The Best and Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Ohio

The Best and Cheapest Home Insurance Companies in Ohio

What kind of insurance company offers the best coverage for you as a homeowner? To answer this question in Ohio, we analyzed hundreds of rate quotes, policy details and complaint records from the state's biggest home insurers.

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Our research showed that the lowest rate for a typical home insurance policy in Ohio is just $615, but rate was just one of several variables we looked at. Here are the insurers we think offer the best combination of value and reliability for homeowners in the Buckeye State.

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How much does home insurance cost in Ohio?

The average cost of home insurance in Ohio is $1,214 per year.

We gathered quotes from ten of Ohio's most popular insurance providers from every one of the state's ZIP codes. The most expensive home insurance in Ohio is provided by Auto-Owners Insurance and Allstate. Only these options are much more expensive than the state's average of $1214, while many choices fall below this mark.

You can see the average costs of these 10 insurers here:


Compare Home Insurance Quotes from Providers in Ohio

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Average Annual Cost
Cincinnati Insurance logo
Cincinnati Financial$615
Erie logo
American Family logo
American Family$882
Grange logo
Grange Mutual$900
Nationwide logo
Farmers logo
Westfield logo
State Farm logo
State Farm$1,101
Allstate Home Insurance logo
Auto-Owners logo

Best homeowners insurance companies in Ohio

The best insurance company isn't simply the cheapest provider. Instead, it's important to find a company that has high-quality coverage at affordable prices. So, to find the best homeowners insurance provider in Ohio, we compared the average price, customer satisfaction and financial well-being of 10 of the largest insurance providers in the state. You can read the results of our extensive study to find an insurance provider that offers the right coverage for your home.

Best for most people: Cincinnati Insurance Company

Cincinnati Insurance Co. combines the cheapest price with the highest customer satisfaction.
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We found that the best insurance provider in Ohio is Cincinnati Insurance Company, which has high customer satisfaction and is by far the cheapest homeowners insurance provider in the state. The company's average price across Ohio came in at $615 for a standard HO-3 policy. This figure is about half of the state's average and more than $200 cheaper than the next lowest competitor.

If you purchase a policy through Cincinnati Insurance Company, you might be eligible for a number of discounts. You can save money on your homeowners policy if you've got good claims history, by installing anti-theft measures in your home or by bundling your homeowners insurance with other policies.

Best value for homeowners insurance: Erie

With replacement cost coverage included in its basic homeowners insurance policy, Erie is a valuable buy.
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Erie's standard homeowners insurance policy gives you the best amount of coverage for its price. Erie was the second-cheapest insurer in our analysis, with an average price of $844. Erie's standard policy comes with replacement cost coverage, while other insurers charge extra for upgrading to this type of dwelling coverage.

Replacement cost coverage is a type of dwelling protection that rebuilds your home for its value without factoring for depreciation. Standard policies usually include replacement cost coverage, meaning that you'd only be compensated the actual value of your home if it were destroyed. With this extra coverage included in Erie's standard homeowners insurance, you're able to spend money upgrading other parts of your policy if you choose.

Best customer service: Westfield

This company's high customer service scores and affordable price make it one to consider in Ohio.
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If you're an insurance shopper looking for the best customer service experience, you should consider contacting Westfield. Westfield's average cost of $1,058 is 13% below the state's average. Additionally, Westfield's score on the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s (NAIC's) complaint index indicates that the insurer receives far fewer complaints than its market share would suggest.

Westfield also has an A or "stable" ranking from A.M. Best, which measures a company's financial stability. A ranking like this means that a company has the capital to pay claims. In other words, Westfield has the ability to compensate you even if you file a claim in poor economic times or after a widespread disaster.

Best for bundling: American Family Insurance

You could be eligible for discounts if you already have another policy with American Family.
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Ready our full review of American Family Insurance

If you're thinking about purchasing homeowners insurance to go with another type of policy, you should consider American Family Insurance. You can save up to 20% on your homeowners policy and up to 30% on your auto insurance if you bundle coverages with American Family.

American Family also offers additional discounts if you have anti-theft or fire-retardant equipment in your home, like doorknob cameras and sprinkler systems. American Family's average policy is $822, which is almost 30% less than Ohio's average homeowners insurance price. The company's low average price means these discounts will grant you greater buying power to upgrade your policy.

Cost of Ohio homeowners insurance: City-by-city

We also calculated the average cost of insurance in Ohio's 50 largest cities. If you're considering a move, or if you just want to understand how your city's prices compare to the state's average, check out this table. We've also compared typical home insurance rates in other states.

Average price
Difference from average
Bowling Green$1,113-8%
Cleveland Heights$1,045-14%
Cuyahoga Falls$956-21%
Show All Rows

Insurers with the best and worst customer service in Ohio

To assess the customer service of homeowners insurance providers in Ohio, we investigated the number of complaints each company received in the NAIC's database and how each insurer scored on J.D. Power's industry evaluation.

The insurers with the best customer service are Erie, Cincinnati Insurance Company and State Farm. Although it didn't receive the number-one score from the NAIC, Cincinnati Insurance Company was the only company in our study to receive a score of 4 out of 5 from J.D. Power.

The companies with the worst customer service scores in Ohio are Grange Mutual, Farmers, Allstate and American Family Insurance. However, none of these insurance providers have complaint index scores that are above the national median of 1.0 —meaning that they still receive fewer complaints than expected for their sizes.

Complaint index (lower is better)
J.D. Power (higher is better)
A.M. Best Financial Strength
State Farm0.193/5A++
Grange Mutual0.43n/aA
Cincinnati Insurance Cos.0.174/5A+
American Family0.323/5A+
Auto-Owners Insurance0.203/5A++

Only companies with 1% market share or greater were included in this analysis. If a company had several underwriters, we combined them into one parent company

What risks affect the cost of home insurance in Ohio?

Even though Ohio isn't near any fault lines or oceans, it can experience highly destructive tornadoes and floods. As recently as Memorial Day 2019, one of Ohio's largest cities was hit by 18 tornadoes in a single evening. This storm inflicted over $1 billion of damage on Dayton as many homes were destroyed.

Fortunately, your homeowners insurance covers tornadoes and other damage caused by strong wind. However, if you're worried about replacing your home in the event that it's ever destroyed, you can always increase the limits of your coverage or upgrade to a guaranteed replacement cost policy.

If you live in Ohio, you might be at risk of experiencing flood damage. Ohio contains over 4,000 square miles of water and is bordered by Lake Erie and the Ohio River. It's estimated that 98% of Ohio's counties could be impacted by damaging flood waters, including counties that contain the state's biggest cities.

Unlike tornadoes, a normal homeowners insurance policy won't cover flood damage. You'll have to purchase a federal policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The average NFIP flood insurance policy cost Ohioans about $1,051 compared to $700 nationally.


For our study, we gathered quotes from each of Ohio's 1,400 ZIP codes. We used a sample property that was built in 1969 and measured 2,100 square feet. The home was insured to Ohio's median cost of a home, $144,200.

Quotes for this home were obtained from 10 of the largest providers in Ohio: State Farm, Allstate, Nationwide, Grange Mutual, Erie, Westfield, Cincinnati Insurance Company, American Family Insurance, Auto-Owners Insurance and Farmers. Unfortunately, we excluded Liberty Mutual and USAA from our study due to technical limitations.

We then averaged the data for the entire state and for each ZIP code. For our city-specific examination, we chose one sample ZIP for each of Ohio's 50 largest cities and calculated the average price of coverage.

ValuePenguin's analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

Editorial Note: The content of this article is based on the author’s opinions and recommendations alone. It has not been previewed, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any of our network partners.