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What Is a 609 Dispute Letter?

A 609 dispute letter is used to alert credit bureaus of an error on your credit report and potentially improve your credit score once it is... Read More

Credit Repair: How It Works, How to Vet Companies and Do It Yourself

Credit repair companies can help you fix errors on your credit report and improve your credit score. However, there are many scams out... Read More

Soft vs. Hard Credit Inquiry: What They Are and How They Differ

Soft and credit inquiries are used to check your credit score. The main difference between the two is the effect on your credit score, hard... Read More

Why a New Social Security Number Won’t Affect Your Credit

Getting a new social security number won't erase your credit and allow you to start from scratch. Find out more about what happens to your... Read More

How to Get Your Free Credit Report

Every 12 months you can get a free copy of your credit report from each of the major credit bureaus. It's important to stay on top of your... Read More

How to Freeze (and Thaw) Your Credit

If you're looking to protect yourself from data breaches and identity theft, you should consider freezing your credit. It gives you a high... Read More

How Missed and Late Payments Affect Your Credit Score

If you miss a bill or credit card payment, your credit score will be affected. However, there is hope for recovery. Find out how to fix... Read More

5 Steps to Building Your Credit from Scratch

If you're just starting to build your credit, we've compiled five expert-backed ways to establish a good credit score from scratch. Read to... Read More

How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams and Find a Trustworthy Service

If you have poor credit and are looking for ways to improve it, you should be wary of services offering to fix your credit. There are... Read More