Good2Go Auto Insurance Review: Poor Comparison Tool, Terrible Customer Reviews

Good2Go offers coverage to high-risk drivers, but even they should be wary of the company's terrible customer reviews and its underwriting partners' ability to pay claims.


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The only drivers who would benefit from Good2Go's auto insurance are those who have no other alternative due to their driving record. Good2Go's auto insurance receives a high number of negative customer reviews, and its quotes-comparison tool is inefficient. Whether you're searching for low auto insurance rates or for an insurer with great reviews, most other insurance companies would be better choices than Good2Go.


Good for
  • Anyone who is having a tough time qualifying for a policy with other auto insurance companies
Bad for
  • Someone who wants to compare quotes without solicitation from insurance companies or agents by phone or email
  • Drivers searching for an insurance company with great customer reviews
  • Anyone who isn't willing to do extra research on their specific underwriter

Good2Go auto insurance: unsatisfactory service, inefficient comparison tool

Good2Go Auto Insurance is a bit of a misnomer. The Atlanta-based company operates as a hybrid insurance agency and referral site. On the insurance side, Good2Go specializes in serving customers who are looking for minimum coverage (thus, their mascot MiniMo) and those who are considered high-risk drivers.

However, Good2Go is poorly reviewed by customers and industry experts alike, due to its unresponsive customer support team and its underwriting partners' questionable ability to pay claims. In fact, five of Good2Go's nine underwriting partners have received unfavorable ratings on their ability to meet financial obligations. For customers, this indicates that the underwriters' inability to pay policyholder claims is a valid concern. Therefore, Good2Go should only be used as a last resort, even for high-risk drivers.

To find out if they qualify for Good2Go Auto Insurance, drivers fill out a short questionnaire on the company's website. If Good2Go is unable to offer you auto insurance coverage, your information is then distributed to local agents and insurance companies. Those local agents then contact drivers with quotes based on the information that was provided on Good2Go's website.

Although the Good2Go site features a quotes comparison tool, it leaves all the legwork to the user. The tool is frustrating to use, as it forces users to re-enter all the information into the questionnaire every time they want a single quote. Having to re-enter the information defeats the purpose of using Good2Go as a comparison tool in the first place. Good2Go's rates-comparison tool might be helpful for users who are looking to receive multiple quotes on the phone or by email. However, even then, drivers will have to be comfortable with being solicited by insurance companies and agents they never directly contacted.

Bottom Line: Auto insurance is too important of a product to leave in the hands of a company with a bad track record. If an insurance company fails to pay your claim, you could be responsible for damage worth tens of thousands of dollars. Even drivers who struggle to get an auto insurance policy with other companies should consider whether they're OK with paying for unreliable coverage.

Good2Go auto insurance quotes

Good2Go's underwriting partners provide highly inconsistent rates, even when offering quotes for the same driver profile. As a result, your auto insurance rates can range from competitive to mediocre depending on which underwriter you get matched with.

The cost of coverage will vary greatly depending on not just on your history behind the road, but also which insurer you're matched with. If you're a good driver and Good2Go matches you with State Farm, you may find a competitive rate; but if they match you with The General, which tends to have very high premiums, you may have a high bill.

Good2Go auto insurance discounts

Unfortunately, Good2Go's discounts will vary since the discounts that are available to policyholders are selected by each individual underwriting company. To get an idea of the types of discounts that are available through Good2Go, prospective policyholders can read our review on Progressive Auto Insurance, one of Good2Go's underwriting partners.

Good2Go auto insurance coverage

Good2Go partners with multiple companies to provide auto insurance, meaning your coverage options will vary depending on the specific company that underwrites your policy. Good2Go's current underwriting partners include the following companies:

  • American Independent Insurance Company
  • Bankers Independent Insurance Company
  • Omni Insurance Company
  • Omni Indemnity Company
  • Personal Service Insurance Company
  • Titan Insurance
  • The General
  • Progressive
  • Infinity Auto Insurance

Most insurance companies provide a standard set of coverages to their customers, meaning that your choice of an insurance company should be selected based on other factors like rates and reviews. However, choosing an insurance company with a slightly wider selection of coverages can prove helpful in the long run. For example, if you're ever searching for coverage beyond the minimum limits, or you simply want a broader policy, you won't have to switch insurance companies to receive greater coverage.

Traditional Coverage Options Available Through Most Auto Insurance Companies

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Personal injury protection
  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage

Good2Go customer reviews, complaints and ratings

While Good2Go offers car insurance policies to most people, including those with bad driving records, in exchange for coverage, customers will have to deal with Good2Go's slow and unresponsive staff. Good2Go has a complaint index of 23.76 from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, a staggeringly bad score that means Good2Go customers are nearly 24 times more likely to complain about the service they receive than at a typical insurer. eviews indicate that the company constantly fails to communicate the status of customer claims. Furthermore, reviewers complain about the difficulty involved with getting in contact with company representatives. While it's typical for an insurance company to have a few negative reviews, Good2Go has a disproportionate number that are critical of the company.

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