Robert Carnevale

Identity Theft Is Very Common, But Few Expect It: Survey

Card fraud, identity theft and other similar crimes strike millennials especially hard.

Personal Finance Courses Help Students Get Better College Funding, Study Finds

Research suggests financial literacy can lead to more grants and lower-cost borrowing.

Fraud Alert: Spoofed DHS Phone Numbers Used to Extort Money from Victims

Scammers are using bogus caller IDs and fake emails to get cash and information from the unsuspecting.

Most Student Loan Borrowers Fear Refinancing: Survey

Many with student debt worry about getting locked out of government programs.

Mortgage Delinquency Rate Hits 18-Year Low

Strong economy helps home loans, but student loans remain a problem.

Survey: Millennials’ Non-Essential Spending Outpaces Gen X and Baby Boomers

They say family, friends, boredom, advertising and social media are to blame

Study: Financial Fraud of Seniors Widespread and Increasing

A new CFPB analysis shows financial exploitation of seniors quadrupled from 2013-2017

Survey: LGBTQ Adults Have More Anxiety and Negative Feelings About Their Finances

LGBTQ respondents say they feel more unsure about money matters than heterosexuals

Americans’ Optimism About Financial Future Hits Highest Level Since 1998

Upbeat survey results come despite recently slow growth for wages.

Record Numbers of Americans Behind on Their Car Loans

Despite the strong labor market, Americans can’t keep up with their car loan payments.

Millennials Now Hold Largest Value of New Home Loans

Younger cohort overtakes Gen X, boomers, but still struggles with heavy debt.

Student Loan Delinquencies Surge to Record Highs

But the effect of student defaults may be milder than last decade’s subprime mortgage crisis.