Joe Resendiz

Joe is a Research Analyst at ValuePenguin, focusing on credit cards and the payments industry. He previously specialized in public sector and infrastructure financing at Goldman Sachs.

American Express Partners with GreenSky for Alternative Payments and Financing

A newly announced partnership with GreenSky means American Express can now offer financing at the register.

Facebook Seeking Financial Information On Its Users

The social media giant is requesting financial information about customers from several major banks.

Discover Eliminates Price Protection

Discover's cardholders see another card benefit get slashed just a few months after losing numerous other benefits.

Credit Card Fees at the Forefront as Kroger Contemplates Expanding Visa Ban

Kroger customers may have to think twice about what card they use next time they're at the supermarket.

Credit Card Users Can Protect Themselves Against Uber's 'Vomit Fraud'

Uber's "vomit fraud" can be avoided, provided you're willing to initiate a credit card chargeback.

Using Cash at the Pump May Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Cash may be on the way out at gasoline stations across the nation in favor of digital payments.

Digital Payments Are Key for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

A recent survey conducted by Visa hints that digital payments continue to be critical for small and medium sized-businesses.

Mastercard Patent Suggests Credit Card Company May Move Into Cryptocurrency

The credit card giant may be looking for a way to create synergies between fiat and cryptocurrency transactions.

JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America Figures Hint at Consumer Credit Card Debt Problems

Big banks are giving up on trying to collect credit card debt from Americans at a higher rate than last year.

Walmart Considering Moving from Synchrony to Capital One, Increasing Competition with Amazon

The world's biggest retailer may shift its co-branded credit card business in an industry-defining move.

New Biometric Card Hits the Market—But Will It Protect Consumer Identities?

A biometric credit card will soon be available to consumers, leading existing credit card users to ask whether this is the answer to the...

L.L. Bean Cuts Ties With Barclays and Visa

The Freeport, Maine, clothing and apparel company ends its relationship with Barclays and Visa.