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Mobile home insurance is optional in Florida, however, oftentimes mortgage companies will require you to get mobile home insurance as a prerequisite for a loan. Whether it's required or not, getting mobile home insurance in Florida ensures you have financial protection should your home be damaged. Mobile home insurance quotes in Florida vary among insurers, so you should compare quotes before signing up for coverage.

Do I Need Mobile Home Insurance in Florida?

Florida law doesn't require people to buy mobile homeowners insurance. However, many lending institutions will require mobile home insurance before issuing a mortgage. Furthermore, mobile home insurance is typically required if you place your home in a mobile home community or park. Therefore, while it's not a legal requirement, only people who wish to purchase a mobile home outright and place it on private property will be able to skip mobile home insurance. In either case, mobile home insurance is meant to protect against large financial losses, and it's advisable to get coverage.

Unique Considerations: Florida Mobile Home Insurance

Of all states in the U.S., Florida has had the greatest number of mainland hurricane strikes to date. Due to this, residents should be prepared to deal with flood and wind damage to their homes. A standard mobile home insurance policy doesn't offer any coverage for flood damage, so residents should consider purchasing flood insurance. A Florida law dictates that property insurance policies must include coverage for wind damage from a storm that is deemed a hurricane by the National Hurricane Center.

Mobile home insurance policies may include a deductible that is specifically for damage caused by a hurricane and is set by Florida law. In other words, if you're filing a claim due to hurricane damage, you would pay a different deductible than you would for any other claim.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance in Florida Cover?

The coverage that you receive with mobile home insurance is largely similar to the coverage offered by a homeowners insurance policy. Both forms of insurance typically provide liability protection and coverage for the structural elements of your home and your personal belongings.

Oftentimes, policyholders can customize their policies with supplemental coverage, or endorsements, for an extra cost. Additionally, most insurance companies in Florida will allow you to increase or decrease coverage limits as you see fit. Descriptions of the main coverages offered by mobile home insurance policies are provided below.

Dwelling Coverage: A mobile home insurance policy provides coverage for permanently affixed components of your mobile home. If your home's walls cave in as a result of strong winds, your mobile home insurance policy would pay to fix the damage to your home. Other features of your mobile home that are covered include your home's roof and deck.

Personal Property: This coverage protects your personal belongings from damage or theft whether the incident occurs inside or outside of your mobile home. Items that fall under personal property can include bicycles, furniture and electronics. For instance, if your TV is stolen, your mobile home insurance would provide coverage as long as you're willing to pay the deductible.

Liability Protection: This coverage keeps you protected in case you're legally liable for property damage or bodily injury. For example, if a tree on your lot falls onto a neighbor's mobile home, you'd be held liable for the damage to their home. In this scenario, your personal liability coverage would protect you against any associated costs, up to your coverage limit.

Other Structures: This coverage provides protection for structures that are on the same lot as your mobile home but not attached to it. For instance, if your detached garage is knocked over due to a covered peril, you could submit an insurance claim.

Additional Living Expense: Imagine that your mobile home is damaged to the point that you can't live in it while repairs are being made. In this instance, your policy's additional living expense coverage would provide you with financial compensation for the costs associated with living away from home, such as hotel expenses.

Mobile Home Insurance Quotes in Florida

Mobile home insurance quotes in Florida will vary depending on multiple factors, including your home's location, value, age and the coverage limit. Below, we provide a sample quote for a mobile home in Jacksonville, Florida, for varying dwelling coverage limits to showcase how different coverage limits impact your quote.

Mobile Home Insurance Quotes in Florida

Keep in mind that you might receive lower or higher rates based on the aforementioned factors. Generally, mobile home insurance is more expensive than the cost of a homeowners insurance policy in Florida for a traditional-style home. That's because mobile homes are more susceptible to damage and therefore more costly to repair.

Mobile home insurance companies in Florida often offer discounts to homeowners who install wind-resistant features to their homes. However, the best way to save money on mobile home insurance is to shop around and compare quotes. Unfortunately, shopping for mobile home insurance in Florida isn't easy. Some of the best mobile home insurance companies don't offer policies in Florida, including GEICO and Progressive. Additionally, not many companies offer quotes online, meaning you'll have to contact them by phone. To save time and money, consider contacting an independent agent in your area.

If you're having trouble finding coverage, Citizens Property Insurance is mandated by law to write you an insurance policy if no private insurance company policies are available. But customers will be ineligible to renew their policies with Citizens if they receive private-market offers for comparable coverage with premiums less than or equal to their Citizens renewal premium. Currently, Citizens has more than 450,000 mobile home insurance policies in force in Florida. Though it's difficult to compare quotes, they're guaranteed to be one of the most expensive options for mobile home insurance.

Recently, Citizens updated a few key elements of its mobile home coverages. Most notably, it now allows agents to consider the age of attached structures when providing quotes. Before this change, attached structures and the age of a mobile home were considered the same. The change allows customers to receive more favorable quotes if the structures attached to mobile home are newer than the home itself.

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