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A significant, but largely unnoted, portion in the cost of car insurance is where a driver and his car are located. To quantify how much auto insurance rates can range based solely on where motorists live, the team of analysts at ValuePenguin compared auto insurance quotes in West Virginia to see which cities had the best rates, and which cities were the most expensive. We used as our benchmark...Read more

The cost of car insurance in Louisiana ranks it among the top ten most expensive states in the nation, but individual drivers' rates don't have to be that costly. Our research analysts compared two sample drivers' quotes across 40 cities and towns to identify where drivers could find the cheapest auto insurance rates in Louisiana. Depending on the provider, car insurance quotes for our sample...Read more

For those who know it well, Laredo is named the “Gateway City” for being the main port of entry into Mexico. Its development since 1755 is a true testimony to the railway boom as well as city planning; these two defining events contributed to its urbanization. The arrival of the railway system in 1881 connected the city with its Mexican counterpart Nuevo Laredo across the Rio Grande. Today, four...Read more

Drivers in Stockton pay some of California's higher rates for auto insurance, according to our state level study. It does not come as a surprise that as the state’s 13th largest city by population, California’s Sunrise Seaport – Stockton – ranked among the more expensive cities for auto insurance. A cost study, however, reveals a more nuanced story. We took a 31 year-old married man as a sample...Read more