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Alfa Insurance is a well-rounded company that provides auto insurance with a few additional perks thrown in. It has fewer than average formal complaints logged with the NAIC compared to other insurers of its size. The company's services can be accessed a number of ways: online, via an agent, or through its smartphone app. Jump directly to each section to read more.

Comparison of Alfa's Car Insurance Quotes

Sample car insurance rates in Alabama for a married 30 year old male driving a 2006 Toyota Camry with good history and driving records are presented in the table below. We've included example premiums for Alfa, along with a few other competitors, to give consumers a rough idea of what Alfa's insurance may cost.

Insurer Six-Month Sample Premium Quotes 
Nationwide $583.74 Get a Nationwide Quote
Alfa 467.65 Get an Alfa Quote
Progressive 438.33 Get a Progressive Quote
USAA 360.22 Get a USAA Quote

While sample rates from Alfa cost 25% less than those at Nationwide, there were a few cheaper alternatives, such as Progressive and USAA. USAA quoted one of the cheapest auto insurance rates in the sample survey from the state of Alabama. It's only available for military members, however. To see which companies are the cheapest in your city, please enter your zip code in the box below.

Find the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Ratings for Alfa

Alfa gets decent ratings from industry organizations and has a lower than average complaint ratio - good signs for an auto insurance company.

Metric Rating
AM Best Financial Strength Rating (2013) A
Better Business Bureau Rating (2013) N/A
NAIC Complaint Index (2012) 0.82 (Lower than Average)

Review of Alfa's Auto Insurance Policy Coverage

In addition to the standard liability coverage auto insurers provide, Alfa also throws in a few extra features automatically. Policyholders are paid up to $50 / day for each day they show up in court at Alfa's request. In the event of a theft under collision or comprehensive insurance, insureds are compensated for losses up to $200 for clothing and luggage, and up to the benefit limits for transportation expenses. There are a few other included benefits for medical payments coverage as well: a companion bed for overnight stays in hospitals, and reasonable medical and funeral services (regardless of fault, and up to specified benefit limits). Among the optional perks at Alfa are emegency road services, loss of income (up to 85% reimbursed), and loss of car use and travel expenses. 

Pros Cons
Good ratings on their financial strength, and a lower than average complaint index Coverage strongest in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia - less coverage in Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Kentucky
  Some customers complain of delays in and poor investigations during the claims resolution process

Alfa Auto Insurance Discounts

Here are three examples of discounts offerred by Alfa for their auto insurance products.

Discount Type Amount
Defensive Driver 5%
Combo Auto + Home 12%
Payment in Full or Electronic Funds Transfer $3 savings / installment

How to File a Claim with Alfa

Alfa gives customers a number of ways to report an accident and file a claim. Policyholders can call the Alfa claims office, contact their local Alfa agent, input a claim via their Alfa2go smartphone app, or submit a claim via their website.

Telephone Number: (800) 964-2532

  • Press 2 for Claims
  • Press 1 for auto glass only claims, press 2 to report an auto insurance claim for the first time
  • To provide feedback to Alfa after the call, press 1, or press 2 to decline

About Alfa Insurance

Alfa Insurance has its roots in the Alabama Farmer's Federation in 1946, when it began to sell fire insurance to its member farmers. Today, the company underwrites insurance services for a number of product lines: auto, home, life, farm, property, business, health, and dental. Alfa partners with Humana to offer health insurance in certain states, and Blue Cross Blue Shield for dental insurance. Headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, the company markets its services in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Note that its primary area of coverage consists of Alabam, Mississippi, and Georgia.

Fun Fact: The company partners with a number of local news channels to provide the Alfa Weather Camera Network to help provide customers with early warnings to prepare for severe weather.

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