Tamara E. Holmes

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Consumers Expect Long-Term Changes Due to COVID-19

Shopping behaviors, saving priorities, workplace policies likely to see long-lasting modifications

30% Intend to Give More to Charities Post COVID-19

Pandemic expected to impact organizations’ fundraising efforts

Women Accounted for Almost 60% of March Job Losses in U.S.

Those in leisure and hospitality see biggest impact amid coronavirus pandemic

58% Concerned Social Distancing May Impact Their Mental Health

4 in 5 respondents believe people won’t get services they need

Early Signs Could Preview Effect of Coronavirus on Housing Market

Decline in newly listed properties more pronounced by end of March

Pet Industry Forecast to Take 17% Hit in 2020 from Coronavirus

Consumers focusing on pet food over pet services

9 in 10 Hesitant to Shop in Brick-and-Mortar Stores Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Respondents expect to double use of online food delivery services

COVID-19 Changing How Car Buyers Shop

Some consumers looking to purchase vehicles to avoid public transportation, rideshare services

Employers Amending Benefits, Policies in Response to COVID-19

Companies addressing emotional, family toll on workers

Consumers Embracing More Ad-Supported Streaming Video

76% willing to sit through ads for free streaming video

76% of Consumers Say Pandemic Fears Driving Changes in Shopping Behavior

Consumers focusing on essential products, in-store safety

As Coronavirus Impact Spreads, More Home Sellers, Buyers Think Prices Will Fall

Younger consumers saw biggest drop in expectations