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A woman takes her emotional support animal on a flight

No Emotional Support for the Holidays: Delta Bans Animals on Flights

Unboxing a puppy on Christmas morning would be a dream for many people, but if you flew home for the holidays, bringing it back may be a...

A beachside Christmas scene

Most Parents Want to Skip Christmas for a Vacation

One survey shows the majority of parents would rather pass on the Yuletide cheer this year.

An image showing the importance of saving

A New Study Reveals How Much It Costs to Delay Retirement Savings

Americans are losing a surprising six-figures by not saving early enough.

Someone prepares to make an online purchase.

Millennials Love Amazon More Than Sex and Alcohol

How you can control your spending to be a functional Amazon addict.

Ash is all that remains of many California homes after the deadly Camp Fire

California Insurance Company Goes Under After Camp Fire, Leaving Thousands Without Insurance

Merced Property & Casualty policyholders, here's what to do next.

Hands in for a happy workplace

The Best Companies to Work According to Employees

A new report from Glassdoor reveals where the happiest employees are working.

A woman pumps gas into her car

Gas Station Credit Card Skimming Is on the Rise: Secret Service

Road-tripping for the holidays? Look out for credit card skimmers at the gas pump.

A look at United's Premium Plus seats

Is the New United Premium Economy Seat Worth the Cost?

The carrier’s newest class of seats bridges the gap between a tight squeeze and luxury.

Don't let your grandparent fall victim to the imposter scam

Senior Scam Alert: Warn Your Grandparents About Imposter Phone Scams

The imposter scam isn't anything new, but seniors are more at risk than before.

Michigan First Time Home Buyer Legislation SB511-SB512

New Bills Could Make Things Easier for Michigan's First-Time Homebuyers

If signed, these bills will allow first-time homebuyers in Michigan to save for their next home purchase on a tax-advantaged basis. Account...

An African-American family enjoys a family dinner in their home

Black Homeowners See Home Values Rise Higher Than Other Groups After Subprime Mortgage Crisis

But there’s a downside: black homeownership is at the lowest it's been in 50 years.