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Where can you find the cheapest car insurance in New Mexico? The team of analysts at Value Penguin pulled the rates for drivers in New Mexico and found that the average annual cost for the state is relatively low, around $995 annually. Depending on where motorists live in New Mexico, rates vary around the mean by approximately 12%, with the lowest cost being $879 and the highest being $1,101...Read more
Which cities have the most affordable car insurance in Kentucky? Our team of analysts dug through rate data across 91 cities in the Bluegrass State to determine the average cost. The state ranks 20th in the nation for most expensive insurance, with an average annual cost of $1,444. Premiums vary by about a thousand dollars between the cheapest and the most expensive cities. Covington takes the...Read more
Connecticut ranks as the 12th most expensive state in the nation for auto insurance, but within the state, there are local variations depending on where drivers live. So where is the cheapest auto insurance in Connecticut, and which cities in the Constitution State have the worst rates? Our team of analysts pored over annual car insurance rates across 69 cities and 18 insurers to find out. The...Read more
ValuePenguin’s auto insurance analysts reviewed the average annual costs for auto insurance across Wyoming, and found some interesting facts about costs across the different cities. The analysis is based on comparisons of several major auto insurance companies underwriting in the 35 most populated cities in the Equality State. Overall, as the least populous and second least densely populated...Read more
What’s the average cost for car insurance in Minnesota and which cities have the best or the worst costs here? The team of analysts at ValuePenguin reviewed annual premiums across more than 100 cities and 18 insurers in Minnesota to answer these questions. The analysis revealed that on average, drivers in the Land of 10,000 Lakes can see annual premiums of $1,152, ranging from the lower end of $1...Read more reviewed auto insurance premiums across the state of New York to determine the average cost of car insurance by city and identify the cheapest and most expensive cities. The analysis covered 105 cities and 16 auto insurance companies in the Empire State, and showed that costs differed significantly depending on where drivers lived. While the average annual cost to insure a car in...Read more
One of the oldest cities in the country and the largest in Massachusetts, Boston is a city teeming with history and tradition. Although the city's residents utilize Beantown's highly-effective mass transit system (the "T") many citizens still find themselves behind the wheel of their car on a daily basis. Because of this, our analysts wanted to assess which neighborhoods in Boston had the most...Read more
In a recent analysis by the team of analysts here at, we compared car insurance data across 71 cities in Wisconsin to find the best rates at the most affordable companies. Based on our research, we determined that the average annual cost for car insurance in the state was $733 – but this changes drastically based on which city you’re driving in, and what companies you get quotes...Read more
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The largest city in the state of Kentucky, Louisville is called home by more than 550,000 Kentuckians. The city is also home to many world famous institutions such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Kentucky Derby, and the Louisville Slugger baseball bat company. With our analysis of car insurance premiums in Louisville we wanted to show people how much these rates can vary within a city and not just...Read more
The capital and largest city in Oklahoma, OKC is home to over 600,000 residents which makes it the 27th biggest city in the entire US. For our 2014 analysis of the car insurance rates throughout Oklahoma City we wanted to look at the discrepancy between insurance premiums in different parts of town. Below you'll find what the average prices are in different areas and who offered the best rates...Read more