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ValuePenguin compared auto insurance quotes in Georgia to give the Peach State's 6.5 million licensed drivers a sense of average rates by city and company. The study was based on the sample profile of a single 30 year old male and 65 year old male driving a 2010 Toyota Camry across thirty cities.

Based on sample data, the average cost of car insurance in Georgia was $1,304 for a year. That rate can be quite different from city to city, and indeed, from insurer to insurer, however. Within the same city – Atlanta, for example – annual rates at the most expensive company were $2,766 pricier than the cheapest insurer in our review. The city of Atlanta ranked as the most expensive in the Peach State with an annual average cost of $1,575 – nearly $500 costlier than Valdosta, the cheapest. For these reasons, as a rule of thumb, we always advise that consumers shop around and compare quotes from at least three companies before selecting an insurer. Enter your zip code below for a list of cheap insurers in your area to start comparison shopping.

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Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Georgia

For cheap auto insurance in Georgia, start with quotes from GEICO, Auto-Owners, and Country Financial. These three companies had the lowest auto insurance costs across the thirty cities we analyzed in Georgia of $809 – that is $495 or 38% cheaper per year than the $1,304 charged by the average insurer in Georgia.  GEICO, in particular, ranked with the cheapest rates across all thirty of our cities surveyed. Note that USAA aactually ranked as the second cheapest in Georgia, but it is a specialty insurer that only covers members of the military and their families. If we add in USAA, Encompass, Allstate, and Central Mutual to our three cheapest companies above, the mean annual premium would be $964 for auto insurance, which is 26% less than the statewide average.

This graph below shows the average annual cost across the thirty cities in Georgia for single 30 and 65 year old males at each company. Your actual quotes will differ depending on the drivers insured, the vehicles driven, traffic / accident records, and where you live, etc. For more specific results, type your zip code below for a list of companies to begin comparison shopping.

This graph lists the names and average costs for seven of the cheapest insurers in Georgia

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Cheap Car Insurance in Georgia: by City

Because car insurance is highly dependent on where a driver lives, drives, and parks their car, we took a look at costs for a selection of thirty cities in Georgia. In alphabetical order, this table lists the three cheapest auto insurance companies and average rates in each city. 

GEICO’s rates came in as the lowest across all thirty cities we surveyed. Note that USAA typically ranked within the cheapest 2nd – 4th spots, but we’ve excluded them from the list to be applicable to the broader audience of civilian drivers in Georgia. 

City Cheapest Auto Insurers Annual Premium
Albany GEICO $600
Auto-Owners 798
Country 888
Albany Average 1,206
Alpharetta GEICO 642
Country 894
Auto-Owners 960
Alpharetta Average 1,350
Americus GEICO 678
Auto-Owners 786
Country 840
Americus Average 1,235
Athens GEICO 552
Auto-Owners 786
Country 810
Athens Average 1,220
Atlanta GEICO 840
Country 1,008
Encompass 1,104
Atlanta Average 1,575
Augusta GEICO 684
Auto-Owners 876
Country 918
Augusta Average 1,268
Brunswick GEICO 624
Auto-Owners 774
Country 834
Brunswick Average 1,193
Carrollton GEICO 672
Auto-Owners 876
Country 876
Carrollton Average 1,324
Clayton GEICO 630
Auto-Owners 876
Country 900
Clayton Average 1,290
Columbus GEICO 648
Auto-Owners 900
Country 942
Columbus Average 1,336
Conyers GEICO 726
Auto-Owners 918
Country 918
Conyers Average 1,347
Covington GEICO 744
Country 810
Auto-Owners 834
Covington Average 1,291
Cumming GEICO 588
Auto-Owners 894
Country 900
Cumming Average 1,264
Dawsonville GEICO 588
Auto-Owners 876
Country 900
Dawsonville Average 1,290
Douglasville GEICO 732
Auto-Owners 924
Country 972
Douglasville Average 1,390
Dunwoody GEICO 648
Country 894
Auto-Owners 924
Dunwoody Average 1,388
East Point GEICO 798
Country 1,008
Auto-Owners 1,122
East Point Average 1,557
Gainesville GEICO 648
Auto-Owners 864
Country 876
Gainesville Average 1,284
Hinesville GEICO 624
Auto-Owners 786
Country 834
Hinesville Average 1,215
Jefferson GEICO 624
Auto-Owners 786
Country 810
Jefferson Average 1,258
Macon GEICO 708
Auto-Owners 918
Country 954
Macon Average 1,357
Marietta GEICO 672
Country 882
Auto-Owners 942
Marietta Average 1,360
McDonough GEICO 756
Auto-Owners 852
Country 864
McDonough Average 1,318
Milledgeville GEICO 708
Auto-Owners 810
Country 888
Milledgeville Average 1,291
Newnan GEICO 672
Auto-Owners 816
Country 876
Newnan Average 1,267
Rome GEICO 636
Auto-Owners 828
Country 864
Rome Average 1,285
Savannah GEICO 732
Auto-Owners 864
Country 888
Savannah Average 1,299
Statesboro GEICO 624
Auto-Owners 816
Country 834
Statesboro Average 1,238
Valdosta GEICO 516
Auto-Owners 786
Country 810
Valdosta Average 1,105
Winder GEICO 660
Country 918
Auto-Owners 942
Winder Average 1,322

