Tamara E. Holmes

New College Graduates Are Optimistics—Maybe Too Optimistic

Study shows grads’ financial expectations don’t always line up with reality

People Who Eat Out Usually Eat Out a Lot: Survey

Biggest restaurant spenders earn between $40,000 and $50,000

Most Know They Need a Will, But Few Have One: Survey

A majority say they just ‘haven’t got around’ to making a will

Future Retirees Have Unrealistic Hopes About Social Security

Survey shows most believe they can collect full benefits sooner than they can

Women’s Financial Struggles Go Beyond Just Pay Gap

Survey: Day-to-day living, long-term saving more challenging for women than men

Lack of Knowledge Hampering Electric Vehicle Sales

Consumers showing interest, but not signing on the dotted line

Consumers More Satisfied with No Annual Fee Cards

But younger generations more open to a fee in exchange for rewards

Consumers With Job-Based Health Insurance Still Struggle With Costs

Meeting high deductibles among the biggest challenges

Americans Spend $18,000 Per Year on Non-Essentials

Yet more than a third say retirement, life insurance unaffordable

Shopper’s Guilt Plagues Half of Americans: Survey

But a 23% discount could be the perfect antidote

Study Sheds Light on True Costs of Homeownership

Maintenance and home improvements cost homeowners thousands per year

Small-Business Owners Confident on Revenue, but Less Upbeat on Economy

Entrepreneurs worry about health care and politics, but they’re still bullish on their businesses