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Our articles and analyses simplify credit cards. Whether you’re a student taking the first steps in building credit or a mother of two looking to refinance her card debt, we provide the resources you need to make better financial decisions.

Average Rewards Among Top 10 Cards

Cash Back

What are the best travel cards?

We combed through hundreds of credit cards to figure out what the best ones are for a variety of people. We have the list of top travel credit cards for all the different offers you may be looking for.

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Want a Credit Card for a Specific Purpose?

You can get the best value out of credit cards when you have a specific goal in mind. Whether you’re looking for pure cash back or want to earn airline miles, we culled together a list of top-notch credit cards that can serve most purposes.

Credit Scores 101

Credit scores are a three-digit-number that can decide a surprising number of aspects in your daily life. These guides can help you get a complete picture of credit scores, and everything you might want to know about them.

Credit Card Fees, Bills & Debt

Credit cards come with dozens of fees and rules governing your bill. We break down the items your monthly bill that may have you scratching your head in confusion.

Applying for a Credit Card

Credit scores are a three-digit-number that can decide a surprising number of aspects in your daily life. These guides can help you get a complete picture of credit scores, and everything you might want to Ready to apply for a credit card? Here are some things you might want to know before hitting that "Apply Now" button.

How Much In Travel Rewards Are Americans Missing Out On?

Our survey found that 59% of Americans aren't utilizing travel rewards programs. Top reasons for joining among those that do? Ability to earn rewards, special discounts and status perks.

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Credit Card News & Analysis

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What's A Good Credit Score To Have? How To Get It?

A good credit score typically ranges between 680 and 750. Read More

Average Cost of a Vacation

Vacation costs have been rising, and the number of trips taken by Americans have gone way down. A large majority of American households... Read More

EMV Chip Credit Cards In the United States

Increasingly, credit cards come with a small chip that stores your information, which is much more secure than magnetic swipe cards. Read More