Atlanta, GA

Georgia’s largest city, Atlanta is home to about 444,000 residents, and two famous destinations: the world’s largest aquarium, the World of Coca Cola. The Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers, and Braves sports team call this city home as well. Auto insurance rates in Atlanta were the most expensive in the state of Georgia – no surprise given the city's large population, reputation for traffic, and crime rates.

The average cost of car insurance in Atlanta is $1,575 a year. That’s about $271 or 21% higher than the overall average for car insurance in the state of Georgia, and $470 or 43% costlier than Valdosta, the cheapest city in our study. A single 30 year old man with a good driving record can pay in the mid-1600s at the typical insurer in Atlanta, while a 65 year old man can see lower rates in the low-1500s. To give you an idea of the range of auto insurance cost here, the cheapest company, GEICO, had an annual premium of $840, while the most expensive insurer quoted an annual rate of $3,606. Put another way, the most expensive company would have covered 4 years of liability protection at a cheaper company for the same amount. 

Cheap car insurance in Atlanta isn’t difficult to find, however. The three companies with the lowest auto insurance costs in Atlanta are GEICO, Country, and Encompass (excluding USAA, which only insures the armed forces and their family members). Civilian drivers can see annual prices of about $984 across these three companies, which represents a 38% decrease from the citywide cost.

This graph charts and compares the average prices for the five cheapest companies in Atlanta against the citywide average, with GEICO, USAA, and Country ranking in the top three cheapest spots

Augusta, GA

Known as the Garden City, Augusta was named after the Princess Augusta of Saxe Gota when it was established in 1735. Today, the city hosts golf pros at the Masters Tournament each year at the Augusta National Club.

Augusta has affordable car insurance too. Despite being the second largest city in Georgia with 198,000 people, its auto insurance costs are middle of the road for the state. Annual premiums can cost on average $1,268, which are just 3% lower than the state average. Additionally, costs in Augusta are about 19% cheaper than its larger sister, Atlanta. The cheapest auto insurance companies in Augusta are GEICO, USAA, and Auto-Owners. Since USAA only covers military personnel and their relatives, we’ll add a third company: Country Financial. Between the three general insurance companies, the mean premium is $826, a 35% discount to what the average insurer charges in Augusta. In comparison, the most expensive company in Augusta would charge our sample drivers on average $2,772 a year.

This graph shows which companies in Augusta have the lowest costs for auto insurance

Columbus, GA

Located in the heart of the Chattahoochee Valley in Muscogee County, Columbus is Georgia’s third largest city. Its lands are crisscrossed with five major highways, including Interstate 185 and Route 80, which is great for commuters and getting around. It’s conveniently located for a number of road trips delving into Civil War history and old presidential haunts.

