Noblr Car Insurance Review

Noblr car insurance offers drivers a chance to reduce costs with safer driving habits. A lack of clarity about how monthly price changes work led to complaints.


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Do I have to be a USAA member to get Noblr insurance?

Yes, you have to qualify as a USAA member to get Noblr car insurance. USAA acquired Noblr in June 2021 and is now limiting policies to USAA members only as of September 2022. You can apply for a quote or policy on Noblr's website. Noblr will verify your USAA eligibility within two weeks of opening your policy, and your policy will be canceled if your membership can't be verified.

Noblr auto insurance offers customers rates that change by month based on driving habits. It's good for highly disciplined drivers, but those with modestly poor habits such as using a phone behind the wheel may find themselves paying higher premiums.

The company offers a smaller set of discounts than most companies. Complaints in customer reviews focused on issues with claims and customer service as well as increases in the non-fixed portion of premiums.

Good for
  • Drivers with good habits behind the wheel
  • Low-mileage drivers
  • Those who rarely face heavy traffic
Bad for
  • Drivers prone to texting or getting distracted
  • Aggressive drivers
  • Individuals with late-shift jobs

Noblr auto insurance: Flexible prices for highly diligent drivers

Noblr adjusts its prices based on how safely customers are driving. The company requires policyholders to install a phone app that tracks different aspects of how they operate behind the wheel and adjusts rates accordingly on a monthly basis.

Noblr's program can offer savings if you meet certain criteria for "good" driving. But you will have to avoid late-night driving and surface streets and be disciplined in not using a phone to get the best discounts.

The flexible part of your premium will be capped for your first six months, but not after that.

The company has a high rate of complaints, most of them focused on issues of customer service or questions about price increases linked to driving habits. In addition, Noblr’s online quote system is not particularly smooth to use and often will prompt drivers to call for quotes.

Bottom line: Noblr can potentially save you money if you are extremely on the ball about good driving. But if you have a few bad habits or want to see a consistent price every month, the company's offerings are likely not for you.

How does Noblr car insurance work?

Noblr's usage-based insurance adjusts your overall car insurance rate based on your driving habits. These habits are monitored through a phone app, so your rate can change every month.

Rates are broken down into a fixed monthly rate and a variable rate. The variable rate changes based on how you drive during a given month. For example, if you drive more late at night and use your phone more behind the wheel, you will see a bump in your rates.

Some factors that Noblr uses to gauge a policyholder's driving include:

  • Smooth driving: How hard a driver accelerates or brakes
  • Driver focus: How much or little a driver uses a phone behind the wheel
  • Road choice: If drivers use highways or city streets, as fewer accidents happen on highways
  • Time of day: Driving late (between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m) makes a driver more accident prone
  • Mileage: Driving less lowers monthly rates

In Maryland and Pennsylvania, road choice is not factored into Noblr's rates.

Noblr car insurance discounts

Noblr offers only a few discounts, mostly focused on how a policyholder pays. The company does not offer bundling, as it only sells car insurance, and does not offer multivehicle discounts, unlike most insurers.

  • New customer discount: First-time customers receive a discount
  • Pay-in-full discount: Customers paying the fixed portion of the premium up front will pay less
  • Renewal discount: Customers get a break for renewing after a six-month term
  • Referral program: Drivers can get a $25 Amazon gift card per referral

Noblr car insurance coverage

Noblr offers a basic range of coverage options, similar to what you'll find with most insurers. But the company does not offer any unusual or unique options.

The offerings are consistent across most states. The coverages offered by Noblr are:

The company only offers PIP coverage in Texas. Uninsured motorist coverage for property damage is only available in Ohio. MedPay is not available in every state where Noblr operates.

Noblr car insurance reviews and complaints

As a newer company, Noblr has a high rate of customer complaints relative to its size. The company's National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index rating was more than nine times the national average.

Complaints made to the Better Business Bureau often included problems with responsiveness to claims and with customer service. Some complaints also mentioned issues with the variable rate price, notably that customers could not understand what exactly led to a cost increase in a given month.

Noblr overall has a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The grade is for how well Noblr interacts with customers and responds to complaints.

Noblr insurance financial strength ratings and policy availability

Noblr insurance is available in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Noblr calls itself a "reciprocal exchange," which treats policyholders as the company's shareholders. Noblr refers to customers as its "members'' and charges a small membership contribution as part of premiums. Its website promises that at some point, some of the company's profits will be returned to members with a "subscriber savings account."

Noblr's credit has not been rated by AM Best. The company is backed financially by insurance companies Third Point Reinsurance and White Mountains Insurance and the hedge fund HSCM Bermuda.

The company was purchased by USAA in mid-2021. At the time of the sale, the company announced no changes for current policyholders. USAA, which only sells to members of the military, veterans and certain military family members, plans a multi-year rollout of Noblr's technology as part of its usage-based insurance offerings. No announcement was made about Noblr's plans for future offerings.


Who owns Noblr?

Noblr auto insurance was purchased by USAA in 2021. USAA aims to use Noblr's technology as part of its usage-based insurance programs.

How can I buy a Noblr policy?

Noblr policies can be purchased online or over the phone. The online quote system sometimes runs into issues and will direct a prospective customer to the phone number 877-236-6257.

How often will Noblr increase my premium?

This question will rest on how you drive in a given month. The company weighs multiple factors, including late-night driving and phone usage behind the wheel, and changes rates on a monthly basis.

What discounts does Noblr offer?

Noblr offers only a few discounts, mostly connected to prompt payment and remaining with the company when your policy is up.

In what states can I get Noblr insurance?

Noblr currently operates only in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Is Noblr trustworthy? Is it legit?

Although it is a relatively new company, having been founded in 2017 and launched services in 2019, Noblr has the backing of a pair of established insurance companies in White Mountains Insurance and Third Point Reinsurance. Co-founder Gray Tolman was CEO at Esurance, while fellow co-founder Jason Foucher was a part of building the company Metromile. Noblr wrote more than $4.6 million in policies in 2020.

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