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Altering Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system has been a hot issue in the state for some time. Recently approved changes to the state’s insurance law has garnered the attention of those in opposition and support of a no-fault auto insurance system. The Michigan Senate Insurance Committee voted 5-3 Wednesday in favor of Senate Bill 248 , making several changes to the state’s no-fault...

SafeAuto, previously a pure direct-to-customers non-standard auto insurance provider, will also be selling auto insurance policies through agents for the first time ever since it was founded in 1993. A Columbus, Ohio based private insurance company, Safe Auto Insurance Company specializes in offering car insurance at state-required minimum limits to drivers who are either having difficulties...

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Prior to partaking in peer-to-peer car sharing as a renter or owner, ponder coverage issues carefully Own an auto that’s predominantly remains parked and need some extra cash? Eager to rent some wheels for less without having to head to a faraway airport? You could be a prime candidate for car sharing—the increasingly popular peer-to-peer (P2P) practice whereby a person rents out their privately...Read more

Coverage matters to consider before becoming a rideshare driver or passenger With dollars stretched tight in the current economy and jobs remaining scarce for many, it’s little wonder why more Americans are seeking creative ways to earn a wage today. One avenue for extra revenue is to join the rideshare bandwagon, whereby you use your own car and driving skills, at times of your choice, to...Read more

Distracted driving is a major cause of most car accidents, and distractions caused by cell phone usage is a growing concern as mobile devices become more important in our lives. The team of analysts at ValuePenguin recently conducted a survey to learn more about cell phone usage behind the wheel. Cell phone usage refers to using apps, emails, texting, or gaming while driving, but not taking calls...Read more

What does the car insurance picture look like in Modesto, the largest city in Stanislaus County? Based on our California car insurance rates study , the city was 4% more expensive compared to the statewide average. For our 34-year old married profile driver, basic-coverage auto insurance policy in Modesto would cost $1,535 a year. When we analyzed the city by neighborhoods, average rates for auto...Read more