Resources for Entrepreneurs & Startups

Quick Access to Startup Resources

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate—from dealing with day-to-day operations to long-term business planning. We've put together together this page to point you to helpful resources created by our analysts and writers.

Before You Start

Up and Coming Tech Hubs

We compiled a list of emerging tech hubs based on the concentration and growth of tech jobs as well as tech patents filed. A tech hub location won't necessarily guarantee success but close proximity to business partners and vendors can certainly help. You can find our full list of top up and coming tech hubs here.

1Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV
2San Diego-Carlsbad, CA
3Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA
4Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI
5Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

Best Industries for Startups

We took a look at the performance of various industries in the United States to find which ones are performing best. While it's helpful to have a working knowledge of the health of various industries before starting your business, it won't be a guaranteed success if you start a business in a growing industry. You can find our full study here.

1Professional, scientific and technical services
2Administrative support, waste management, and remediation services
5Transportation and warehousing

During Operations

Financing Your Business

Starting your own business can be tough and no matter what you do, your business will require funding. If you can, bootstrapping of financing your venture on your own is likely going to be the cheapest option. However, a lot of people can't finance their ideas on their own and need external help for financing. No matter what industry your business is in or model you follow, working capital will likely be required.

While most entrepreneurs immediately think of venture capital when they hear startup financing, venture capital funding is actually exceedingly rare. Small-business loans, business line of credit, and other forms of debt financing are far more common, and often cheaper than venture capital.

Helpful Guides

Lowest APR's by Product

Bank loans
SBA 7(a) loans
Online term loans
Lines of credit

Learn More

Interviews with Startups and Lenders

We interviewed several key players in the startup space including startups, lenders, and non-profits geared towards helping businesses launch. These interviews address common problems and solutions, issues pertaining to startups, and more.

Additional Resources for Entrepreneurs

Our startup and small-business experts combed the web for the most useful resources for aspiring entrepreneurs.

CourseraPlatform for online courses, including ones on entrepreneurship
UdemyAnother platform with a large collection of online courses
edXPlatform for free online courses for entrepreneurs with tight budgets
Masters of Scale (Podcast)Listen to lessons from successful entrepreneurs, as they describe how they grew their respective companies
Startup PodcastA podcast that follows several businesses through the process of launching
The PitchAnother podcast where you listen to ventures pitch their ideas to four investors; similar to "Shark Tank" but without the TV drama
SiteGuruA free SEO tool that performs a health check on your site's SEO status
MozAnother service that helps analyze the SEO performance of a page or domain
SBAThe government arm geared toward helping small businesses and startups; provides financing and educational resources
SCOREA nonprofit organization that is entirely focused on helping startups and small businesses
America's Small Business Development CentersAnother organization that provides in-person educational and mentoring services for startups
ClarityA platform to connect with experts who are knowledgeable in fields outside your domain of expertise
Young Entrepreneur CouncilA professional network of global entrepreneurs with a specific focus on mobile ventures
StrategyzerA site that gives you a template to build a business model canvas, which is a helpful internal and external resource
userinput.ioA service that collects feedback on your website or idea from real people
Global Accelerator NetworkA network of dozens of accelerators located across the globe
My Tweet AlertsA tool that allows you to create a customizable list of tweets to get alerts about, allowing you to closely monitor specific topics and what the public market is talking about
PlanableA visual project management tool for planning social media campaigns
Help a Reporter Out (HARO)A platform where reporters submit various queries to talk to experts on a daily basis, providing an easy channel to promote your startup
Mindnet AnalyticsA tool that crawls the web and shows you where your business is being mentioned