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Penalties for Driving without Insurance in Wisconsin

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The State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation requires all drivers to carry and show proof of financial responsibility when requested. Depending on the circumstance, you could incur a $500 penalty and lose your driving privileges if you’re caught driving without insurance in Wisconsin. Offering fraudulent proof of insurance may cost you a fine of up to $5,000. 

FineDriving PrivilegeReinstatementOther
Driving without Insurance Not to exceed $510 Driving privileges suspededn until you have SR-22 on file  $60 license reinstatement fee File SR-22 insurance for three years
Driving without Insurance in an Accident Not to exceed $510 Driving privileges and registration suspension up to three years  $50 vehicle registration reinstatement for accident suspensions, $60 license reinstatement fee File SR-22 insurance for three years 

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

You can show proof of your insurance in several ways: paper or electronic format, including showing proof on a cell phone or other electronic device. If you fail to provide proof, you may be given a citation and incur a fine of $10. However, in case you were actually insured, but just didn't have proof on you, you can avoid the conviction and $10 fine if by you show you had the proper coverage at the time of the citation on or before the court appearance.

If you are found to be driving without adequate insurance you will be fined up to $500. Your driving privilege will be suspended until you have your Winsconsin insurer file a SR-22 certificate for you, and pay a $60 reinstatement fee. The SR-22 needs to be maintained for at least three years, from the date of the reinstatement. In case your insurer drops you during the three-year period, you must find new coverage and file a new SR-22 with your current insurer as soon as possible, or your driving privilege could be taken away again. If you knowingly provide fraudulent proof of insurance that is not valid or in effect, you may be faced with a fine of up to $5,000.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance In An Accident

The safety responsibility (SR) law in Wisconsin says if you have caused an accident and have not maintained the proper amounts of liability insurance, you will have your operating and registration privileges suspended unless you do one of the following:

  • Post a security deposit to cover the cost of the claims
  • Enter into an installment agreement to pay for the claims
  • Submit a lease of liability proving you have settled the claims with the other party

Once your driving privilege is suspended, there are only two ways for you to regain eligibility to reinstate your license. You either have to serve one full year of suspension, or you have to meet the reinstatement requirements. Reinstatement requirements after a suspension due to uninsured accidents include SR-22 certificate filing (by your insurance provider) for three years from the date of the reinstatement. In addition, you will need to pay pay a $60 reinstatement fee for your driver’s license, and a $50 vehicle registration reinstatement fee for accident suspensions. 

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