Many Interested in Solo Travel, but Fear of Loneliness Is Prevalent

Many Interested in Solo Travel, but Fear of Loneliness Is Prevalent

Half of respondents are looking for ‘me time’
A solo traveler consults their map

If the idea of zipping off to an exotic location by yourself is appealing, you’re not alone. In fact, most consumers have either traveled alone or are considering doing so, a new survey shows, and the interest crosses all generations.

Travel booking platform Klook surveyed 20,614 consumers globally to get their views on traveling alone. The findings show that many adults won’t let a lack of a companion hold them back from seeing different parts of the world.

Slightly more than three-fourths (76% of respondents) said traveling alone is either something they have done or something they are thinking about doing. The percentage of consumers open to solo travel is high across all age groups:

  • 80% of Generation Zers (defined by the study as those ages 18 to 24)
  • 79% of millennials (those ages 25 to 39)
  • 73% of Gen Xers (those ages 40 to 54)
  • 71% of baby boomers (those ages 55 and older)

A slightly higher percentage of men (78%) are open to solo travel than women (74%).

Failure to find a travel partner isn’t the only reason consumers seek to travel alone, as 50% of those interested said they wanted to enjoy “me time.”

Fear a roadblock to solo travel

Though most respondents expressed a willingness to travel alone, there are hurdles keeping some from doing so.

Nearly half (49%) said they are hesitant to travel alone because of a fear of loneliness. In fact, loneliness was the main fear for respondents in every generation. Another sizable percentage (48%) said safety was a big concern. Nearly a third (30%) were concerned about having to plan and book the trip by themselves, while 27% said traveling alone was too costly.

Those who are letting loneliness hold them back may be interested in learning what solo travelers tend to do with their time. According to the survey findings, 54% of solo travelers spend time visiting local attractions, while 53% try out the local cuisine. Another 48% wander around the location without a clear plan.

Many solo travelers may start off the trip alone but they end up finding companionship along the way. In fact, 31% of solo travelers said they meet the locals while they are away, while 31% said they meet old friends and make new ones.

If travel is a priority for you, there could be opportunities when you don’t have someone with whom to travel. For those who don’t like to travel alone, travel groups could cut down on the intimidation factor since you’re not forced to book your trip alone. When it comes to budgeting for travel, do your research into the average costs associated with vacations so you know how much to put aside. Also, credit cards that offer travel rewards could pay off by using points or miles for airfare and hotel stays if you use them wisely.