Best Cheap Health Insurance in Utah 2019

Find the Cheapest Health Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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If you are looking for health insurance, you can find cheap policies on the Utah health insurance exchange. We researched policies in the state and found that in the majority of counties the Select Med Silver 1800 or Select Value Silver 1800 was the cheapest Silver health insurance plan offered. Expanded Medicaid coverage is also available in Utah, which allows you access to Medicaid if you fall below 138% of the federal poverty level. Utah has two insurers that offer health policies in the state: SelectHealth and University of Utah Health Insurance Plans. Both insurers provide coverage in all counties of Utah, meaning residents will have options when selecting coverage.

Cheapest Health Insurance by Metal Tier

We compared all the health insurance plans offered on the Utah marketplace and identified the lowest-cost policies at every level of coverage. The table below shows each metal tier, along with its corresponding cheapest plan, deductible, out-of-pocket maximum and monthly cost for a 40-year-old.

Metal TierCheapest PlanDeductibleOut-of-Pocket MaximumMonthly Cost for 40-Year-Old
CatastrophicSelect Value Catastrophic 7350$7,350$7,350$254.00
BronzeSelect Value Benchmark Bronze 6350$6,350$7,350$282.95
Expanded BronzeSelect Value Benchmark Expanded Bronze 2450$2,450$7,350$360.75
SilverSelect Value Silver 1800$1,800$7,350$498.95
GoldHealthy Preferred Gold Copay$1,500$7,000$577.99

Health insurance in Utah is broken down into five different metal tiers: Catastrophic, Bronze, Expanded Bronze, Silver and Gold. All tiers have different typical prices, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. Furthermore, within each metal tier, there are multiple policy options available.

In the graph below, we have provided the average cost of health insurance for 21-, 40- and 60-year-olds based on metal tier. As you can see, increases in the cost of health insurance become larger as you become older. For a Silver health policy, 40-year-olds will on average pay 48% more than 21-year-olds for the same level of coverage. This is a much smaller cost difference than the 103% more that 60-year-olds pay for health insurance compared to a 40-year-old.

Average Monthly Cost of Health Insurance Plans by Metal Tier in Utah

Finding the Best Health Insurance Coverage in Utah

The Utah health insurance marketplace offers a wide variety of metal tiers, but the best plan for you will depend on your income level and expected health care needs, in addition to a policy's cost. It is important to evaluate your personal health and financial situation first before selecting a policy to purchase.

Gold Metal Plans: Best for High Expected Medical Costs

Gold health insurance policies have the highest premiums but also provide the most financial coverage if you have a large number of medical costs. This is due to the low deductible for Gold metal plans, as the health insurance provider pays a larger portion of medical expenses. For example, if you use prescription drugs and are required to refill the prescription often, then a Gold plan would work well because you will reach a policy's deductible very quickly.

Silver Metal Plans: A Good Medium of Premiums and Deductible

Silver plans are a great option if you aren't extremely healthy or know you will have a lot of medical expenses. Premiums and deductibles for a Silver plan are in the middle, between Gold and Bronze policies. All policies in Utah, besides Catastrophic, offer premium tax credits. However, Silver plans are slightly different in that they allow for extra cost-sharing reductions. This allows anyone with income below 250% of the federal poverty level to receive subsidies on copayments and deductibles. This is a great attribute of Silver plans and can actually offer greater benefits than Gold plans but at a lower cost.

Bronze and Catastrophic: Best for Young and Healthier Households

Bronze and Catastrophic health plans have the lowest rates in Utah, but this can come at a cost due to the very high deductible. The deductibles for these tiers will often be set at the maximum limit allowed, so you must first spend thousands of dollars before any coverage benefits would apply. Catastrophic plans also are only available if you are under the age of 30 or qualify for a hardship exemption.

Short-Term Health Insurance in Utah

In Utah, you can buy a short-term health insurance policy through private health insurance providers at any point during the year. The state allows for maximum coverage length of one year but does not allow these policies to be renewed after the initial coverage period.

Although short-term health insurance covers many health care treatments, it does not cover all of the essential health benefits. Therefore, you should make sure a short-term plan will provide sufficient coverage before purchasing.

Find the Cheapest Health Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Best Cheap Health Insurance Companies in Utah

In Utah, there are currently two health insurance companies that provide coverage on the state exchange. These are SelectHealth and University of Utah Health Insurance Plans. Although there are only two companies available, SelectHealth offers multiple policies within each metal tier. For example, SelectHealth's Silver metal tier offers the Select Med Silver 1800, Select Med Silver 4000 Copay Plan, Select Med HealthSave Silver 3100 and Select Med Silver 2500. Each of these plans has different amounts of premiums, deductibles and added benefits. This flexibility allows you to choose a plan that matches your medical needs and is affordable based upon your income.

Cheapest Silver Plan by County

To help you begin your health insurance search, we identified the cheapest Silver plans for each county in Utah. The table below shows the name of the Silver policy, along with the rates for a 40-year-old single adult, a couple and family of three.

CountyCheapest Silver PlanSingle Adult, Age 40Couple, Age 40Couple, Age 40, and Child
BeaverSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
Box ElderSelect Med Silver 1800$603$1,206$1,530
CacheSelect Med Silver 1800$603$1,206$1,530
CarbonSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
DaggettSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
DavisSelect Value Silver 1800$499$998$1,265
DuchesneSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
EmerySelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
GarfieldSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
GrandSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
IronSelect Med Silver 1800$606$1,212$1,537
JuabSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
KaneSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
MillardSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
MorganSelect Med Silver 1800$603$1,206$1,530
PiuteSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
RichSelect Med Silver 1800$603$1,206$1,530
Salt LakeSelect Value Silver 1800$499$998$1,265
San JuanSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
SanpeteSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
SevierSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
SummitSelect Med Silver 1800$564$1,128$1,430
TooeleSelect Med Silver 1800$564$1,128$1,430
UintahSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
UtahSelect Value Silver 1800$519$1,038$1,316
WasatchSelect Med Silver 1800$564$1,128$1,430
WashingtonSelect Med Silver 1800$606$1,212$1,537
WayneSelect Med Silver 1800$646$1,291$1,637
WeberSelect Value Silver 1800$534$1,068$1,354

Average Cost of Health Insurance by Family Size in Utah

Health insurance costs are largely dependent on the age of the people insured under the policy. For example, in Utah, if you wanted to add a 40-year-old adult to a health insurance policy, it would cost on average $643, while adding a child to a health policy would cost $345. Below, we have provided the average cost of health insurance depending on the size of the family covered under the plan.

Family SizeAverage Monthly Cost of Health Plan
Single Adult$643
Adult Couple$1,285
Family of Three (Adult couple and a child)$1,630
Family of Four (Adult couple and two children)$1,975
Family of Five (Adult couple and three children)$2,319
Adults are assumed to be 40 years old. Sample rates are based on the average cost for a Silver plan in Utah.

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