Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Reviews

Healthy Paws is one of our favorite plans due to its great value and coverage.


  • Unlimited coverage: Coverage and benefits are unlimited under a Healthy Paws insurance plan. Restrictions and ceilings to claim payouts can be common from other providers, who will only pay up to a certain amount per year, or per accident or condition. Healthy Paws, however, offers unlimited coverage per visit, year, or over the lifetime of your pet's medical condition. This is very refreshing, as pet parents who are blindsided by surprise caps on their policies can attest to
  • Hereditary and congential conditions covered: Healthy Paws covers your pets' hereditary and congenital conditions, including hip dysplasia, so long as your pets are enrolled before the age of six, and symptoms haven't shown up yet. This is great news for families with large-breed canines such as Labrador Retrievers and Great Danes. Some providers restrict coverage because these inherited conditions can be costly to reimburse.
  • Plan Simplicity: There's just one plan with breadth of coverage at reasonable prices. You won't have to compare multiple packages. Just choose your deductible and reimbursement level, and that's it


  • Healthy Paws does not cover the examination fee portion of your dog or cat's visit to the vet's office
  • While you can enroll your furry companion up to the age of 14, hip dysplasia is covered only when pets are enrolled before their sixth birthday. Note, however, that there is a 12-month waiting period before coverage takes effect
  • There is a one-time enrollment fee of $25

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Plan Policy

Healthy Paws only offers customers one plan, and pet parents get to select from three levels of annual deductibles and reimbursement levels. Policyowners can click each of the options to see the effect of each of the variables on their premium. 

Annual Deductible90%80%70%
Reimbursement Level$100$250$500
Sample quotes per month for a 3 year old mixed breed dog (NY)$38.73$31.51$25.51

Among the benefits provided by a Healthy Paws pet health plan are hospitalization, diagnostic testing, supplies, surgeries, and prescription medication. Healthy Paws only covers accidents and illnesses, so long as they're not pre-existing. The insurer's plans do not have a wellness option, which means that preventive or routine care, such as flea control, de-worming, vaccines, or dental care (unless caused by an accident) are excluded.

Some standard fine print: There is a waiting period of fifteen days after the pet policy effective date, which begins after midnight on the day of your enrollment (so it can effectively be sixteen days). During this period, any injuries or accidents that occur will not be covered by Healthy Paws unfortunately - this is generally a standard limitation in pet insurance plans, but not many pet parents are aware of this. Furthermore, Healthy Paws requires a recent clinical evaluation to establish the baseline health of its pets. Previous examinations are accepted from up to a year ago for pets under six years of age, or a month ago from the effective date for pets older than six. Otherwise, a new clinical exam in the fifteen day waiting period will suffice. Failure to have this exam will void your policy. 

Healthy Paws Discounts & Promotions

Discount / PromotionAmount
Autumn Promotion$25 Enrollment fee waived, 10% off premiums
Club Membership (AAA, AARP, Costco, Military, etc.)10%
Animal Welfare Volunteering10%

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