Tamara E. Holmes

Tamara E. Holmes is a Washington, DC-based writer who covers personal finance, entrepreneurship and careers.

Business Owners Confident in Coronavirus Preparations

Only 39% extremely or very concerned

Coworking Space Challenges: Distractions, Noise, Lack of Privacy

Though one-third of respondents prefer this arrangement, 88% cite issues

More Consumers Prefer Electronic Tax Payments

When it comes to refunds, 74% want money via direct deposit

Workplaces Focal Point of Concern About Coronavirus

Half of employees fear open workspaces can put them at risk

Remote Work Enables Affordable Lifestyle, Housing Choices

1 in 7 workers would not be able to move without option to work remotely

Home Improvement Projects on the Rise

Homeowners plan to spend, on average, $11,473 on renovations

Consumers Not Financially Prepared for Divorce, Partner's Death

Less than half of adults have plan in place for life without their spouse

Flexible Work Options Could Boost Mental, Emotional Well-Being

95% believe remote opportunities may contribute to happiness

Most Consumers Have Already Broken Resolutions

Consumers cite being ‘too busy’ as top reason for giving up

Caregiving Duties Take Toll on Workers

23% have sacrificed advancing their careers

Workers Blending Their Personal, Business Lives

Employees doing personal tasks at work, office-related tasks at home

Nearly 25% of Millennials Who Are Saving Have At Least $100K

Younger consumers building nest eggs earlier than previous generations