With a bit of research, cheap car insurance in Columbus, GA can be had. Drivers here can pay about $1,336 to insure their cars a year – this rate is just 3% higher than the average city in Georgia. Compared to its neighbor Atlanta, Columbus is about 15% cheaper for a driver to insure his car in. The top five cheapest companies to get liability coverage at are GEICO, USAA, Auto-Owners, Country Financial, and Allstate. Between the three lowest cost insurers for civilians (USAA is military-only), the average cost is $830 a year, or 38% lower versus the typical company in Columbus. Comparatively, the most expensive company in Columbus would have charged our sample drivers $2,754, which would have paid for about three years of auto insurance at one of the cheaper companies.

This chart ranks the five companies in Columbus that had the cheapest annual premiums for auto insurance in our analysis

Savannah, GA

Savannah is the oldest city in the Peach State, and has been celebrated for its beautiful public squares, Victorian houses, and Spanish moss covered oak trees. Residents here can enjoy a leisurely drive along the Island Expressways to Tybee Island whenever they’re looking for a change of scenery. 

Drivers searching for low cost auto insurance in Savannah should know that the average cost for insuring a car in the city is $1,299 a year. Compared to the state average, driving in Savannah costs just $5 less, and much better than in Atlanta, where auto insurance costs are about 21% more. The most affordable companies to insure a car in Savannah are GEICO, Auto-Owners, and Country, with Encompass as a fourth option. Among the first three insurers, drivers can pay about $828 in annual premiums to provide liability coverage for their vehicles – that’s 36% cheaper compared to the fifteen-company composite in the Savannah. Military personnel and their families should also include USAA in the mix when they’re looking for quotes, since the company’s premiums actually ranked second lowest in the city.

This graph highlights the five companies in Savannah that had the lowest annual car insurance rates

Athens, GA

Athens is home to the University of Georgia and 115,000 residents. Football season here is always an eagerly anticipated time as 93,000 fans file in to Sanford Stadium, the 10th largest stadium in the NCAA, to support the Georgia Bulldogs and their mascot, Uga. 

For one of the five largest cities in Georgia, Athens has the fifth cheapest car insurance rates in the state. Car insurance here is 6% cheaper than the state average at $1,220 per year. The most expensive company in Athens was a little over $2,000 higher in cost compared to the cheapest company, which underscores the need for consumers to shop and compare quotes from different insurers before purchasing a policy. Consider starting a quote with GEICO, which we found to be the cheapest company in Athens for car insurance, and include Auto-Owners and Country as well. Among these three cheap insurers, it costs $716 a year to insure your car. Getting a quote at one of these companies can save Athens drivers 41% on average compared to the citywide driver.

This graph shows the five cheapest companies, along with their rates, for auto insurance in Athens, GA

Macon, GA

Macon is the county seat of Bibb County, and the effective geographic center of the Peach State. Along the way, it has acquired nicknames such as the Heart of Georgia, and the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World. Four colleges and universities call this city on the Ocmulgee River home: Mercer University, Wesleyan College, Central Georgia Technical University, and Middle Georgia State College.

Macon has the sixth highest rates in the state with annual costs of $1,357. Auto insurance for a single 30 year old male driver was at the higher end, averaging in the low-1400s across the fifteen companies we got quotes from. On the other hand, single senior men could see rates in the high-1200s in Macon. In aggregate, yearly premiums are just 4% above the state average, but 14% less than what drivers would have to pay if they lived in Atlanta. 

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Macon? The answer would be GEICO, USAA (but only for members of the armed forces), Auto-Owners, Country, and Encompass. And how much would annual premiums be? Among the three general insurers (excluding USAA), the mean cost is $860 a year, or 37% cheaper than the typical insurer underwriting in the city.

This graph shows which companies in Macon, GA have the cheapest auto insurance rates

Albany, GA

Located on the banks of Flint River in Dougherty County, Albany is home to 77,000 residents. It’s the site of Radium Springs, Georgia’s largest natural spring, and one of the Seven Wonders of the Peach State. The Georgia State Route 300 and Interstate 75 are the two primary highways here, making it easy for commuters to drive around in the city and the state.

