American Strategic Insurance

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American Strategic Insurance (ASI) provides moderate- to high-priced homeowners insurance policies and receives poor marks in policy variety and customer service. However, it has a strong financial backing as a majority-owned subsidiary of Progressive Insurance, making it a stable, if overpriced, option.

Good for
  • Customers who want an established insurer, backed by Progressive Insurance
  • People who need other policies, like auto insurance, and can bundle them for lower rates
Bad for
  • Customers who highly value the customer service experience
  • Homeowners looking for the cheapest rates

American Strategic (ASI) Home Insurance: Our Thoughts

ASI's homeowners insurance policies are high-priced, given its fairly typical coverage, but it does provide some competitive discounts for coverage choices that can help you get a better rate.

For example, in New Mexico, you can get a 15% discount for paying your annual policy in full upfront, plus a 10% discount for maintaining a personal umbrella policy—for a combined 25% discount on the policy.

ASI also partners with auto insurance companies, including Progressive, to provide discounts for bundling your homeowners and insurance in select locations. Bundling discounts are not uncommon in homeowners insurance, but ASI separates itself with a unique single-deductible policy for your auto and home insurance bundle.

ASI operates through independent insurance agents rather than providing online quotes, although it does provide options to manage your policy or make payments online. The agent model gives customers a single point of contact, but the company has a poor customer service reputation. ASI rates poorly in customer reviews, receives an above-average number of complaints and is one of the worst performing home insurance firms with regards to customer satisfaction ratings.

Bottom Line: ASI is an established home insurance company operating in 41 states that provides customers with a traditional, agent-based service model, albeit one that has garnered poor customer service feedback. The purchase of ASI by Progressive means it's backed by a strong name, but this doesn't compensate for its shortfalls in service and price competitiveness. If you prioritize working with an established insurer and can take full advantage of ASI's various discounts, then it may be worth getting a quote from American Strategic Insurance. Otherwise, you're likely to find a cheaper policy with better customer service from its rivals.

ASI Policy Coverage and Discounts

ASI's homeowners insurance policies provide coverage options that are typical of major insurers and don't separate it from competitors. ASI's standard coverage policy includes the following.

Covered by ASI
Coverage Details
The structure of your homeCovers damage to the structure of your home in the event of a covered peril
Attached structuresCovers damage to structures attached to your home, like a garage or shed
Personal belongingsCovers damage to or theft of the contents of your home
Additional living expensesCovers the cost of staying elsewhere if your home is temporarily uninhabitable, such as room and board
Personal liability coverageProtects you and your family from lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage to others
Medical paymentsCovers medical costs in the event guests are injured on your property
Optional floaters for valuable itemsIncreased coverage can be purchased for high-value items such as jewelry or art

For example, if you're a resident of Florida and you purchase homeowners insurance with a flood endorsement, the entirety of a flood claim can be settled through ASI.

Other optional offerings include a HomeShield package and flood insurance. Homeshield broadly increases limits and coverage for many of the components of the standard policy. Flood insurance is generally not covered by homeowners insurance policies, but you can purchase National Flood Insurance Program coverage as an endorsement to your policy through ASI. This will help streamline the claims process.

ASI Home Insurance Discounts

If you own a car or can qualify as a low-risk customer, ASI provides a variety of potential discounts that can reduce premiums by as much as 55% from the base price.

Car owners are eligible for one of ASI's best perks, as they can bundle their homeowners insurance with an auto policy written with an ASI-preferred partner and become eligible for a discounted premium.

In addition, depending on your state, bundling may also include a unique single-deductible option. So if a covered peril affects both your home and vehicle, you will only pay your vehicle deductible out of pocket. Preferred partners include Progressive Home Advantage, Geico and USAA. Discounts for this bundle can vary, but a standard preferred partner discount in New Mexico would reduce your home insurance premium by approximately 10%.

ASI also offers unique discount opportunities for third-party products for water leak detection, fire protection and burglar protection. If you're purchasing ASI homeowners insurance, we recommend you examine these options as they can save you money on your home insurance premium as well. For example, ASI offers a 15% discount on leakSMART water monitoring systems, the installation of which will qualify you for a discount on your insurance premium.

Additional homeowners insurance discounts from ASI include the following.

Nonsmoker DiscountAll residents of the home must be nonsmokers.
Protective Device DiscountInstall devices such as burglar alarms and smoke detectors.
New Purchase DiscountPurchase a new home.
New Construction DiscountPurchase a recently built home.
Secured Community/Building DiscountLive in a gated home or community with extra security.
Electronic Policy DiscountElect to receive your policy documents through email.
Window/Opening Protection DiscountPurchase and install impact-resistant windows.
Paid-in-Full DiscountPay for your entire 12-month policy upfront.
Umbrella DiscountMaintain an umbrella liability policy.

The degree to which ASI's home insurance discounts will affect your premium vary depending on your situation and your location. For example, in New Mexico, the electronic policy discount is only $10, while the discount applied to paid-in-full policies is approximately 15%. However, combining the right premiums can result in substantial savings. In New Mexico, your home insurance premiums can be reduced by as much as 55% if you qualify for enough discounts.

ASI Home Insurance Quote Comparison

Get Quotes from Multiple Insurers Now

Compared to other major insurers, ASI's homeowners insurance quotes tend to range from moderate to expensive. We compared quotes for ASI with three notable competitors below: AIG, Amica and Travelers. In our sample, ASI premiums were consistently among the highest across three policy limits, trailing only Amica. If you're considering purchasing ASI insurance, you should ask your agent about utilizing some of their discounts to narrow the gap in price between competitors.

