CURE Auto Insurance Review

CURE Auto Insurance Review

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CURE is an auto insurance company with a unique approach to underwriting in NJ and PA that primarily considers driving history. It's a good option to consider for drivers who may have below-average credit history, but who have minimal accidents and traffic violations on their records. Read more about CURE's coverage, rate comparisons and discounts below.


  • An excellent option for drivers with great driving history, or subprime credit history
  • Auto premiums at CURE are lower and more affordable vs. competitors on average


  • Long claims and settlement processes
  • Only available in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania

CURE Auto Insurance Rate Comparisons

Here are four sample CURE auto rates for different demographics:

Driver Profile


Married Couple, age 30 - 49


Unmarried Female, age 25


Unmarried Male, age 30


Senior Married Couple, age 65+


Our table above shows premiums comparisons for CURE Auto Insurance versus two major insurers, Geico and Allstate, and the average in the state of New Jersey. Based on this data, CURE rates are generally cheaper than the state composite in New Jersey anywhere from about 6% to 30% for single females and males, as well as senior couples. Geico and Allstate are generally cheaper across the four demographics with the exception of rates for 25-year-old single females by about.

These data points illustrate that rates for one's driver profile can vary. As a general rule of thumb, most consumers select at least three companies to compare car insurance at. For a list of the cheapest auto insurers serving your area, enter your zipcode below.

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Auto insurance policy coverage

CURE offers both a basic and standard car insurance policy for car owners and drivers. The basic policy is an affordable and lower-cost alternative to the standard car insurance policy for drivers who may find the features and coverage unnecessary.

Premiums based on driving history

CURE Auto Insurance is a unique company because it bases insurance premiums primarily on your driving history. Most insurers factor in credit score, the highest level of education attained, homeownership, and other factors to determine the risk of a driver getting into accidents. CURE, however, views this as income discrimination, and secondary to accident risks. If consumers live in NJ or PA, have great driving records, or below-average credit history or educational attainment, consider CURE. Chances are drivers with great driving histories, but lower credit scores can find better insurance here. Once drivers get into an accident, however, rates will likely jump. This is generally a universal response from most insurers, but consumers can always shop around easily online.

Most policyholders say CURE has affordable and low premiums, but survey results are mixed. In a review of sample premiums in New Jersey, we found the greatest savings at CURE to be for young unmarried females with premiums about 30% lower than the state average.

Premiums at CURE for married couples, however, were more expensive versus the state average, and more expensive than other competitors like 21st Century or Allstate. 21st Century Assurance Company quoted premiums ($2,195) 14% cheaper than CURE, and Allstate NJ Insurance Company was even cheaper at ($1,882) or 26% less. By looking at at least two other insurers, this hypothetical married couple would have been able to save money. To see which companies are offering cheap insurance in your area, type your zip code below.

Poor to average claims experience

Most customers report that the claims process with CURE involves several rounds of back and forth communication. Company representatives can be unresponsive, or uncoordinated in terms of having necessary paperwork and information in order. Several policyholders report prolonged investigation with delayed payouts, while some insureds say they're satisfied with claims being paid in full and efficiently.

The basic & standard package

Generally speaking, in the state of New Jersey, CURE offers the following coverage for their Basic Car Insurance package:

  • $5,000 Property Damage Coverage Limit
  • $15,000 PIP Medical Expense Coverage Limit
  • $10,000 Extended Medical Expense Benefits Coverage Limit
  • The Limitation on Lawsuit Threshold
  • Drivers also have the option of choosing Bodily Injury Liability Coverage (up to $10,000) and Personal Injury Protection Coverage (with various deductibles and discounts on PIP premiums)

The Standard Policy from CURE allows you to customize different levels of limits and deductibles on Bodily Injury Liability, Personal Injury Protection, Physical Damage Coverages, Collision or Comprehensive (Other-than-collision) Coverage, Towing & Labor Coverage, Extended Transportation Coverage, etc.

Insurer Ratings



AM Best Financial Rating (2013)

N/A Not Rated

Better Business Bureau Rating (2013)


Complaint Ratio per Vehicle (NJ, 2012)

1 / 53,759 (Better than Average)

CURE Auto Insurance Discounts

We've reviewed CURE's insurance filings to give you a sampling of the discounts offered to potential policyholders. Below is a list of the applicable discounts for drivers as filed in Pennsylvania. While the same discounts may be available in New Jersey we were unable to obtain the rate filings for these policies and we suggest that consumers check with CURE to verify any such availability.

Multi-Vehicle Discount15% off collision coverage
Good Driver Discount (3 years claim free)35%
Good Driver Discount (5 years claim free)40%
Garage Discount15% - 50% off comprehensive & collision coverage

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

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Good Driver Discount

CURE policyholders are eligible for a 35% good driver discount applied to Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Comprehensive, Collision, Basic First Party Benefits and Medical Expense Benefits provided they meet the following criteria:

  • All drivers on the policy have at least three years of driving experience
  • For new businesses, all rated drivers on the policy have been loss-free as well as minor and major violation-free for a period of three years immediately preceding the date of application.
  • A 40% discount is provided if rated drivers on the policy have been loss-free as well as minor and major violation-free for a period of five years immediately preceding the date of renewal and have been insured with CURE for two or more years

Parking discount

CURE Auto Insurance Policyholders are eligible for discounts on their comprehensive and collision coverage if they park their care as follows:

  • Off-Street Parking Discount: A 15% discount is afforded on vehicles that are customarily parked off-street. The discount applies to vehicles that are parked in a driveway or non-secure parking facility
  • Secure Parking Discount: A 50% discount is afforded on vehicles that are customarily kept in a garage or secure parking facility that provides 24/7 a week guard service and /or requires a security code key for entry and exit. Proof is required.

How to file a claim

You'll automatically be connected with a claims representative without having to key in any prompts. CURE claims representatives are available 24/7.

Phone Number: 800-229-9151

Customer Service

To speak to a person for general CURE customer service questions, dial 800-535-2873:

  • Press 1 if you're a current or prospective New Jersey customer
  • Press 2 if you're a current or prospective Pennsylvania customer

About CURE Auto Insurance

CURE Auto Insurance is licensed to offer auto insurance in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. CURE stands for Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange. CURE was founded in 1990 by former New Jersey Insurance Commissioner James J Sheeran and Lena Chang and is based out of Princeton, NJ. CURE is not set up as a traditional insurance company, and instead exists as a not-for-profit reciprocal exchange.

In 2012, CURE Auto Insurance wrote direct business as follows:


Business Written

New Jersey




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