a discount if Loggerhead approves your home builder and it offers a home warranty.

Loggerhead also gives Florida homeowners a wind protection discount if their home has certain features that protect it from wind damage.

The wind protection discount is based on:

  • The type of protection you have for windows, doors, sliding glass doors, skylights and garage doors. This may include things like hurricane shutters or window film.
  • The age of your roof, its building material and its shape. For example, a newer roof should earn a bigger discount since the weather's less likely to damage it.
  • How your roof is attached to your home's frame, also known as the roof-deck attachment.
  • The type of fasteners used to connect the roof to your home's walls.
  • Whether you have a water-resistant liner under your shingles.
  • Whether your home meets the 2001 Florida Building Code (FBC). If your home was built after March 1, 2002, it meets this standard. Older homes can also get this discount with certain windstorm mitigation upgrades.

Loggerhead Insurance reviews and ratings

Loggerhead Insurance only started selling home insurance in 2022, so it doesn't have enough customer reviews to give Florida homeowners a good idea of what to expect if they have to file a claim.

Loggerhead earned an A financial strength score from Demotech. That means it should be able to pay out claims, even if Florida has a major emergency.

While an A rating is considered "Excellent," it is the third-highest rating from Demotech. Loggerhead doesn't have a rating from AM Best, the industry leader in financial strength ratings. That means Loggerhead may not be as stable as other major insurance companies.

Floridians should also compare quotes from companies with a history of reliable customer service and financial stability.

You should look for companies with an A+ financial strength rating from AM Best and positive customer service reviews, like American Modern and Nationwide.

Frequently asked questions

Is Loggerhead Insurance legitimate?

Yes, Loggerhead Insurance is a home insurance company in Florida. Loggerhead was founded in 2022, so it doesn't have a history of dependable customer service like you'd expect from a major insurance company.

However, Loggerhead should be able to pay out claims even if Florida has a major weather event according to Demotech, which rates insurance companies based on their financial stability.

Who owns Loggerhead Insurance?

Loggerhead is a reciprocal insurance exchange, which means its customers own it. This is somewhat common among insurance companies. Both Farmers and USAA are also reciprocal insurance exchanges.

If Progressive cancels my home insurance, do I have to switch to Loggerhead?

No. Even though Loggerhead has agreed to offer coverage to Progressive customers whose policies have been canceled, you should still compare quotes from other Florida insurance companies before making a decision.

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