District of Columbia Health Insurance Exchange: DC Health Link

{"countyOptions":[{"label":"District of Columbia","value":11001}],"endpoint":"\/ppaca\/calculate\/dc","query":{"state":"dc","year":2019,"countyCode":11001,"income":35000},"plans":[],"exchangeSummary":{"exchangeName":"DC Health Link","exchangeType":"State","exchangeWebsite":"https:\/\/dchealthlink.com\/","issuers":["CareFirst BlueChoice Inc."]},"ratingSummary":{"stateName":"District of Columbia","ratingAreas":[{"county":"District of Columbia","ratingArea":1,"zip":200}],"description":"Under the Affordable Care Act each state has submitted a plan to divide up the areas of the state into locations called rating areas. When insurance companies price their premiums, all households within a rating area will have the same adjustment factor applied. Households with similar age, and smoking characteristics buying the same plan will pay the same amount for premiums. Depending on the rating area you live in the prices you pay may be higher or lower than the state average."},"isRedesignURLEnabled":false}