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Looking for the top pet blogs on the internet? ValuePenguin presents a curated selection of the top pet blogs from different parts of the online pet world: dogs, cats, food, etc. These favorite pet blogs have been chosen for their fun, informative, creative, and interesting blog content. These blogs cover training tips, sewing DIY projects for your furry animal, animal fashion, general fun and companionship, and health. This isn't just your average blog of animal pictures (as great as those are); these blogs will serve up a side of brain power and knowledge too!

In no particular order, ValuePenguin presents our Top Blogs of 2013 for your reading pleasure.

The Elka Almanac

Doberman Pinscher smiles for the camera

Here's one of my favorite ones. The Elka Almanac chronicles the adventures of Jen and Elka, a Doberman pinscher, in companionship and canine behavioral training. Elka already has the traditional commands of "sit", "stay", and "down", in addition to some awesome ones like testify!, and "move your butt". Elka is one special dog with a talent for sneakily eating bananas and looking classy in photos!

Sew Doggy Style

Chihuahua dressed in a poncho

Blog writer Erika Lindquist is a sewing genius, and her puppy Chihuahua, Sebastian, is one seriously lucky dog! Just yesterday, he got a Candy Crush-inspired color bomb squeak dog toy, in addition to all the other crafty creations Erika dreams up and shares on Sew Doggy Style. Such is the life of a dog. He is pictured here solemnly contemplating Cinco de Mayo and looking regally fabulous in Erika's poncho.

My Brown Newfies Me

Newfoundland dog

My Brown Newfies is a blog written by Jennifer about life with her two pet Newfoundland dogs, Sherman and Leroy. Their family life is shared with the rest of the world in a very engaging and natural voice...such as the time that Leroy inadvertently jumped into Jennifer, and other pool news.

Doggie Buddy

a small white dog dressed in a blue shirt

Doggie Buddy aims to provide quality content about canines to pet parents. The blog covers a variety of topics, such as advice on protecting your pet in the summer heat, understanding normal weight guidelines for your furry pooch, or sharing the 14 most poisonous objects known to dogs. Definitely a destination for helpful and informative information on living with a dog.

Sheba's Life Story

Dogue de Bordeaux and Rottweiler mix sleeps on couch

This is a blog written by Ian in the voice of Sheba, a beautiful golden brown Dogue de Bordeaux and Rottweiler mix. She welcomes readers into her home, which is shared with feline siblings Coco and Cody and doting parents. This blog covers the peaceful everyday life as a dog, and informative canine health, and history. You can see Sheba here enjoying a nap, bum to bum, with her cat sister.

Come Wag Along

Come Wag Along is a blog about the life and times of Simba, a one-year old miniature schnauzer, dog fashion, and canine fun. He was named after the Lion King, his pet mother Kia's favorite childhood movie, and in reading their blog, it sure sounds like he is the King of the blog and Kia's Castle! Need some tips on ways to help your dog exercise? Simba and Kia have you covered.

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