Auto Insurance

The city of Wichita is the capital of Kansas, as well as its largest city and the most populated urban area. It is popularly known as “The Air Capital of the World”, for the multiple major aircraft manufacturing companies located in Wichita, some since the 1920s. Aircraft manufacturing is still the largest industry in the city today. Wichita has economic ties to four neighboring counties and all...Read more
Known for its blend of urban activities and outdoor recreation, the city of Boise is popular with many families and tourists in Idaho. Boise has a population of about 206,000, and with almost 80 square miles of land area, is the largest and most populated city in Idaho. It is estimated that more than 80% of Boise residents commute to work by car. As many commuters may be aware, the city has one...Read more
The cost of car insurance varies quite widely depending on where a driver lives and parks his or her vehicle, and this is certainly the case for drivers in Nevada. For example, a driver living in the suburb of Las Vegas can pay up to $959, or 95% more compared to a commuter in a town in Northern Nevada based on our analysis. The analysts at ValuePenguin conducted a study of car insurance quotes...Read more
The cost of auto insurance can vary widely depending on where a driver lives and parks their vehicle, and that's no different for Kansans. It's an important component of the cost of living in each city, and drivers in the Sunflower State might be surprised to know their rates can vary by as much as 33% based solely on where they live. That's one of the highlights from a recent analysis conducted...Read more
Depending on where drivers live in Utah, the cost of auto insurance can range by up to 20%, according to our analysis. Our team of analysts reviewed car insurance quotes for two sample drivers, and used that to benchmark costs across 30 cities in the Beehive State. Based on our profiled drivers, we found that the average annual premium for auto insurance in Utah is $991. We also found out which...Read more
As in real estate, location is a major factor when it comes to how auto insurance costs are determined by providers. This is the case in the Big Sky Country too, as a study by analysts at ValuePenguin shows. The team at ValuePenguin analyzed auto insurance quotes across 35+ cities in Montana for two typical drivers as a benchmark, and compared those rates across the locations to figure out how...Read more
Location is one of the main factors behind how the cost of auto insurance is calculated, and that's the case for Iowa too. To measure how much costs differ across Iowa's cities and towns, the analysts at ValuePenguin crunched the numbers in a comprehensive study using the average rate for two typical drivers as a benchmark. Our analysis found that premiums average $828 per year for our drivers in...Read more
One of the most significant factors in determining a driver's cost of car insurance is where they live and garage their car, and the Sooner State is no exception. The team of analysts at ValuePenguin compared auto insurance quotes for two typical drivers across fifty cities in Oklahoma to quantify how costs changed based on location. Using this benchmark, our analysis found that the average...Read more
One of the major variables in the cost of car insurance is location: where a driver lives and parks their car influences the rates they see. This holds true in Vermont as well, according to an analysis conducted by the team of analysts at ValuePenguin. We used auto insurance quotes for two sample drivers as a benchmark, and compared their costs in 34 cities in the state. The study found that the...Read more
Location plays a large role in determining a driver's auto insurance costs - rates can vary widely for the same motorist simply based on where he or she lives in Rhode Island. In order to measure the difference in costs due to geography, the team at ValuePenguin analyzed auto insurance rates across thirty cities in the Ocean State for two sample drivers. With these drivers' rates as a benchmark,...Read more