Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Oregon

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Oregon

In Oregon, driving without insurance is against the law. As a registered driver, you must carry a liability car insurance policy whenever you're on the road. Failure to do so will result in costly fines as well as suspended driving privileges. Breaking the law also leads to monthly monitoring of your insurance coverage by Oregon's Department of Transportation for three years.

Penalties for driving uninsured in Oregon

Drivers in Oregon are required to have liability coverage with minimum split limits of 25/50/20 as well as personal injury protection of at least $15,000 per person and uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage with a 25/50 split.

You must show proof of insurance when you're pulled over by a police officer, stopped at a checkpoint or involved in a collision.

You'll need to have your current insurance card, your current liability insurance binder or a signed letter from your insurance agent verifying you're insured.

If you can't show the police any of the three, you will be convicted of a Class B traffic violation, which is punishable with fines, suspensions and required monthly insurance verifications. These penalties are the same whether this is your first insurance violation or one of many.

Type of Penalty

First and Subsequent Offenses


$265 presumptive fine; in case of court, $135–1,000 fines

Driving privileges

License and registration suspension, possible vehicle impoundment

Reinstatement requirements

SR-22 for three years

Reinstatement fee


Monthly verification

Proof of insurance compliance for three years

*A presumptive fine is the amount you may be able to pay to resolve the violation without having to do something else like appear in court

Fines in Oregon

In Oregon, the minimum financial penalty for driving uninsured is $135, but that can escalate to a maximum of $1,000.

Fines depend on the situation. For example, if you were cited for reckless driving while violating the insurance requirement or caused a crash and failed to produce proof of insurance, you may be subject to a higher fine. Also, the court may choose to increase a fine if you're required to make an appearance.

Oregon also has a presumptive fine option if you enter a plea of no contest, which means you are willing to pay to resolve the violation offense. All you need to do is send a written explanation to the court and pay the flat $265 fee. But if the court determines that the presumptive fine falls short of making up for the seriousness of your insurance violation and/or accident, your presence in court may still be required, and your fine could increase to as much as $1,000.


If you are caught driving uninsured in Oregon, your license will automatically be suspended and your registration will be revoked. Depending on the situation, the police officer may also order your car to be impounded.

Your driving privileges can only be reinstated once your insurance company files an SR-22 as evidence of your future financial responsibility. This form, which you'll need to maintain for three years, confirms you have paid for the minimum required car insurance coverage.

If you are caught driving without insurance when you're involved in an accident, your license and registration will be suspended for a full year, even if you are not at fault for the collision. Your carrier will also be ordered to submit an SR-22 for you. You can legally drive once the suspension period ends and your insurer has provided the SR-22, but if you allow your SR-22 to lapse within the three years, your driving privileges will be taken away again.

In Oregon, the cost to reinstate a suspended or revoked license is $75. Recovering your impounded vehicle comes with its own fees: either an administration fee for the impoundment or the towing company's towing and storage fees. The police authority that ordered your impoundment is legally required to send you a written notice, which should specify the fee, within 48 hours of the order.

Monthly verification

To make sure you're meeting the requirements of your SR-22, Oregon's Department of Transportation (ODOT) uses an insurance verification program to monitor you for three years. Your insurer will submit proof of your insurance coverage to Oregon's Automotive Liability Insurance Reporting platform.

The state may also request proof of compliance from you directly. This requires submitting your receipt showing you've paid for car insurance coverage.

Note that failure to make premium payments on time could cause your insurance company to cancel your policy — and, consequently, your SR-22. This will result in the resuspension of your license.

ODOT also requests insurance verification randomly to ensureOregon's registered drivers stay insured. If you receive such a request, you will have to submit proof of insurance to ODOT within 30 days.

Reapplying for auto insurance in Oregon

The consequence that would probably be the most challenging to endure when you are convicted of driving without insurance is being labeled a high-risk driver. It can make purchasing an Oregon auto insurance policy difficult if carriers aren't willing to take the risk of covering you.

If you find yourself being denied by insurance agencies, you can purchase a policy through the Automobile Insurance Plan of Oregon.

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SR-22 Insurance

An SR-22 form is a certificate that proves you have the minimum required auto insurance. You only need an SR-22 if your state or court orders you to get one after a major driving violation.

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