Which Cities Have the Cheapest Car Insurance in Massachusetts?

ValuePenguin reviewed auto insurance rates in Massachusetts to provide the state’s 4.7 million drivers with cost data by city. We analyzed rates for 7 different driver profiles from 35 insurers and 179 cities to present the cheapest and most expensive cities, as well as the blended cost in each city.

Based on survey data, the average cost of car insurance in Massachusetts is $1,347, from Lunenburg, a town of 10,100 residents, to Boston, a city of 618,000. Annual premiums ranged from $1,015 at the low end to $2,350 at the high end – a variance of 132%. 

Cheapest Cities for Auto Insurance in Massachusetts

The cheapest cities in the Bay State tend to have several factors in common. They cluster just outside of Boston within the Metrowest and Merrimack Valley region in Middlesex and Norfolk counties. These locations are generally home to smaller populations (less than 30,000) and have lower population density. Here are the cheapest places in Massachusetts with more than 10,000 residents: 

Nantucket, MA

Coming in at 1st place as the Best City for Auto Insurance in Massachusetts is Nantucket, a nationally designated historic seaport town located about forty miles off the coast of Massachusetts. This town of 10,200 had the lowest rates in our study of $1,015, which was 25% less than the state average.

Sudbury, MA

Second on our list is Sudbury, MA, which was recently named the safest town in Massachusetts to live in by GetLocalMA due to its low crime rate. Annual premiums here are just a few dollars more expensive than Nantucket at $1,026 for auto insurance. 

Concord, MA

The town of Concord has witnessed a number of significant events, from the first shot “heard round the world” at the start of the Revolutionary War to the creation of the Concord grape. Drivers looking to insure their vehicles here can see rates on average of $1,029 a year.

Westford, MA

The average cost of car insurance in Westford is $1,036 a year, just 23% below the state average. This rate ranks this town of 22,000 residents as the third cheapest city in Middlesex County in our study, and the fourth cheapest statewide.

Pepperell, MA

Just 15 miles away from Westford and a few dollars more expensive is the town of Pepperell, which rounds out our list of the five best cities in Massachusetts for auto insurance. The 11,500 residents here pay on average annual premiums of $1,039 to cover their automobiles.

The Rest of the List

Here are half of the cities in Massachusetts (population > 10,000) with the lowest cost of auto insurance.

This graph ranks cities in Massachusetts with a population greater than 10,000 from the cheapest, Nantucket, to the midpoint

City of Boston, MA

Our analysis found the average auto insurance cost in Boston to be $1,933 a year, which places the blended cost as the 8th most expensive in the Bay State, tucked between Springfield and Randolph. Costs tend to be high in Boston due to a combination of factors, including its higher than average population and population density, as well as crime rate. It is the largest city in the state, has the fourth highest population density, and a citywide crime rate that is three times the state average.

This figure factors in ten neighborhoods in the city from Hyde Park in the south up to Charleston in the north. Costs ranged from a low of $1,581 in the West Roxbury to $2,350 in Roxbury. The three most expensive areas in Boston (and Massachusetts) are Roxbury, Dorchester, and Charlestown.

Here are the neighborhoods in Boston from the lowest cost of car insurance (West Roxbury) to the highest (Roxbury) 

Most Expensive Cities for Auto Insurance in Massachusetts

The most expensive cities in Massachusetts tend to be larger and more densely populated cities with higher than average crime rates. For the most part, they’re clustered near the Boston metro area and enveloped between the I-95 / Yankee Division Highway, and the shore. 

Surprisingly, Boston did not rank as the most expensive city in the state, as the cost of insurance varied widely by neighborhood, and helped to smooth out the blended average. Note that if the neighborhood samples from Boston had been treated as standalone cities, Roxbury, Dorchester, and Charlestown would rank as the top three most expensive in the state. 

Brockton, MA

Brockton ranks as the most expensive city in the Bay State based on auto insurance costs. Drivers in this city of 94,000 pay $2,125 a year to insure their car for liability protection, and 58% higher than the Commonwealth’s average.

Chelsea, MA

With an average cost of $2,117, Chelsea is the second most expensive city for auto insurance. Located just four miles away from Central Boston, Chelsea is the second densest city, and has the highest per capita rate of violate crime in the Commonwealth.

Revere, MA

Named after the Revolutionary War patriot Paul Revere, this city is also home to one of the oldest continuous public beaches. Annual premiums for auto insurance here are $2,107, or 56% above the overall state average.

Lynn, MA

Located about ten miles from Boston in Essex County is Lynn, a city of 90,300 residents. It is the site of the second largest municipal park in the nation, and the fourth most expensive city for car insurance in Massachusetts. Drivers here shell out $2,031 to cover their cars for insurance a year.

Everett, MA

Rounding out our top five most expensive cities in Massachusetts is Everett with annual costs of $1,964. It has hosted and been the setting for shows and movies such as 2013’s Boston’s Finest and 2007’s Gone Baby Gone.

The Rest of the List

Here are the remaining cities in Massachusetts (population > 10,000) from our study ranked from most expensive to the midpoint.

This graph ranks cities in Massachusetts with a population greater than 10,000 from the most expensive cheapest, Brockton, to the midpoint 


We analyzed data from the Division of Insurance in Massachusetts for 179 cities that covered a breadth of locations ranging from just above 10,000 people in size to Boston's 600,000 residents. Included in the study were sample annual premiums from 35 companies, from ACE to Vermont Mutual. Seven kinds of driver situations were represented, including single adults of various years of driving experience, three married couples, and a married couple with a teenaged driver. Rates were pulled for policies covering the minimum liability limits per Massachusetts law up to 100/300/100 for married couples. 

Driver (years of license) Bodily Injury, Uninsured, Underinsured Property Damage Personal Injury Optional
Single, 6 $20,000/$40,000 $25,000 $8,000 N/A
Single, 14 20,000/40,000 25,000 8,000 N/A
Single, 20 100,000/300,000 100,000 8,000 500 deductible for collision & comprehensive, $30pd/$900 transportation
Married, 50 & 52 100,000/300,000 100,000 8,000 500 deductible for collision & comprehensive, $30pd/$900 transportation
Married, two cars, 12 & 14 35,000/80,000 50,000 8,000 500 deductible for comprehensive
Married, two cars, 22 & 24 100,000/300,000 100,000 8,000 500 deductible for collision & comprehensive, $30pd/$900 transportation
Married, teenager, two cars, 1, 22 & 24 100,000/300,000 100,000 8,000 500 deductible for collision & comprehensive, $30pd/$900 transportation