Wyndham Rewards Program: How to Get the Best Value

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The Wyndham Rewards program is one of the most popular hotel rewards programs, and one of the easiest and most straightforward compared to loyalty programs from competing hotel brands. From booking free nights to obtaining frequent flyer miles, you have a number of options to save through the use of your points. Based on our research, we found the overall average value of the Wyndham point to be 0.6 cents . However, depending on the redemption, that value can rise to as high as 3.40 cents per point to as low as 0.29 cents per point.

Value of Wyndham Rewards by Redemption Type

There are four main ways you can redeem Wyndham rewards for: hotel reservations, booking airline tickets, gift cards and transferring to airline partners for miles. Below you will find, in descending order, the redemptions that get you the most value per point to the least.


Value per point (cents)

Highest Priced Hotels in Major Cities


Median Priced Hotels in Major Cities


Booking Airline Tickets


Gift Cards


Lowest Priced Hotels in Major Cities


Mile Transfers


As you can see, not all redemptions for rewards, or even hotel nights, are created equal. For more information on the pros, cons, and math behind each of these:

Hotel Reservations

Wyndham offers over 7,000 hotels through its 14 brands making it one of the most encompassing hotel networks in the world. What makes the Wyndham program so different from other hotel rewards programs is the flat 15,000 points for a free night across all categories of hotels. As opposed to Marriott, Starwood, and IHG, which increase the amount of points needed for higher category hotels, Wyndham will allow you to spend 15,000 points for any hotel, be it the most luxurious or most budget-minded hotel around.Due to the nature of the flat 15,000 per night rate, the value you get will fluctuate based on the different cities you redeem in, as well as the cost of a night's stay at the property. We explored the rates for free nights throughout major cities in the U.S and abroad obtaining the average price per night in each and calculated where you will get the most value per point.

Location of Property

Average PriceAverage Point Value (cents)

Los Angeles


New York City




New Orleans














Of the seven domestic and three international cities we studied, we found the average for reservations to be $96 or 0.64 cents per point. However because of the flat 15,000 point redemption, you will get a much higher value for your points by booking in more expensive cities at more expensive hotels. For example the average value for New York City properties is $0.009 or 0.90 cents per point, 0.26 cents higher than the worldwide average.The average highest price our research identified in these cities is $213/night or 1.42 cents per point,but in other places such as Los Angeles you can get a hotel that normally costs $510 a night, giving your points a value of 3.43 cents. You should be aware, though, that there are only a handful of high-tier hotels per city and they may fill up fast. Additionally, it may be more beneficial to book a lower-tier hotel to capitalize on Wyndham's cash + points option. In a handful of hotels in every city, you will be given the option to use only 3,000 points plus cash to make up the difference for the reservation. We find this to be a generally good deal so long as the cash required is less than $75 (which is mostly the case for lower-tier hotels).

For example, you can pay $85 for a night’s stay in a Wyndham hotel in LA, or redeem rewards for a free night using 3,000 points and paying $45. The question then becomes whether redeeming 3,000 points is worth saving $40 on the cost of that night. To figure this out, you can divide the 3,000 points required by the $40 savings, for a point value of 1.3, which means your points go a lot further in this scenario.Put another way, if you divide the average value for a Wyndham Point, 0.60cents into the $45 dollars, you will get 7,500 points, essentially making this reservation worth 10,500 points. That's a discount to the 15,000 points that would have been required to redeem the free night otherwise.

Another example, in Boston, a room costs $179 but can be redeemed for 3,000 points and $150. This is a less than optimal because the $150 is worth 25,000 points. Generally speaking, if they are asking for more than $75, pay the 15,000 points instead. Essentially for all cases,you should strive to surpass 0.64 cents/point for hotel reservations specifically, or 0.6 cents overall. Anything below is a bad deal.

Where are Wyndham Properties Located?


Wyndham and all of its brands is one of the most accessible hotel chains in the world. The United States has a Wyndham in every major city and most minor ones making this program great for domestic travellers. Internationally, there are more Wyndham properties than Starwood or Marriott. This is particularly true in South America, where frequent visitors will find much more value in this program than other hotel rewards programs. The only region that is less served by Wyndham compared to other hotel chains is Africa, where only six Wyndham properties are located throughout the entire continent (none of which are in South Africa or Egypt).

Wyndham also boasts several branches within its network around the world. Below you can see which hotels are a part of the Wyndham family.


Number of Properties



Days Inn






Howard Johnson


Knights Inn






Super 8








Wyndham Garden


Wyndham Grand


Wyndham Hotels and Resorts


Travel Redemptions

Wyndham points can also be used to either book air travel directly through their portal, or transferred for miles to 14 different airline partners. Of the two, booking directly through Wyndham is the better value. Below we sampled a few itineraries from JFK where we obtained an average point value of 0.43 cents.

American Airlines Trip

PricePoints RequiredValue (cents)







The number of points and price may vary, but on average are 0.43 cents per/point. It may be difficult to find something higher than 0.55 cents which is the maximum we found (although we would encourage you to explore all possible options if you have a flight in mind). Starwood and Marriott offer airline ticket bookings at around the same points value as well. Compared to the potential of a free night stay however, this is not a good redemption. If you do opt for this, we implore you to check that you are getting at least a points value of over 0.43 cents, if value maximization is important to you.

As for miles transfer, there is a flat, five points for one mile rate, with a minimum of 6,000 points for 1,200 miles being needed to redeem. Generally, airline miles are valued between 1 cents and 2 cents, thus at an average value of 0.60 cents, you would be trading 3¢ worth of points (5 points x 0.006) for between 1 cents and 2 cents worth of miles - a poor deal. Recall how we said above that you should strive for your points to be worth greater than 0.60 cents per point. As you can see below, transferring for miles will devalue your points below that line.


Ratio (min points: 6,000; 16,000; 30,000)Devalued Wyndham Point (cents)

Alaska Airlines


Hawaiian airlines


China Southern




American Airlines




Air Berlin


Air China


Czech Airlines


Qatar Airways


US Airways


China Eastern


Saudi Arabian Airlines




We would only recommend using this redemption option if you absolutely must book a flight or travel somewhere. The savings you will make on a hotel room however should convince you that you should probably never make this redemption.

Bottom Line

Great Redemption

Reservations for hotels ordinarily more than $213/night (1.42 cents per point) were the maximum values we found for Wyndham Rewards points. There is usually at least one of these properties in every major city, and thus should be the property you choose if there are available rooms for the best value.

Good Redemption

Reservations for hotels ordinarily more than $105/ night (0.64 cents per point ) are the next best deal to get with your points. Many times the high-end hotel in the city you are booking in will be filled and thus you may need to settle for a cheaper hotel; just try to make sure you are getting above 0.64 cents per point. You could also get a good redemption by settling for a lower tier hotel and utilizing the points + cash option; just remember to keep the cash below the $75 level.

Bad Redemptions

Hotel Reservations that typically cost less than $105/night (0.64 cents per point) are one of the lowest value redemption you can make. If that is the only option available to you, by all means go for it. But if you are booking a low tier hotel, without the points + cash option, it's going to be a suboptimal use of points considering you can be booking a higher tier hotel for the same amount of points. The other bad redemptions are: airline ticket bookings (0.43 cents per point), gift cards (0.40 cents per point), and Miles transfer (0.30 per point).

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