Moms Want Handmade or Personalized Gifts This Mother's Day

Moms Want Handmade or Personalized Gifts This Mother's Day

Those with children in the house also want more free time to themselves
Giving mom a gift

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and after a year spent skillfully managing the home and many other duties, moms are speaking out on how they want to be pampered in return. Luckily for those at a loss for gift ideas, a new survey may shed some light on what they’re looking for.

Seattle-based gifting company Knack conducted its Mother's Day Gift Survey to find out what kind of gifts moms wanted this year. At the top of the list for moms with kids in the house were handmade and personalized presents, as well as little indulgences like spa gifts and skin care. Unsurprisingly, many mothers with children at home also wanted the gift of free time.

Mother's Day 2021 takes on more significance amid pandemic

Many children living at home are seeing their parents in a new light, especially after seeing how hard they've worked to cover additional child care and household duties during the pandemic. However, a survey from UBS Global Wealth Management found that women were taking on more of these responsibilities than their partners, even if they lacked support from their employers.

Knack’s survey found that 78% of American adults believe that Mother's Day this year is more meaningful than ever before. Mothers with children in the household felt even stronger about this, with 82% agreeing.

Nearly all respondents agreed that, this year, moms need gifts that:

  • Make them feel appreciated (96%)
  • Eliminate stress (94%)
  • Pamper them (93%)

The survey also showed that mothers are more likely to put effort into finding meaningful gifts. While 32% of respondents said they'd spend a lot of time looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift, mothers were nearly 10% more likely to do so than non-parents.

Four in 10 moms with kids younger than 18 in the household said they typically try to find custom Mother's Day gifts. Plus, 40% of working moms with children in the household said they would have their gifts delivered, compared with 24% of non-parent gifters.

Mothers want little luxuries and more free time to themselves

For those struggling to come up with the perfect Mother's Day gift, Knack offered insights into what moms want this year. For instance, nearly all moms with kids in the house said that something handmade (97%) or personalized (95%) would be a great gift to give.

Gifts to pamper Mom after a long day also ranked highly. In particular, mothers with children in the household suggested the following as other good gifts to give:

  • Spa gifts (95%)
  • Skin care gifts (86%)
  • Sweet treat gifts (84%)
  • Mindfulness gifts (83%)
  • Coffee and tea gifts (72%)

Families with strained budgets this year don't need to break the bank, either, as the survey found that many moms had free time on their wish list, too. In fact, the survey noted that according to 66% of mothers with children younger than 18 in the household, as well as 69% of single working mothers with kids younger than 18, "the bathroom lock was the most important feature of their home during the past year."

And, perhaps from a year spent in tighter quarters, almost half of all the moms surveyed agreed that a new household appliance was one gift they wouldn't mind not getting.

Methodology: Knack and Directions Research conducted an online Xcelerant survey of 1,049 U.S. adults on April 1 and April 2, 2021.