Credit Card Interest Calculator

In order to help you better understand the impact of interest, we built this credit card debt calculator. Enter your the details of your outstanding balances, interest rates, and the payments you’re making into the fields below. We’ll calculate for you the total interest you can expect to pay on your current obligations. If you would like to consolidate your credit card debt, or defer paying interest, consider applying for a balance transfer credit card.



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Visualizing Your Debt Burden

To help you track how quickly your balance will be affected under your current payment plan, we graphed your progress over time below.


Credit Card Debt Calculator Methodology

Credit card interest kicks in on the remainder of your unpaid balance each month. For the above calculator, we assumed you begin with a set balance, and begin to pay it off over time. The interest for each month is equal to the periodic rate multiplied by your balance after a payment is applied.

The periodic rate varies month to month, depending on the number of days in a billing period. In order to approximate this, we divide the card APR by 12, to get a monthly periodic rate.

The interest rate is then added to the balance after payment, and carries over into the next month where the process is repeated.