Health Insurance

According to Gallup’s most recent data , the uninsured rate among adults dropped to 12.9%, the lowest in recent memory, on the back of the Affordable Care Act's push for coverage. Today’s uninsured rates are down 4.2 percentage points compared to last year, when the percentage of the United States adult population that was uninsured stood at 17.1%. This is also a slight improvement over the third...Read more

For Obamacare enrollees who have quit or reduced their smoking habits in the last year, there may be an opportunity to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on health insurance this year. Reductions in your tobacco habits could save you as much as 33% on your premiums equating to thousands of dollars over the course of the year. Unfortunately, many existing enrollees may not be aware that...Read more

In public filings with health insurance regulators in a number of states, UnitedHealthcare part of UnitedHealth Group ( NYSE:UNH ) has shown an increased interest in participating in the Obamacare exchanges for 2015. In 2014, the insurer only participated in a few state marketplaces including: Maryland , New York , and Colorado . The largest health carrier in the United States, UnitedHealthcare...Read more

One of the big fears for health insurers competing on the Obamacare Exchanges was the potential that a bad health makeup of enrollees would end up hurting the insurers. The first batch of rate filings in the state of Colorado appears to signal that at least for for Wellpoint ( NYSE: WLP ), one of the largest public participants in the exchanges, these worries may have been overblown. Filings...Read more

Yesterday Colorado's Division of Insurance released the first batch of health insurance rate filings with the premium rate change requests insurers are making for plans on the Colorado Exchange. While these rate requests are not final the numbers are a useful indicator of what the carriers have been seeing in costs and what they're thinking in terms of premiums going forward. Company Lives...Read more

Even though the 2014 open enrollment period feels like it just closed, insurers in many states are already preparing for next year. With the next enrollment period only months away, the insurance companies already need to begin submitting changes to plan premiums and benefits to the appropriate regulatory bodies. We examined filings in Washington and Virginia to see what the companies were...Read more

With the first open enrollment period in the books, what's next for the Affordable Care Act? While media coverage of Obamacare has focused on how much the plans cost or how many people have signed up, the real impact of the law is the long-term effects of small changes that haven't really taken effect yet. Tech issues with the exchange rollout pushed back many of the opportunities to change...Read more

The administration is set to announce that insurance companies can extend the period where they offer plans that do not meet Obamacare’s essential health benefits, extending by two years the potential availability of non compliant plans. Fears that these delays will adversely affect the insurance pools and the insurance carriers have probably been overstated. The new deadline will probably do...Read more

On Tuesday both the president and The Department of Health and Human Services announced that 4 million people had selected a private insurance plan through the federal and state health insurance exchanges. Ultimately the question both the insurance carriers and the government are grappling with, is if the exchange are offering health insurance of compelling value at a price that is affordable to...Read more

The CBO has projected that by 2016 an additional 22 million people will find some form of Health Insurance Coverage through the Affordable Care Act's Health Insurance Marketplaces. In each state multiple insurers are competing for the opportunity to capture the new consumer base that has opened up through Obamacare's tax subsidies. At full enrollment the Affordable Care Act could bring the...Read more