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HSAs offer excellent financial benefits, but not many people are eligible for them according to IRS rules. The vast majority of high deductible health plans don't apply, based on 2016 exchange plans. Here we'll discuss why most HDHP aren't eligible, and why it matters if you can't have an HSA.

A Health Savings Account can save you tons of money on health, dental, vision, hearing and disability expenses that aren't typically covered by insurance.

A state healthcare exchange with more than 80,000 participants will likely close as soon as the end of this year. In a Dec. 30 letter to Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the Secretary of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin announced the intention of the state to shut down its healthcare exchange. The letter was not a surprise. Bevin was sworn in as governor on Dec. 8,...

Some 166,000 people who get their health insurance through the New York State Exchange are receiving surprise letters informing them that their coverage through the state’s coop Health Republic will end on November 30th, not December 31st as was previously announced. To stay covered, they need to choose a new plan by November 15th. It will start December 1st. But plan deductibles and other costs...

Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans (or co-ops) continue to falter and fold with the open enrollment period just around the corner. Out of 23 co-ops created by the Affordable Care Act to offer competitive health insurance plans, nine have failed or announced they will not offer policies in 2016.