Daniel Caughill

Daniel is a Staff Writer at ValuePenguin, covering insurance, retirement and other personal finance topics. He previously wrote about compliance and best practices for K-12 school districts at Frontline Education.

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The rate of hot-car deaths among children remains the same despite an increase in awareness.

Surprise! Now You Can Add Life Insurance to Your Baby Registry

A new baby registry cash fund aims to make it easier for new parents to get life insurance—through family and friends.

One (Surprising) Thing Life Insurance Covers: Getting Your Brain Cryogenically Frozen

This isn't a sci-fi movie plot. Cryogenics promises a second chance at life—and some people are using life insurance to make it happen.

Poll: Americans are pessimistic about retirement

46% of nonretirees believe they won't have enough money in retirement. But are they right?

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After disproportionate media coverage of a few AV accidents, 2018 saw a spike in the distrust of self-driving cars. Should manufacturers be...