Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Idaho

According to Idaho law, all drivers are required to buy a liability car insurance policy meeting the state's minimum requirements. Driving without coverage is considered an infraction or a misdemeanor. If you violate the law, you could be on the hook for a fine and fees, have your license suspended and even be sentenced to jail time.

Penalties for driving uninsured in Idaho

Idaho drivers are required to buy a car insurance policy that includes at least $25,000 for bodily injuries per person and $50,000 per accident, along with $15,000 for property damage per accident.

To monitor compliance, law enforcement officers can ask for proof of coverage at a traffic stop or confirm the status of your policy through the Idaho Transportation Department Online Insurance Verification System. If you're caught without insurance through either method, you could face penalties.

Type of penalty
First offense
Second and subsequent offenses


$75Up to $1,000
Administrative fees$56.50 totalN/A
ImprisonmentN/AUp to 6 months, or a combination of jail time and a fine
SR-22 maintenance1 year3 years
Driving privilegesLicense suspension until proof of insurance is provided for each offense

Reinstatement fee

$85 for each offense

First offense

The first time you're caught driving while uninsured in Idaho is considered a traffic infraction. You'll need to appear in court and pay a fine, a reinstatement fee and several administrative fees:

  • $75 fine
  • $85 license reinstatement fee
  • $16.50 court fee
  • $5 county justice fund fee
  • $15 police officer training fee
  • $10 technology fund fee
  • $10 administrative surcharge

The state will also suspend your driver's license until you can provide proof of coverage. To get proof of coverage, you'll need to secure a car insurance policy and have your insurer file an SR-22 form with the Idaho Transportation Department. The SR-22 must stay on file for one year.

Second and subsequent offenses

If you violate this law again within five years, it is a misdemeanor. Upon conviction, you may be required to serve jail time of up to six months, pay a fee of up to $1,000 or do both. The state will also suspend your license until you have fulfilled all of your penalties.

To get your driving privileges back, you'll need to complete your penalty period and appear in court with proof of insurance coverage. This time around, your SR-22 will need to be on file for three years. After paying the fine and $85 reinstatement fee and securing the official receipts for administrative fees, your license suspension will be lifted.

Get car insurance in Idaho after a lapse in coverage

Reapplying for auto insurance in Idaho

Drivers with a history of convictions on their driving records are, more often than not, considered high-risk drivers by insurance companies. If you're having trouble finding an Idaho car insurance policy, you can apply for coverage through the Idaho Automobile Insurance Plan.

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