Auto insurance costs in Albany are cheaper than the typical city in Georgia. It costs $1,206 for the average driver to insure their car in Albany, which is 7% cheaper than the state mean. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Albany, we suggest including GEICO, Auto-Owners, and Country (plus USAA, if you’re a service member in the military or related to one). The first three companies charge single 30 and 65 year old men on average $762 a year for vehicle insurance - $444 less than the citywide average. 

This column graph shows which companies in Albany, GA have the lowest annual premiums for car insurance

Alpharetta, GA

Alpharetta is anchored in the west by Wills Park, an equestrian center, and Lake Windward to the east. Every year, the town hosts a number of community events for its residents that include: the Mayor’s Challenge race, and the Old Soldier’s Day Parade. 

The town’s 62,000 residents can see average car insurance costs of $1,350, a tad more expensive than the state average of $1,304. Compared to other Fulton County neighbors such as Atlanta and East Point, Alpharetta rates are 14% cheaper. Comparison shopping yields GEICO, Country Financial, and Auto-Owners as the top three cheapest companies in Alpharetta for car insurance. With an average cost of $832, these three companies cost $518 or 38% less than the typical insurer underwriting in Alpharetta. If you’re a member of the armed forces, or a relative of one, then you should also consider USAA. Encompass rounds out the top five affordable companies in Alpharetta.

This graph shows the five insurers with the cheapest cost of car insurance in Alpharetta, GA

Marietta, GA

Measuring 23 square miles in size, the city of Marietta has six historic districts, and a quaint town square. The Earl Smith Strand Theatre and the Marietta Players keep the performing arts scene active for the city’s 58,000 residents. 

For low cost auto insurance in Marietta, GEICO, Country, and Auto-Owners were the three cheapest companies for general commuters. Among these three, the mean cost was $832 a year for liability coverage. That comes out to 39% cheaper than the overall city average of $1,360. In Marietta, the typical unmarried thirty-year old man (civilian) can pay something in the low-1400s to insure his automobile, but he could save up to 54% by switching to GEICO, or 40% by insuring with Auto-Owners, the second cheapest company. Keep in mind that these figures are based on our sample driver with good credit and no accidents or violations within the past five years – so your quotes will be different. Typical costs in Marietta for similar driver just 35 years older run in the high-1200s. Quotes from GEICO could save this senior citizen 47%, or 36% from Country Financial, his second cheapest option. Veterans in Marietta can also consider USAA, which was the third cheapest company for the single 65 year old male.

This graph shows which five companies have the most affordable annual premiums for vehicle liability protection in Marietta, GA

Valdosta, GA

Valdosta was the cheapest city in our study based on auto insurance costs in Georgia. Established as Lowndes County’s county seat in 1837, the city was initially situated four miles north of its current location. Four miles south and some two hundred years later, Valdosta is now home to 58,000 residents, and three National Register Historic Districts.

$1,105 is the average annual premium for car insurance in Valdosta. That’s 15% lower than the average city in Georgia, and 30% more affordable compared to what Atlanta drivers pay. To save even further, consider getting quotes from GEICO, USAA (if you’re current or former military), Auto-Owners, Country Financial, and Central Mutual – five of the cheapest car insurers in Valdosta. Among these five companies, the average yearly cost of $742 was a third lower than what the typical insurer charged in the city.

This chart ranks and compares companies in Valdosta, GA based on their auto insurance costs

East Point, GA

The city of East Point was named after its location as the easternmost terminus for the Atlanta & West Point Railroad. Its measures 14 square miles in size, and is bordered to the north by Fort McPherson, and to the southeast by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. 36,000 people call this city home. 

Drivers here can pay on average $1,557 a year to insure their vehicles. This ranks the city as the second most expensive in our analysis and 19% costlier than the Georgia average. Annual premiums from individual insurers range nearly $3,000 from $798 at the cheapest company to $3,606 for a year of liability coverage. Based on our data, the lowest-cost insurers in East Point are GEICO, USAA (military only), Country Financial, Auto-Owners, and Encompass. These five companies charge on average $1,014, which comes out to a 35% discount to the citywide average.

