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How To Buy Travel Insurance

There are several things travelers should consider before buying travel insurance, including their needs, coverages and cost. We walk you... Read More

Cruise Insurance & Fee Waiver Programs: What to Know

Cruise insurance covers trip cancellation, delays, or medical accidents and illnesses and is provided by most cruise lines and major... Read More

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance helps limit your losses when you're traveling abroad. It typically covers trip cancellation, baggage delays, passport... Read More

Best Travel Insurance Companies (2017)

We evaluated 50+ travel insurance plans in order to find the best company for different types of travellers. Click to see which companies... Read More

Average Cost of Travel Insurance (2017)

Our study showed the average cost of travel insurance in the U.S. was $148. But not all travel insurance policies are the same. Some are... Read More

What is Travel Health Insurance?

Travel health insurance (also called travel medical insurance) covers medical costs related to a policyholder’s health or an accident... Read More