About Us

ValuePenguin focuses on providing high quality resources to help consumers understand the topics they're interested in. Whether its building visual tools to explain data or publishing in-depth research our goal is to provide objective analysis to help guide you to the best decision. 

In the process of developing our research, we focus on Value, assessing whether the return of a particular purchase or decision is worth the cost or risk of that option, and how this stacks up with the other possible choices you may have.

Our Team

Headshot of Jonathan Wu 

Jonathan Wu - CEO

Jonathan is a graduate of Columbia University with a degree in Computer Science. He previously worked in the financial services industry, including at hedge funds such as Avenue Capital Group, before founding ValuePenguin. 

Headshot of Ting Pen 

Ting Pen - Co-founder

Ting graduated from Georgetown University with a background in Accounting and Finance. Before founding ValuePenguin, she was a financial analyst at Citigroup evaluating corporate mergers & acquisitions. 


Brian Quinn - Co-founder

Prior to founding ValuePenguin, Brian worked in the financial services industry as an Associate at NASDAQ OMX and a Risk Analyst at Avenue Capital Group. Brian is a graduate of the University of Dayton, where he studied Finance and Accounting.


Areas Of Coverage


Read about the impending healthcare policy changes scheduled to be implemented under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act come January 2014. Health insurance companies are currently submitting medical insurance rate filings to state departments of insurance for approval, and we've created a few tools that preview the proposed rates under consideration on these health insurance exchanges. Get an estimate of what health insurance you can expect, along with subsidies, if any, on a state-by-state basis for an under the PPACA. Read more about how subsidies are calculated.

Auto Insurance

There are roughly 244 million registered vehicles in the United States, and auto insurance is a decision that affects all of them. ValuePenguin.com has produced guides covering the different types of auto insurance liabilities, as well as detailed reviews and assessments of car insurance companies.


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