Which Cities Have the Cheapest Car Insurance in Colorado?

ValuePenguin.com conducted a study of auto insurance rates in the state of Colorado to benchmark the average cost of car insurance in each city and identify the least and most expensive cities. The results of our study show that costs can vary almost 50% from the cheapest to the most expensive city in our study - where readers live significantly influences their costs. Across the seventy plus cities in the analysis, the average statewide cost was $1,186 a year, or almost $100 a month. To see where your city ranks, take a look at the results of the study.

Cities with the Cheapest Car Insurance in Colorado

On average, drivers in the cheapest cities for car insurance in Colorado pay $1,039 a year, or about $87 a month. Living and driving in these places save residents 12% compared to the state average. In general, these communities were located in the middle north of the state, in Larimer County, Boulder County, and Weld County.

Fort Collins, CO

At the top of our cities with the cheapest car insurance is Fort Collins. It’s a university town – home to Colorado State University, to be specific – with a population of 144,000 located near the Rocky Mountains. Auto insurance here costs $1,002, which is 16% lower than the state average.

Loveland, CO

Known as the Sweetheart City, Loveland is the second cheapest on our list in Colorado. Like Fort Collins, the city is one of the top three most populous in Larimer County. It is centrally located and accessible to larger cities and colleges such as Boulder, Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado at Greeley, and Colorado University at Boulder. Great news for these commuters: the cost of car insurance here is $1,026 a year, about 14% cheaper than the Colorado average.

LaPorte, CO

The annual cost of auto insurance in LaPorte is $1,046, which is the third lowest cost on our list. LaPorte was the site of the first European settlement in Larimer County, and began as a hunting and fur-trapping community. It is home to approximately 2,700 residents, which makes it the smallest city on our top ten cheapest list in terms of population.

Windsor, CO

Fourth on our list is Windsor, a town with roots in wheat production and sugar beet harvesting. Today, out of the 19,000 residents, those who drive pay $1,059 a year on average to insure their cars, which is 11% lower than the state average. 

Longmont, CO

Located in the St. Vrain Valley, Longmont is named after Long’s Peak, a towering 14,000 foot mountain nearby. The city is the first in Boulder County with a grid plan for its streets – great for drivers navigating the city. It rounds out our list of the five cheapest cities in Colorado for car insurance with costs of $89 a month, or $1,064 a year.

Most Expensive Cities in Colorado

Four out of the five cities on our most expensive list are within range of Denver, the largest city in Colorado. On this end of the spectrum, the annual cost of car insurance is $1,382 on average – that’s about 17% more than the state average. 

Denver, CO

Denver is the most expensive city for car insurance on our list with an average cost 27% higher than the state average. Auto insurance for Denver drivers can cost $1,510 a year. Nicknamed the Mile High City, Denver is situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains some 5,300 feet above sea level. It is home to more than 600,000 residents, the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, the Colorado Avalanche, and the Denver Nuggets.

Pueblo, CO

Pueblo, the seventh largest city in Colorado with 107,000 residents, is our second most expensive city for auto insurance. The annual cost of auto insurance for the city’s drivers is $1,369, which is 15% costlier than the state average. The city is nicknamed the “City of Heroes” for producing a number of Medal of Honor recipients. 

Bailey, CO

The third most expensive spot on our list has the lowest population among our Top Five of 8,000 residents. That’s Bailey, a community located in the northeast of Park County. Auto insurance in this rustic mountain town is 13% higher than the state average at $1,346 a year.

Aurora, CO

Just a dollar more less than Bailey is Aurora, the fourth most expensive city for auto insurance in Colorado. Drivers in Aurora can pay $1,345 a year to insure their vehicles. With a population of 325,000, Aurora is the third most populous city in the Centennial State. The Buckley Air Force Base, which is Aurora’s largest employer, is located in Aurora.

Commerce City, CO

Rounding out our list of the five most expensive cities for car insurance in Colorado is Commerce City. Located in Adams County, Commerce City is home to 46,000 denizens, and is just seven miles away from Denver. It can cost $1,340 a year for a driver to insure his car in Commerce City.

Cost of Car Insurance in Colorado: Averages by City

From Fort Collins to Denver, below is a graph ranking cities from those with the lowest costs to the highest costs. The list is anchored by two of the Centennial State's most populous cities, and represents a sample size that is 66% of the overall state population. Across these seventy plus cities, the mean annual cost of car insurance is $1,186. A slight majority of the cities - 53% to be exact - had average rates that were lower than the state average, while 47% tended towards the more expensive half.

This graph ranks cities in Colorado based on their car insurance, from the cheapest in Fort Collins to the most expensive in Denver

How We Conducted the Study

We based our study on the auto insurance rates for a 30 year old male driving in seventy six cities in Colorado. He owns his own home and drives a 2010 Toyota Camry (base sedan) about 12,000 miles a year to and from work for the most part. He has had a clean driving and traffic record for the past five years and a good credit history as well.

The rates are based on roughly twice the insurance coverage mandated by the state of Colorado. Colorado requires auto insurance with a minimum of bodily injury protection of $25,000 per person up to $50,000 per accident, and $15,000 for property damage per accident. Included in our study are fifteen national insurers such as GEICO, Progressive, and State Farm.

  Colorado Required Minimum Study Limits
Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) $25,000 per person, and $50,000 per person, and
  up to $50,000 per accident up to $100,000 per accident
Property Damage $15,000 per accident $25,000
Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist BIL Optional $50,000 per person, and
    up to $100,000 per accident
Collision / Comprehensive Deductible Optional $500