This graph shows that the five cheapest companies for car insurance in East Point, GA are GEICO, USAA, Country, Auto-Owners, and Encompass

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Georgia

To determine which companies were the best, we looked at the financial strength ratings and the justified complaint index for ten companies. These two factors were chosen as measures of the company's ability to pay out claims (as measured by AM Best), and how few justified complaints they received relative to other competitors (as collected by the NAIC). We then indexed and calculated a rating for each company (the lower numbers, the better). Here are the companies ranked.

Based on these metrics, Southern Farm Bureau, State Farm, and GEICO are the best companies. GEICO consistently turned up in our analysis as the cheapest company in Georgia. If price is a factor in your consideration, add this company in your quote comparison shopping.

Rank Company AM Best NAIC Complaint* Rating*
1 Southern Farm Bureau A+ 0.16 0.57
2 State Farm A++ 0.43 0.62
3 GEICO A++ 0.61 0.76
4 USAA A++ 0.75 0.84
5 Allstate A+ 0.58 0.88
6 Encompass A+ 0.84 1.08
7 California Casualty A- 0.78 1.19
8 Farmers Insurance A 0.82 1.33
9 MetLife A 0.87 1.40
10 Liberty Mutual A 0.98 1.49

* The lower the numerical value, the better the company performs relative to others insurers

Cost of Car Insurance in Georgia: by City

At a statewide level, the average cost we found was $1,304 a year on average based on a single 30 year old male and 65 year old male with safe driving records. Depending on where drivers live and park their car, however, there will be variation. Here's how much it costs on average to insure a car in Georgia by city:

This graph shows the average annual premium in thirty of Georgia's largest cities, from the cheapest (Valdosta) to the costliest (Atlanta)

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Traditional vs. New Added-On

While uninsured and underinsured ("UM/UIM") coverage is optional in Georgia, drivers here have an option to expand their coverage. It's known as New / Added-on to At-Fault Liability. 

If you want greater peace of mind and don't mind paying about 2% extra on top of your annual premium, then consider picking the new added-on version of UM/UIM.

What's the difference between traditional and the new add-on UM/UIM?

When you have Traditional or Reduced by At-Fault Liability UM/UIM, your insurance steps in to pay remaining damages up to your policy's limits. With the new Added-On to At-Fault Liability option, your protection is greater, since your coverage gets increased dollar for dollar by your limts.

Let's say for example that you carry $100k of UM/UIM, and you're rear-ended by a driver who is insured for $50k. Total damages equal $125,000. Under Traditional, or Reduced By At-Fault Liability, the other driver's insurance company would pay for the first $50k of damages, and your insurance pays the difference up to your $100k coverage, which is $50k. That leaves you with $25k that doesn't get reimbursed.

On the other hand, if you have the new added-on option, your total protection equals your liability limits plus the other driver's limit. In the example above, you get $50k from the other insurance company, and your own insurer pays the remaining $75k.

  Traditional New Added-On
Your Limits $100,000 $100,000
Other Driver's Limits 50,000 50,000
Your Maximum Coverage 100,000 150,000
Total Damages 125,000 125,000
Total Reimbursed by Companies 100,000 125,000
Unpaid Damages 25,000 0

How We Conducted the Study

We obtained sample quotes for a selection of thirty cities in Georgia, including the largest five urban cities by population. Our sample drivers consisted of single 30 year old male and a single 65 year old male living and driving in Georgia. They have good credit histories and clean driving records - no traffic violations or accidents for the past five years. He drives a 2010 Toyota Camry 4-door sedan about 12,000 miles a year mainly to commute to work. 

The data in our study is based on a car insurance policy with the below parameters. These limits and deductibles are higher than the minimum you'll need to drive in Georgia (listed in the last column).

Coverage Type Liability Limits Georgia Minimum
Bodily Injury $50,000 / $100,000 $25,000 / $50,000
Property Damage $50,000 $25,000
UM/UIM Bodily Injury $50,000 / $100,000 Optional
UM/UIM Property Damage $50,000 Optional
Comprehensive & Collision deductible $500 Optional

These annual premiums are for informational purposes only. The quotes you'll get from insurers will be different based on your individual driving record, preferred liability limits, vehicle type, and other factors.