ASI home insurance quote data
ASI home insurance quote data
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We compared quotes for ASI with three notable competitors below: AIG, Amica and Travelers. In our sample, ASI premiums were consistently among the highest across three policy limits, trailing only Amica. If you're considering purchasing ASI insurance, you should ask your agent about utilizing some of their discounts to narrow the gap in price between competitors.\u003C\/p\u003E\n\n\u003Cp\u003E\u003Cdiv class=\"ShortcodeVisibility--show-large\"\u003E\n\u003Cdiv class=\"ShortcodeImage--root \" \u003E\n \u003Cdiv class=\"ShortcodeImage--image-container \"\u003E\n \u003Cimg alt=\"ASI home insurance quote data\" class=\"ShortcodeImage--image lazyload\" data-src=\"http:\/\/\/value-penguin\/image\/upload\/c_limit,dpr_1.0,f_auto,h_1600,q_auto,w_1600\/v1\/ASI-vs-competitor-rates-chart_yzx6h4\" src=\"http:\/\/\/value-penguin\/image\/upload\/c_limit,dpr_2.0,e_blur:1000,f_auto,h_1600,q_1,w_1600\/v1\/ASI-vs-competitor-rates-chart_yzx6h4\" data-srcset=\"http:\/\/\/value-penguin\/image\/upload\/c_limit,dpr_1.0,f_auto,h_1600,q_auto,w_1600\/v1\/ASI-vs-competitor-rates-chart_yzx6h4 1x, http:\/\/\/value-penguin\/image\/upload\/c_limit,dpr_2.0,f_auto,h_1600,q_auto,w_1600\/v1\/ASI-vs-competitor-rates-chart_yzx6h4 2x\"\u003E\n \u003C\/div\u003E\n\u003C\/div\u003E\n\u003C\/div\u003E\n\u003Cdiv class=\"ShortcodeVisibility--show-small\"\u003E\n\u003Cdiv class=\"ShortcodeImage--root \" \u003E\n \u003Cdiv class=\"ShortcodeImage--image-container \"\u003E\n \u003Cimg alt=\"ASI home insurance quote data\" class=\"ShortcodeImage--image lazyload\" data-src=\"http:\/\/\/value-penguin\/image\/upload\/c_limit,dpr_1.0,f_auto,h_1600,q_auto,w_1600\/v1\/ASI-vs-competitor-rates-chart-m_ckejw7\" src=\"http:\/\/\/value-penguin\/image\/upload\/c_limit,dpr_2.0,e_blur:1000,f_auto,h_1600,q_1,w_1600\/v1\/ASI-vs-competitor-rates-chart-m_ckejw7\" data-srcset=\"http:\/\/\/value-penguin\/image\/upload\/c_limit,dpr_1.0,f_auto,h_1600,q_auto,w_1600\/v1\/ASI-vs-competitor-rates-chart-m_ckejw7 1x, http:\/\/\/value-penguin\/image\/upload\/c_limit,dpr_2.0,f_auto,h_1600,q_auto,w_1600\/v1\/ASI-vs-competitor-rates-chart-m_ckejw7 2x\"\u003E\n \u003C\/div\u003E\n\u003C\/div\u003E\n\u003C\/div\u003E\u003C\/p\u003E\n\n\u003Cp\u003E","padding":"double"}

ASI Ratings and Customer Service Reviews

American Strategic Insurance ratings for customer service and policy options are generally either poor or, at best, don't stand out from the competition. Negative reviews frequently cite poor customer service relating to claim resolutions, including incidents in which ASI canceled policies prematurely, was unresponsive to claim requests or did not accurately assess damage to the home. Further, ASI's complaint ratio, compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, is 1.55 versus a national median of 1.0, suggesting an outsized frequency of customer complaints.

Below, you can see how ASI compared in J.D. Power's home insurance customer satisfaction ratings. The company underperformed or was on par with competitor homeowners insurance companies in every category.

Overall Satisfaction
Policy Offering

From a financial perspective, ASI and its affiliates, noted below, are considered to be in excellent financial condition, receiving an "A" rating from A.M. Best. The A rating is the third highest available from A.M. Best, which revised its outlook on ASI from stable to positive in 2017 following the financial and operational enhancements that Progressive has made since acquiring the insurer.

ASI Structure and Affiliates

ASI operates as a collective group of insurance subsidiaries under the parent company ARX Holding Corp., for which Progressive Corp. is a controlling shareholder. The following companies are part of the ASI group. If you are seeking homeowners insurance coverage from ASI, you may work with one of these various affiliates, depending on your location.

  • American Strategic Insurance Corp.
  • ASI Assurance Corp.
  • ASI Preferred Insurance Corp.
  • ASI Select Insurance Corp.
  • Progressive Property Insurance Company
  • ASI Select Auto Insurance Corp.
  • ASI Lloyds
  • ASI Services, Inc.
  • ASI Home Insurance Corp.
  • Sunshine Security Insurance Agency
  • ASI Underwriters
  • ASI Underwriters of Texas Inc.

Filing a Claim with ASI

Given ASI's poor customer service ratings, you should be aware of what your coverage entails and be persistent in seeking appropriate payments when filing a claim. Customer reviews of the claims process consistently mention inaccurate assessments of damage and unresponsiveness by the claims department. These experiences bely ASI's claims of a guaranteed 48-hour response rate and a 24/7 emergency claims service team. If you are an ASI policyholder, you can file your claim through the company by calling its phone number at 1-866-274-5677 or logging in to its online claims center.

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