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After comparing pet insurance plans, multiple veterinary benefits, reading through pages of fine print, and filtering through reviews and ratings, we’ve arrived at the three best pet insurance plans. Read below to see why we’ve chosen these three packages.

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Best Pet Insurance for Overall Value – Healthy Paws

Out of all the insurance plans out there, ValuePenguin likes Healthy Paws because it offers pet parents great value and coverage at prices that don’t break the bank.

  • No caps on claims for accidents & illness coverage : The Healthy Paws plan has no caps on payouts. That means that there no caps per incident, per year, or per lifetime. We find this to be so refreshing and straightforward compared to other plans in the pet insurance industry, which give with one hand, and take away with the other. So if your dog or cat turns out to be accident-prone, you and your wallet won’t have to worry. The one consideration is that examination fees are not covered - that is, the visit to the vet’s office won’t be covered, but everything else should be within scope.
  • Coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions : Generally speaking, outside of major accidents, this is the most expensive category for pets. Healthy Paws covers both hereditary and congenital conditions. Just please enroll your furry child before it is six years old to get coverage for hip dysplasia, a common condition.
  • Simple pricing plan : There is just one simple plan, rather than the endless options offered by some of the other companies. The value and breadth of its coverage is quite decent, given its premium quotes are middle-of-the-road compared to other pet insurance companies. Greater bark for your buck!

Best Pet Insurance for Comprehensive Wellness and Routine Coverage – Embrace

While their prices are higher compared to the competition, ValuePenguin likes Embrace because it offers benefits and features that go above and beyond the other insurance companies. This is great for pet parents who want that peace of mind, and have wiggle room in their budgets.

  • Wellness and Routine Care Coverage : Wellness Rewards is a feature that starts at less than $13.00 per month and covers most types of routine / preventive care, such as: vaccinations, flea medication, teeth cleaning, prescription medication, and much more for your pooch. There’s also no co-pay and no deductible.
  • Unexpected emergency room visits : Embrace has a very simple policy on unexpected ER visits: they are covered. Other carriers place a burden of proof on the pet owner to justify that the ER visit was due to a life-threatening emergency.
  • Office visit coverage : The fine print of other insurance companies excludes office visit and exam fees from their reimbursement calculations. Embrace reimburses these expenses. For smaller claims, this can make a big difference. One consideration is that Embrace has an annual limit on overall reimbursements for the policy of $5,000. Additionally, prescription medication coverage is an optional added feature.

Best Pet Insurance for Those on a Budget – ASPCA Level I

If you are on a tight budget and need only accident coverage for your pet cat or dog, ASPCA's Level I plan fits (and foots) the bill. The plan starts just shy of $10 a month and has an annual coverage limit of $500 for accidents. If your pet is generally healthy and fit, then this is a sensible plan for your family.

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